Best Electric Water Heater For Radiant Floor Heat

Best Water Heater for Radiant Floor Heat

Many people have discovered the advantage of using a tankless hot water system to use as part of their radiant heating system. Previously, the established method was to use a boiler system but this has gotten more expensive as time goes on due to the fact that often as much heat is lost as it is produced.

A tankless system helps maintain the right temperature and only uses the amount of energy necessary to maintain the heat in the system. It is even more efficient than using a hot water heater system as multiple tankless systems can be used and each only uses the correct amount of energy for the job.

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It’s All About Energy

When discussing heating systems, even hot water systems, it is all about the energy. In simple terms, the more energy put into the system, the more heat is produced. However, it is never that simple as often heat is lost as well, so the system is not operating at its maximum efficiency. So, the more energy put in also means more heat is lost requiring more energy to be put in etc. Tankless systems only put in the amount of energy necessary to maintain the heat that is already in the system, once it has been brought up to the correct temperature.

For radiant heating systems, this means that there is a direct correlation to how much heat is produced by the system. This is far more efficient than using a boiler or hot water heater. In those systems, heat is also lost at the source, in the tank or the top of the boiler itself. This is wasted heat. In a tankless system, the energy is directly applied to the water thus reducing the amount of heat lost at the source. In addition, you can have more than one tankless system for your home so you don’t have to maintain energy supply to keep your hot water ready, saving you, even more, money and energy.

Top 5 Electric Water Heaters for Radiant Floor Heat Reviews

The sheer magnitude of water-heating costs is often completely downplayed by homeowners.

As a result, your electricity bills can go through the roof and you never even know what hit you! (If you’re using electricity to heat your water, that is. If it’s natural gas, the principle is pretty much the same, really.)

Now, to get the most of your gas-heated water boiler, you’ll want to get a tough ‘n’ ready model that is energy-efficient, has the potential to heat large volumes of water rather quickly.

In this article, we’ll present to you 5 gas-powered water heaters that can do wonders in the department of heating your water and also save you some money on your gas bill along the way!

Alright then folks, without further ado, here’s the deal.

#1 Ecosmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater Review

ecosmart ECO 18 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 18 KW at 240 Volts with Patented Self Modulating Technology,White

Looking for easy-to-use water heated with all the latest high-tech controller stuff that you can use easily whenever you like? Well, if the answer to this is ‘yes’, we’ve got just the thing for you! This Ecosmart electric water heater will not only heat your water quickly but also be able to save you some energy in the process! (Hence it’s name –Ecosmart’.)

To ensure optimal performance as well as durability of all the parts involved, the folks at Ecosmart have made sure to make this device out of a combination of durable metals. Namely, we’re talking about copper pipes and stainless steel components. Thanks to such a configuration of durability and excellent conductivity (meaning the conductivity of gas, not electricity, of course), you can rest assured that this particular model will serve you for years to come!


  • Durable thanks to excellent materials it’s made of
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Self-modulating technology
  • Helps you save up to 60% on water heating costs


  • Some users have reported water dripping from the bottom of the unit
  • Problems with mineral built up (needs to be removed occasionally)

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#2 TAKAGI Tankless Water Heater For Radiant Heat

Takagi T-H3-DV-N Condensing High Efficiency Natural Gas Indoor Tankless Water Heater, 10-Gallon Per Minute, 199,000 BTU

Takagi’s made quite a name for itself in the department of ‘tankless’ water heaters, hasn’t it? As our 4-the entry, we’ve got yet another Takagi product, and this time around – it’s a high-efficiency condensing model capable of processing 10 gallons of water every minute. Quite impressive, huh?

Although the main focus with this model is its efficiency and a particularly high flow rate, the folks at Takagi wanted to achieve one more thing with this particular water heater. Namely, they’ve set out to make a water-heating contraption small enough to be mounted wherever you’d like. (Well, not just anywhere, obviously, but the point is – this little bugger is proper small!)

