Composting has become quite popular in recent years. It seems that more and more homeowners realize the advantages of composting their kitchen scraps, yard clippings, and other biodegradable waste instead of sending them off to the municipal landfill.

If you are into composting, there is a wide range of composting options you could try. Some are quick and easy while others require a bit of patience.

Types of Compost Bins

choosing a compost bin

Different types of compost bins may be used to transform biodegradable waste into useful compost.

Let’s look at a few.

The enclosed bin: Using an enclosed bin for composting is standard if you have little space to operate a compost and you want to reduce odors. The enclosed container is usually made of recycled plastic, which is a good thing as you won’t have to contend with rust from metals. Its neat appearance makes this bin an attractive choice for plant growers who do not have enough space as well as the homemaker who needs a composter for scraps from the kitchen. It does not take much to maintain an enclosed composter as it is easy to empty and clean. However, composting takes typically six months to a year to complete with the enclosed bin.

The rolling bin: Unlike an enclosed container the rolling bin allows you to load it with your compost material and roll or mix it around to aerate it. Some brands of rolling bins are large enough to hold an impressive amount of compost material so even yard clippings can be thrown in among the scraps to make rich humus for your soil. Made of recycled plastic, your rolling bin also retains heat, thanks to its spherical shape. Composting is even faster with the rolling bin, and it’s great for homeowners who have enough space to use it. You might, however, choose to empty it before it gets too heavy for you to roll.

The Tumbler: With a tumbler, you can turn and stir your composting materials easily. For the average household, the tumbler reduces kitchen and household scraps to compost within six weeks. If you don’t have sufficient space for composting, the tumbler is a great bin to leave on your back porch or deck. Tumblers are neat and energy efficient. The tumbler’s design also allows bacteria and oxygen to decompose material faster.  You would, however, need to wait once the tumbler is full and decomposition starts before you can add more scraps.

The Worm Bin: If you live in an apartment or you don’t have much space, the worm bin is a suitable option for you. With your compost bin, you also need redworms to convert your scraps and bio-waste into organic soil rich in nutrients. You must, however, ensure that the red worms are provided with the right ingredients to multiply and thrive in your bin.  The worm bin is also designed with trays that you can easily remove to retrieve the worm castings left behind. Put your worm bin anywhere you choose – be it under the kitchen sink, in your garage, or outside. For best results temperatures must be between 40-80˚F (4.4 ˚C and 26.8 ˚C).

11 Compost Bin Reviews

  1. Epica Stainless Steel Compost Bin 1.3 Gallon-Includes Charcoal Filter

How do you produce organic fertilizer from kitchen and yard scraps without creating a stinky mess? By composting!  With an Epica Stainless Steel Compost Bin, you can produce compost easily and without the terrible smell and mess.

Not only is the Epica Compost Bin able to compost without leaving an odor, but it is convenient on your kitchen counter, or anywhere you want to put it. Furthermore, fruit flies will have a tough time getting into your compost bin after you close it. Thanks to the vented, two-ply charcoal filter smells are kept down, and fruit flies out. Also made from a single sheet of stainless steel the compost bin does not leak so no odor can escape. You can also clean your Epica compost bin easily because of its stainless steel finish.


  • Odors are contained effectively with the airtight lid and charcoal filter (replaceable);
  • Bin is rust resistant and does not leak;
  • The Epica compost bin can hold 1.3 gallons of kitchen and household waste for several days before emptying;
  • The charcoal filter is also easy to clean (with soap and water) and reuse;
  • This bin is also designed with a carrying handle to make it easier to carry;
  • Epica composting bin is built to last with careful use.



  • If you want a larger bin, then this Epica is not for you.


  1. FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter

Your problem with growing piles of scraps and leftovers is solved with the FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter. This tumbling compost bin, which has an impressive 37 gal (140 liters) capacity, makes it easier to mix any compost material you throw in it. There’s no need to dig and mix compost material with your hands. Under the right conditions, your tumbling composting bin can complete decomposition in just about two weeks.

The tumbling bin is designed with two chambers that allow you to throw fresh material in one while the other breaks down older material into compost. All you need to do afterward is to turn your tumbler about six times every 2 – 3 days to produce healthy fertilizer for your plants.  The FCMP tumbling compost bin is made using recycled polypropylene that is free from BPA and does not deteriorate under the sun. It is also resistant to corrosion thanks to its galvanized steel frame. Achieve fast composting with the air vents that you can adjust and the deep fins that break clumps in the chamber. You will, however, need to assemble the bin.



  • Mix compost material effectively with this tumbler composting bin;
  • The tumbling design makes mixing easy and efficient;
  • Even beginners can use this tumbler compost bin – the large opening and a door that you can remove make it easier to add fresh material and take out the completed compost;
  • Aeration is also more natural thanks to the holes in the tumbler and the fins that break clumps of compost material in the chambers.


