Best Hybrid Water Heater Reviews

Hybrid water heaters are little different that other types of water heaters as they generate heat from the bottom of the tank from its burner and send cold water through from the top. Even for tankless hybrids you will find them heating from the bottom part of the heater.

Depending on what you are looking for in a water heater and how much space you have available will determine which one will best fit your needs.

Top 4 Hybrid Water Heater Reviews

#1 AO Smith HYB Residential 90N Natural Gas WaterHeater

This item has a waster flow circulation system that uses up to 189 gallons of hot water. The AO Smith HYB Residential 90N Natural Gas Water Heater has an innovative technology that can surpass traditional or conventional designs of tankless water heaters. It comes with a six year limited warranty at time of purchase. It uses up to 100000BTUs and it weighs about 198 pounds. It uses 121 gallons at 90 and it costs about $2000 online.

Consumers like how easy it is to install and like how it always ensures to give you hot water. It provides user friendly controls for its temperature gauge and there is no minimum flow for its ignition. This water heater can deliver hot water faster than a tankless unit. It provides a safety lock that prevents allowing unwanted hands to change the temperature of the water and it has multiple modes including an energy saver.

There is an error code display that shows up when you are trouble shooting. It uses 1/2 inch gas line that is provided within most homes of today and the hot and cold water connections are similar to a tank style model.

#2 Polaris Water 341002NV Heater Natura Gas Residential PG10

This unit – Polaris Water 341002NV Heater Natura Gas Residential PG10 has a high grade 444 stainless steel tank that adds longevity and it has brass connections. It weighs about 160 pounds and it is made in the United States. It has a high quality construction and it can hold up to 34 gallons of water.

This item has a 96 percent thermal efficiency and it provides up to 129 gph recovery degree rise in the water temperature. It comes with a 10 year warranty on the tank and one year warranty on the parts. Consumers like its warranty and how fast it heats up. It costs about $2500 online and it received 3.5 stars from more than 10 amazon reviewers.

There are three different LED lights that come with this item including a burner light that lets you know that the burner is working, a power light to let you know it is on, and an ignition light that glows when the unit is operating.

#1 GE DEEDSC GEH50 Geo Spring Hybrid Electric Water Heater

This item weighs about 209 pounds and it is known for its energy efficiency. The GE DEEDSC GEH50 Geo Spring Hybrid Electric Water Heater has a pressure relief valve and an internal porcelain lined tank. It has a anode nod and can hold up to 50 gallons of water.

It has a heat pump technology combined with a traditional electric element. It comes with a 10 year warranty at time of purchase. It is able to use up to 62 percent less energy than other traditional water heaters and it provides a setting that if you go on vacation you can set it up to 14 days to save energy. It comes with an air filter that you can reuse and wash over and over again.

It has a 2.9 energy factor, and 67 gallon delivery in the first hour.

#4 Electrolux EE66WP35PS Energy Star Electric Hybrid Heat-Pump Dual Vent Water Heater

Last on this list is Elextrolux’s entry, which happens to be the highest rated of the bunch. The Electrolux Energy Star is surrounded in stainless steel and is recirculation compatible. It features a condensate overflow drain with a 3/4 in. threaded connector.

There is a 6 in. diameter exhaust vent, as well as water inlet/outlet connections again in the 3/4 in. size. This little beauty actually offers a seventy percent reduction in energy cost, compared to the 62% General Electric is willing to promote. It also is put together specifically to be durable in the long-term.

As well, this machine has received Northern Climate Tier 2 Certification, which means that the Energy Star exceeds a variety of standards in the provision of water-heating technology that is efficient, versatile, and according to many reviewers and the manufacturer, exceptionally quiet.

It also features a larger than normal tank at 66 gallons, which means more hot water can be generated. As well, this device has been engineered with three separate operating modes. There is the automatic function, or “auto”, the economizing function, called “econ”, and the warming function, called “heater”. This is designed to give users greater versatility in their application of the heater’s innovations.

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