How to Start Ice Cream Truck Business

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Ice cream trucks are part of the summer time; in fact they are practically summer icons. They often have cheerful music playing and offer tasty treats that tell people that lazy and carefree days of warmth are with us. These trucks are a reminder of childhood for most people and they can’t wait to bring their children to buy the ice creams when they see an ice cream truck. If you start an ice cream truck business it will not only be profitable, but also fulfilling and fun.

Advantages of an Ice Cream Truck Business

Every business has its own features and advantages and you need to evaluate these before you think of looking for Ice Cream Trucks For Sale, in order to start your own business.

  • The best part is that an ice cream truck requires only one person to operate it which means that you don’t need help and hence won’t have to pay wages to an employee. This could have a significant impact on your budget planning.
  • People have a certain nostalgia associated with ice cream trucks and they happen to be evergreen. Ice cream is a classic food and people will always love it. This means that there will never be any dearth of customers for your business.
  • The ice cream trucks for sale are mobile and you can move from one place to another looking for customers, rather than staying still in one place waiting for people to come to you.
  • This increases the profit and allows you to provide your services at private events. Tasty ice creams always bring joy to people and parents love to see their little one take his or her tiny bite of the cold snack.

Costs to start up

There are some start up costs associated with every business whether large or small. Ice cream trucks are no exception to this rule. You need tom plan for such expenses when you are planning the budget for your ice cream truck business so that there are no hitches later on.

ice cream business

  • The first thing you need to do is look for ice cream trucks for sale. Of course if your budget doesn’t allow purchasing a truck, you can substitute it with vans, push carts, scooters, or even golf carts. You can choose a vehicle that matches your budget and find one that provides you with the best quality at minimum cost. You can purchase a new vehicle if you have the money for it or look up some used ones. If you buy a truck you will need biggest investment. A reliable step van will cost you $1500 to $5000 while a truck will cost $10,000 – $20,000 as an initial investment.
  • Storing ice cream requires a freezer which will fit inside your chosen vehicle. This freezer should be large enough to hold sufficient quantity of goods to ensure that you get maximum profits.
  • A license is necessary and you will have to get an inspection done by the Health Department so that you have the go ahead to start your business.
  • Ice cream trucks for sale usually are decorated and have signs that show from a distance that you are selling ice cream. However, if your vehicle does not have these you will have to get them done.
  • Last but the most important is the ice cream you are going to sell. You can start with a wide variety and then narrow down your stocks keeping in mind what your customers prefer the most.

Potential for earning

Due to the wide appeal that ice cream trucks have, they can provide you with a good secondary or primary income. Of course profits depend on the quantity you sell and hence it is important to maintain a varied and full inventory. The fact that Ice Cream Trucks are mobile which gives you a better chance of finding more customers rather than if you had a stationary business. Another great idea is to rent an ice cream truck if you don’t have budget to invest initially.

A User in Quora says

When he run an ice cream truck business in Massachusetts, he would make around $1,500 – $2,000 a month profit during the summer.

Some more stats

“Daily revenue:  $200-$350.
Margins: Profit margins for him were roughly 50% (if ice cream was priced from $1.00 – $2.50)
Other costs: $350/week to rent truck

“So if for example I took in $250 one day my profit would only be:
$250 * .50 – $50 – $25 = $50 for the day
i.e. daily revenue * profit margin – daily truck rental cost – fuel cost”

The best way to begin is to start driving through parks, school zones and residential areas. However, remember to keep your pace slow or else people won’t be able to get to you. Offer a wide price range on your products to attract the largest variety of customers. You can also consider some healthy options like frozen yogurt and fruit bars to attract adults as customers. In order to increase the variety, you can also offer some non ice cream items like chips, drinks, candy and snack cakes to appeal to people who are not necessarily interested in ice cream.

how to start ice cream truck business

Ice cream trucks are a plausible investment and can generate income on a regular basis. One may think that ice cream is viable and marketable only to children but that is not the case. In fact, according to California Dairy Press Room, 20 percent of young adults belonging to ages 18-34 are the most frequent eaters of ice cream, whilst married women accounted to 19 percent of ice cream consumers.

Therefore, ice cream trucks can serve a broad range of customer base throughout the year with few exceptions such as cold and winter seasons. The strategies used in this business must consider market niche, competitors, research, operating costs and profit, advertising, and many more.