  • Assembling your tumbler compost bin will take some time if you do it yourself (lots of panels and screws!) Follow instructions carefully or get another person who knows about tumblers to help you.
  1. Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Compost Bin

You don’t need to look farther than the Utopia Kitchen Stainless Steel Compost Bin for a durable, efficient option to produce the best compost for your garden. Not only is the Utopia kitchen compost bucket much better than ordinary plastic bins, but it is also more attractive for your kitchen counter.  Enjoy the convenience of throwing your kitchen scraps, peelings, and leftovers into this compost bin on your countertop.

Equipped with a built-in charcoal filter, the Utopia kitchen compost bin does not produce the stifling odor that can overwhelm your home. Its tight-fitting lid also keeps fruit flies out. This composting bin is also made using high quality 201 stainless steel that does not rust, chip, or scratch. This material also makes your composting bin very easy to empty and clean. Furthermore, the Utopia composting bin is small and light, so it is easy to move or carry.


  • This counter-top composting bin has a capacity of 1.3 gals or 4.9 liters;
  • Durable stainless steel construction meant to last, non-scratch, non-crack, non-chip;
  • Tight lid prevents odor from escaping, and fruit flies from entering;
  • Comes with charcoal filters that control odors;
  • Utopia composting bins fit most kitchen décor thanks to their sleek and stylish design;
  • Easy to clean with soap and warm water.


  • You may have trouble opening the lid with one hand while using the other to put your scraps. This challenge, however, shows how secure the top is on your composting bin.
  1. Worm Factory 360 WF360B Worm Composter, Black

OK, so you can put worms to work for you for 24/7, 365! The Worm Factory 360 composting system eliminates the need to roll, turn, or stir your compost that other composting bins require. Turn your kitchen scraps, cardboard waste, and paper into humus that is rich in nutrients for your gardens. Imagine shaving off months or even years from your composting efforts. The worms do all the work for you!


Anyone can use the Worm Factory for great results in composting. The Worm Factory is also small, but efficient. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the care of the worms. As long as you keep the temperatures between 40-80˚F (4.4 – 26.8 ˚C) your worm factory will work well. Starting with the bottom tray, your worms will work themselves up to the top trays for the fresh scraps. It is easy to retrieve the trays and also easy to put new scraps into the Worm Factory.



  • Worm Factory 360 comes as a 4-Tray system that you can expand to 8 trays;
  • A Manual is provided to show how to care for your Worm Factory worms;
  • The Worm Factory is also equipped with a built-in “worm tea” tray that collects the hums the worms create.



  1. Envirocycle Composter, Food Safe, BPA, and Rust Free

Use this convenient Envirocycle Composter for transforming your scraps into rich nutrient packed humus for your garden soil. With the Envirocycle composting bin, you can reduce the adverse effect of scraps and other waste on your environment. Even with limited backyard space, you can still use the Envirocycle composter because it is small and compact.


The Envirocycle is designed as a tumbler that rotates on top of a base to produce both solid and liquid compost at its base. All the materials used to build the Envirocycle are safe from chemicals like BPA and are not prone to rust.  Decomposition of any waste material put in the Envirocycle can happen within days, so this composter is quite efficient.



  • You can produce both solid and liquid compost with the Envirocycle;
  • It is sturdy and built to last for years;
  • It is made with rust proof, BPA free, materials that are also protected from UV from the sun;
  • The Envirocycle is easy to set up and used – you don’t need to assemble anything.


  • The odor may escape from your compost bin, so put it in an area that is well ventilated.
  1. OXO Good Grips Easy Clean Compost Bin

Here is a compost bin that you can use to make the kind of compost that will make your garden bloom. OXO Good Grips Easy Clean Compost Bin lives up to its name. So easy to set and use, the OXO is a useful compost bin that you can fill with kitchen scraps and leftovers to create nutrient-packed compost for your garden.

Because of its smooth interior walls, nothing will build up to create odors, and at the same time, the bin is easy to empty and clean – even in a dishwasher! Furthermore, the container does not use a filter although it keeps food scraps where they belong – inside. The OXO is a small composting bin with a capacity of just ¾ gals (2.8 liters). This small size might not appeal to you if you have a large amount of waste to convert to compost.


  • Small and compact, suitable for kitchen counters;
  • The lid is designed to flip up so you can fill it and down to keep odors in;
  • Inner walls are smooth to prevent food particles from sticking to it;
  • It is easy to empty thanks to the lid that can be removed and the contours on the bin’s bottom;
  • The Envirocycle is also easy to move with the rotating handle.


  • The OXO composting bin is a little small.


  1. Full Circle Scrap Happy Food Scrap Collector and Freezer Compost Bin

If you are still hesitant about purchasing a composting product, then wait until you see the Full Circle Scrap Happy Food Scrap Collector. This scrap collector is a product to use for collecting your leftovers and scraps and putting it in the freezer until you are ready to move it to the outside. The beauty of this product is how it keeps odor under control. You won’t have to contend with messes or fruit flies as the Full Circle is small enough to tuck into your freezer.