To make the user experience optimal, so to speak, there’s even a computer onboard, that will ensure everything runs smoothly. Also, since most of the features and operations are completely automated, the user won’t have to worry about controlling this thing all the time.


  • 10 GPU’s of water flow
  • Compact design
  • Comes with automated safety features
  • Saves energy


  • Some users have reported technical issues with the computer part
  • It takes a lot of time for the water to heat up

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#3 Excel Pro Tankless Gas Water Heater Review

Excel Pro Tankless Gas Water Heater NATURAL GAS 6.6 GPM Whole House and for Hydronic heating Compare to Rinnai, Rheem,Noritz, Bosch FREE FLUE KIT

Coming from a company with a pretty cheeky name reflecting their confidence in their products, we’ve got a ‘thankless’ model here that easily heat up to 6.6 gallons of water per minute. Excel pro tankless gas water heater more than enough for an average-sized family.

The European-model digital display will show you the temperature in Celsius, so you’ll have to do some conversion along the way. Other than this minor inconvenience, this thing will work like a clockwork, as this thing can modulate the heat output in response to the flow rate in the tubes.


  • Up to 140,000 BTU’s per hour
  • LCD control panel for easy viewing of the figures
  • Stainless steel venting
  • Energy factor of 0.84 – 0.85


  • The LCD is in Celsius
  • Mostly an indoor unit

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#4 TAKAGI T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater Review

Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor Tankless Water Heater, Natural Gas

With over 140,000 BTU’s, this little water heater wields more than enough power to heat up enough water for you and your family to have a shower without having to wait for eternity for it to rev up. (By the way, BTU stands for ‘British Thermal Unit’ and it represents a traditional unit for heat.)

The flow rate of this contraption is 6.6 GPM (gallons per minute), which is plenty of water for you to work with. Since this particular model is ‘tankless’, the way it functions is that it heats up water along the way as it comes down from the pipes. This way, this heater won’t get corrosion over time and the water that would otherwise be stored in a tank won’t become stale.

To ensure the temperature of the heated water is constantly monitored for optimal value, the folks at TAKAGI have installed two thermistors that can track even the most minute changes over time. Based on the feedback they get, these thermistors then use just the right amount of heating power to heat up the water to its desired value. Of course, if the water needs to be cooler, the heater gets shut off automatically.


  • 81 – 0.83 energy factor
  • Comes with inlet and outlet thermistors
  • 6 GPM maximum flow rate
  • ‘Tankless’ design
  • 140,000 BTU’s
  • 10-year heat exchanger warranty


  • Some users have reported issues with the cutout fuse
  • No factory-made shut-off valves (not a big deal, but still)

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#5 TAKAGI T-KJr2-OS-NG Outdoor Tankless Water Heater Review

Takagi T-KJr2-OS-NG Outdoor Tankless Water Heater, Natural Gas

In our spot number 2, we’ve got another TAKAGI product perfect for outdoor use. As it names itself suggests, this water heater represents a ‘tankless’ variant that can be used outdoors. This commodity was made possible by the TAKAGI folks thanks to their inclusion of internal freeze protection. This means that you won’t really have to cover this heater with any extra insulation during the winter months.

Similarly to the product from above, this model also features 6.6 GPM’s flow rate, enabling you to do you quick access to hot water whenever you fancy! All you need to do is turn it on, and the heater will do its magic on its own, and provide you water for showering, food preparation or anything else you might want to do with it!

As you’ve seen from its name, this model is a ‘tankless’ heater, meaning there’s no water tank to take care of. Also, it’s powered by gas, meaning you won’t need to worry about electricity bills, either! (Although you would need to pay attention to your gas bills, of course.)



  • The flow depends on the base temperature of water (the lower it is the weaker the flow)
  • Some users have reported weird sounds coming out of the heater

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All things considered, a well-made water heater can do wonders for enabling a household a steady and reliable stream of hot water. Whether you like your water heaters indoors or outdoors, one of these contraptions can not only give you plenty of hot water but also save you a fortune in gas and electricity bills in the long run!


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