In order to run a successful ice cream trucks business, one must narrow down its broad range of market. Most ice cream trucks businesses consider children aged 6-13 as their large niche, whilst others consider families as their target, or a combination of both. It is important to consider your market niche because ice cream products are dependent on them, such as focusing on sundaes, cones, popsicles, pints, gelato, or yoghurts. Competitors Just like the successful rivalry of Pepsi and Coca-Cola, studying the strategies used by rival ice cream trucks business helps a lot in the endeavor. Creating competitive strategies is a by-product of analyzing the rivals’ scope and market base, PR used, design and marketing strategies, and products sold by these ice cream trucks. Research It is important to understand the rival ice cream trucks business because it points out things to be improved and strategies to retain. Doing research entails both scientific and non-scientific steps, such as identifying the success rate of ice cream trucks business that operate during day time or asking regular customers about their preference for patronizing these ice cream trucks businesses.

Operating Costs and Profit

In any business endeavor, ice cream trucks business is risky and therefore needs a systematic calculation of both expenses and profit. More importantly, focus on the operating costs and how to maximize little resources to succeed. It is advised not to gamble on spending for many ice cream trucks. Consider first one ice cream truck and focus on quality rather than quantity. It will also help you as an ice cream truck investor focus on manageable things as a start.

Marketing Strategies

Create marketing strategies that are SMART—specific, measurable, attainable, reliable, and time-bounded. Your ice cream trucks business may offer discount rates to regular customers for the past 1 month, provide discount cards that can be used to accumulate points and design rewards for these loyal customers. Consequently, these loyal customers will increase their likelihood of buying from your ice cream trucks considering the reward options. Time element on the other hand can be used as a marketing strategy. For instance, those who buy ice cream from 11 am to 2 pm will receive one free ice cream and other stuff to lure these ice cream lovers.

What to look for When Starting Ice Cream Business?

An ice cream truck should be visible so that customers get attracted to it. It should also be easily visible to people driving vehicles on the road so that they can see it from a distance and are prepared for people – especially children – if they dash out from behind the truck. You can get many high profile designs for Ice Cream Trucks For Sale in bright colors like yellow, pink, red etc. You can also opt for a combination of colors to create your own brand image. Such an image will be easily recognized by people and they will associate it with the tasty ice cream that you sell.

How to Start Ice Cream Truck Business

Bold signage as warning

One of the common features found on most ice cream trucks is the signage which is pretty large warning people about the presence of the truck and probably children around it. This sign is usually on the back of the truck. It is important to carry such a sign particularly if you are taking the truck to any place other than a festival site or fairground. The warning sign on most ice cream trucks for sale needs to be bright and bold. It is also a good idea to incorporate some kind of a sound mechanism in the truck which gets activated when the vehicle is reversing. The size of an ice cream truck is usually such that there is bound to be a blind spot when you are reversing. The sound mechanism will warn people close by that the truck is going to reverse. It is necessary to be overly careful with ice cream trucks because children are your main customers.

Well designed interiors

The inside of the truck should be such that all things are easily accessible when someone wants to buy ice cream or any other cold item. The serving hatches on the side should be able to open quickly which will tell your customers that your business is open for them. You should also ensure that all the equipment in the ice cream trucks for sale is sterilized and complies with the safety and health regulations of your area in the country.

Efficient vendors

In order to make your ice cream business successful, you need to be efficient in the manner you work. Good trucks will have a working washing basin complete with hot and cold running water. You also require some cupboard space and sufficient shelves to store items, so that when you start serving your customers, everything is close at hand. If the interior of the truck is designed to ensure maximum efficiency, it will result in a quick turnaround for every customer and you will be able to achieve higher volumes of sales which will in turn make the business more profitable.

Attracting more customers

You should also keep in mind the lighting system, because if you are selling ice cream on the fairgrounds or festival sites it will mean doing business in the evening hours which will probably be dark. Along with this ice cream trucks for sale should also be equipped with a good sound system which will provide a personalized feel to the truck and attract more customers.

Ice Cream Freezer

For some of the folk having your own home ice cream freezer may sound like a bit of a stretch, especially since already every fridge that is being sold on the market has a built-in freezer that is made to keep the household’s supply of these cold snacks. However, there is a bunch of good reasons why your home may need one of these kitchen equipments, especially if your family really enjoys having cold sweets on a regular basis.