This small and handy scrap collector is also durable – you can use it over and over again. You won’t be disappointed with the Full Circle Happy Scrap Collector which is a useful helper in your efforts to keep your scraps under control.


  • A convenient wire rim makes it easy to scoop the scraps from your cutting board or counter;
  • To empty it, turn the bin upside down and press a release button, it’s that easy;
  • Safe to put in a freezer or dishwasher.


  1. OXO Good Grips Easy Clean Compost Bin

Another OXO product to use is the OXO Good Grips Easy Clean Compost Bin, a convenient container for your scraps and household waste. You’ll notice how smooth and free of crevices this container is. This design makes it easy for you to empty and clean your compost bin.

Also, with the OXO Good Grips Compost Bin, you can accumulate days worth of scraps and food leftovers before you empty it into your compost outside. The odor is also kept under control by the lid that also lets in a tiny amount of oxygen to prevent mold and bacteria from multiplying. The top itself can be removed to make emptying easier. By design, the OXO compost bin is made with a smooth inner layer that is not the same size and shape as the outer bucket which has a flat bottom.


  • The OXO compost bin is not costly; it fits within most budgets,
  • It is sturdy and can take hard knocks;
  • This compost bin is small enough to use on top of your kitchen counter;
  • The smooth interior wall keeps liquid and food from building up;
  • It is easy to carry the compost bin to your outside compost using the handle that conveniently rotates.


  • The bonding between the interior and exterior walls does not prevent water from entering the composting bin while in a dishwasher. When this happens, you would need to drill a hole to get the water out.
  1. Compost Bin by GEOBIN

By far one of the less expensive composters on the market, the GEOBIN is made for the householder who is on a budget. Not only will you save a bundle with this user-friendly composting bin, but you will also produce nutrient-rich compost that will keep your garden blooming. The GEOBIN is quite easy to set up and use. Even a beginner can put a GEOBIN together and get started with composting in no time.

Like most compost bins on the market, the GEOBIN produces compost from kitchen scraps, yard waste, and plant cuttings. Allow your GEOBIN to compost your garbage instead of sending it off to the landfill. You won’t regret using the GEOBIN as you not only convert your waste to a useful product, you also contribute to the health of your environment.


  • GEOBIN has a generous capacity as it can be expanded to 216 galls or 818 liters;
  • Not hard to assemble with the closure keys provided;
  • You can also move the GEOBIN easily;
  • Constructed with 50% recycled plastic;
  • This bin ventilates well.



  1. Redmon Green Culture 65-Gallon Compost Bin

The Redmon Green Culture Compost Bin is among the best composters that you would want to try. With a capacity of 65 galls (or 246 liters), there is enough space to produce any amount of compost you like.  Not only is this a rugged plastic resin composting bin, but it is also made to withstand the harsh elements without deteriorating. Four doors allow you to access the contents or to put more material to create your compost.

Furthermore, the lid can be lifted off to let you add more material for composting conveniently. The composting bin is also made with ventilation holes that help speed up decomposition. Expect fast results from this efficient Redmon Green Culture composting bin. You can choose to receive the compost bin only or together with an aerator.


  • You can get to your compost with four doors;
  • Made with plastic that is resistant to the weather’s wear and tear;
  • This bin can hold up to 65 galls or 246 liters;
  • It is easy to set up and use this composter.



  • None
  1. Algreen Products Soil Saver Classic Compost Bin

Finally, you have the Soil Saver Classic from Algreen Products. This compost bin is designed to make it easy to produce rich, organic humus for your garden or farm. Not only is the Soil Saver easy to set up and use, but it is also designed with convenient features. One such is the two sliding doors that allow you to remove actual compost while leaving the fresh materials to break down some more, With this compost bin, there is no chance of raw materials and compost being mixed up (like with tumblers). The result – you get fertilizer faster.

One of the great features of the Soil Saver Classic compost bin is its extra-large 12 cubic foot capacity. Now you can produce much more compost, saving you a tidy sum in curbside pick up fees and transportation cost to the landfill.


  • Make nutrient-rich humus is around 6 to 8 weeks with the Soil Saver compost bin;
  • Save money while saving the environment – up to 30% of your kitchen and household garbage can be diverted from landfills through composting;
  • The compost bin is made with recycled material that is BPA free and environmentally-friendly;
  • Animals cannot disturb your compost bin as the lid is tight. Openings, however, cause air to flow through the composter to make composting faster;
  • You can easily remove the compost from the bottom of the composting bin by moving the sliding doors;
  • The Soil Saver is very thick, which is excellent insulation to enable the fast breakdown of material to produce rich compost.




By now you would have found the best compost bin that will be most suitable for your composting needs. Not only did this review and buyers guide provides tips on the different types of composting containers and how they may work for you, but it also presents top recommendations that you can consider. Buying the best compost bin for your composting project is made easier by the information provided in this guide. Your final decision ultimately depends on your circumstances and whether the composting solution will help you. But, by all means, go ahead – you will be glad you did.