Still you might be wondering what are these benefits that I am talking about. In this article we are going to take a look at them and after you have finished reading you might have changed your mind about buying an ice cream freezer. Trust me when I say that many people have already realized this and have bought one, and you might be the next one on this big list. So without further ado, here are a few examples of the benefits of having your very own ice cream freezer at home:

ice cream freezer containers

  • Ice cream freezers are actually much more efficient than regular freezers when talking about the ability to keep frozen goods in perfect shape. This might come as a bit surprising to you, but the facts never lie. This benefit means that you won’t have to worry at all about your cold snacks or any other perishable item because they will be in great hands inside the cooling cabinet. After all they have been created with the purpose of keeping food in perfect shape.
  • It can also be used as an ice cream maker. You did not see that one coming did you? Well this is really true, and if you are one of the people who think that buying electric ice makers is just not worth it because their only purpose is to make the cold sweets, then home ice cream freezers will be what you have always wanted. They will not only allow you to produce cold delicacies like no other, but you can also use them for other purposes like freezing food for example. If that is not enough to attract your interest, then I don’t know what is.
  • It is very easy to go shopping for these machines. Thanks to the help of the great Internet, you can quite easily find great manufacturers for ice cream freezer products. There are a bunch of world-famous companies that you should look at if you are interested. Not only that, but you will also find a lot of very useful reviews and articles about which brands provide the best value and quality for the money they want in return, which will further allow you to get the most out of your purchase. Ice cream freezer is a very popular topic on the Internet, so there is going to be lots of information.
  • Having your own home ice cream freezer can actually help you save money. If your family is just can’t get enough of frozen sweets, especially during the summer months, it would be very nice to always have something ready for them in order to avoid the need to go out and buy cold sweets too often. Also, if you decide to buy in a bulk it will help you cut a lot of costs, so it will be wiser to take advantage of getting it in a wholesale price in order to save a huge amount of money. Thanks to the help of your very own ice cream freezer, you can easily enjoy such perks and many more as well.

ice cream showcase

Of course, these four are just a few of the many examples of different advantages that having an ice cream freezer in your home provides. Hopefully, these will be quite enough to get your attention on this idea, so that you can enjoy your hot sunny days with a cold and frozen treat out of your very own kitchen. If you still think that this is not enough but you are interested, then I suggest that you look up more information on the Internet regarding the matter. There are a lot more benefits to these machines that you will surely find useful.

Ice Cream Vending Machine

Ice cream vending machine is the one thing that offers frozen food solutions on a 24/7 basis. It can be placed almost anywhere, whether it is on the street, in the mall, in a supermarket, on a railway station, any kind of commercial place, etc. An ice cream vending machine is a very attractive business opportunity to earn money for anyone that is interested or anyone that is operating in the frozen foods business. The ice cream vending machine business holds around 2% market share of the total vending business, which means that there are billions of dollars in this industry that are turn over each year. There are all kinds of ice cream vending machine models, like for example ones that can store only ice cream, ones that are able to store integrated frozen food, and even complete meal models. Apart from brand new machines, there are also used and refurbished models that can be bought on the market.

Ice cream vending machine

Many of the new models of ice cream vending machine are made with a touch screen front door. Some of the models are also able to prepare fresh ice cream from pre-loaded ingredients according to a recipe that is integrated in their memory. These machines also have a coin slot, which is able to accept all types of coins. Most of the models of ice cream vending machine also have coin changers, and bill stackers. These are just some of the additions that these products offer. There are many different models of ice cream vending machine that also have their own unique traits. Apart from that, most of them also have a thermometer that is able to show the current temperature and the temperature can be adjusted by hand so that it fits your desires. These are just some of the functions of the ice cream vending machines, which is a very revolutionary technology, which sales increase year by year.

Start Ice Cream Truck Business

In general, almost every single one ice cream vending machine that you will find will be decorated with some striking accessories, like for example logos, side covers, hub caps, and so on. These are made so that the attention of the consumer is caught. This technique, although it sounds pretty simple, is actually very good and has managed to increase the sales of ice cream for decades now. Not that ice cream on its own is not a very sought product, but when a person sees an ice cream vending machine with the logo of their favourite brand of ice cream, the possibility that they will buy ice cream from that machine is a lot higher than one that does not have any logos on it. This is a business technique that sellers all over the world have accepted. Different ice cream vending machine types have different capacity, depending on what you want to store in it. There are some products that offer selections of up to 200 different varieties. Now that is something worth seeing! In most of the modern ice cream vending machine models there is a computer that has been incorporated in order to enhance their functionality even more. Cold plate freezers have also been introduced in the freezing mechanism to make them more energy efficient than dry ice models.

Also Check :

There are many companies around

the world who are manufacturers of all kinds of ice cream vending machine models. Each one of them has its own unique approach to making them and has their products have their own features that may vary from their competitors. The ice cream vending machine market is very fierce, despite it not being very obvious. Each of the companies that manufacture models of ice cream vending machine customizes their products according to the theme of the customers that they are aiming at. Some of the most popular models of ice cream vending machine that you will find available for purchase are USI CF 1000, USI FF 2000, F631, and Z400C. Each one of them has its own pros and cons that should be taken into account when you decide which one you want to purchase for yourself. Take your time and consider carefully as this is an investment that may bring you a fortune in the future.

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