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We fully understand the danger that carbon monoxide poses to every home in America and around the world. There’s a reason that many in the business refer to it as “the Silent Killer.” It’s tasteless and odorless, and it can be present at any moment without anyone around being the wiser. For this reason, it’s absolutely essential that every home have a working carbon monoxide detector. This is doubly true if that home has any appliances that rely on combustion to operate.

To meet the incredible demand for carbon monoxide detectors in the United States and throughout the world, we’ve manufactured a carbon monoxide detector that exceeds every possible industry standard. We couldn’t possibly be more proud of it.

One of its key features is its wireless communication, which allows it to interact with every other Crossfire Alarm present in your home, whether it’s another carbon monoxide detector or a smoke detector. For this reason, you’ll be quickly alerted to a danger in any part of your home, no matter where in your home you are. This gives you and your family valuable time when reacting to an emergency situation.

In addition to the above, our carbon monoxide detectors have been built with long-lasting batteries, which guarantee their consistent operation over a 20-year period. You’ll also find that our carbon monoxide detectors are loud! That’s because we’ve built them with 100-db semiconductor-driven Piezo horns – there’s simply no mistaking the racket they’ll make in the event of an emergency.

So, if a carbon monoxide detector does not currently protect you and your family, then please make today the day that you change that. Carbon monoxide kills people every year, and there’s simply no reason for it.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Buying Guide

You may not think that it’s important for a smoke detector to possess wireless communication capabilities, but you’d be wrong. This wireless communication allows all of your Crossfire Alarms smoke detectors to stay in touch with one another. Because of this, you’ll be assured that a danger in one part of your home will not go unnoticed in all of the other parts of your home. This gives you and your family valuable extra time in the event of an emergency, something that can mean the very difference between life and death.

Best Carbon Monoxide Detector Wirecutter

That’s not all that makes our smoke detectors so advanced though, as they have many other features that are designed to exceed the mandates of every entity regulating the smoke detector industry. These devises have a twist-lock smoke chamber, which allows smoke to enter from all 360 degrees around the sensor. For this reason, our smoke detectors are incredibly sensitive. Also, these smoke detectors come in two different models: battery operated and AC/DC. With the battery-operated model, you’ll find that the battery is tamper resistant and has a life expectancy of 20 years or more. In the event that one of these alarms is triggered, it is something that you won’t be able to ignore. That’s because each alarm comes outfitted with at 100-db semiconductor-driven Piezo horn. It’s loud, just as it should be.

So, if you’ve been looking to protect yourself and your family from fire and smoke, then you cannot possibly do better than a smoke detector system that’s been manufactured by Crossfire Alarms. We believe in manufacturing our products to the highest possible standards, because we believe that your health and safety are paramount.

What Are The Effects Of Smoke Inhalation?

A fire is nasty, but smoke can be even worse. You might think that the fire itself most often causes fire-related deaths, but this isn’t actually the case. Most often, it’s the smoke that wreaks the most havoc. For this reason, we thought it might be useful to go over the effects of smoke inhalation, if only to underscore the point that if there’s a fire within your home, then it’s important to get out!

When exposed to smoke, you will most likely develop a cough and have trouble breathing. There are a few different reasons for this, not the least of which is the smoke itself replacing oxygen in the environment (and the fire depleting it). Moreover, the smoke and any hazardous chemicals that may be in it will irritate your respiratory tract.

Best Carbon Monoxide Detector

Smoke can affect more than your breathing, though. Because of the number of irritants present within smoke, you may experience irritation and redness in the eyes, as well as a change in your skin color. In addition, because of these factors and oxygen deprivation, you will likely experience a headache, which could accompany a significant deterioration in your mental faculties.

If you’re unable to leave an environment where a tremendous amount of smoke is present, these effects will only get worse as time moves on, and you could eventually risk losing your life. That’s why you should always seek a way to escape smoke that’s caused by a fire, and why you should stay close to the ground, where the smoke will be less prevalent.

Of course, we also recommend that your home and workplace be protected by a state-of-the-art smoke detector and alarm, like the ones we manufacture at Crossfire Alarms. These can help you to be alerted to smoke and a fire before the situation gets dire enough for you to experience the negative effects of smoke inhalation.

Smoke Detector Dos And Don’ts

So you’re taking the necessary step of protecting you and your family against possible death or injury from a fire by installing a smoke detector system in your home? Good for you. At Crossfire Alarms, we’re constantly surprised by how many people don’t take this important step toward ensuring their safety, and we’re glad that you’re not one of those people. We hope that you opted for a state-of-the-art wireless system like the one that we manufacture, but even if you didn’t, we thought it would be useful to share some smoke detector “dos and don’ts.”

Best Carbon Monoxide Detector

DO: Place at least one smoke detector on every level of your home. This is the bare minimum of coverage you can offer yourself, and using any fewer smoke detectors might prove to be a catastrophic mistake.

DON’T: Place smoke detectors too close to the kitchen. The fumes that are produced by cooking can cause smoke detectors to go off, which will only create an annoyance for you, and increase the likelihood that you or someone else will move to disable the detector. And a disabled detector can’t protect you and your family.

DO: Place smoke detectors in bedrooms. We’re vulnerable to just about anything when we’re sleeping, and this is especially true in the case of a fire. With smoke detectors in the bedrooms, you’ll be assured of being woken up in the event of an emergency.

DON’T: Tamper with your smoke detectors. You need these smoke detectors to save your life in the event of an emergency, and they can’t very well do that if you’ve been messing around with them. Let them do their jobs undisturbed.

DO: Test your smoke detectors regularly. Because it’s not often game time for your smoke detectors, they don’t get a lot of “use.” Test them periodically to ensure that they’ll work in the event that they’re needed.

What To Do If Your  Carbon Monoxide Detector Goes Off

We’re really glad that you decided to invest in a state-of-the-art carbon monoxide detector for your home. At Crossfire Alarms, we take the threat posed by carbon monoxide very seriously, which is why we’ve manufactured our detectors to exceed all industry standards. In addition, that’s why we’ve built them to communicate with each other wirelessly. We want to ensure that you’re alerted to a danger anywhere in your home, everywhere in your home. This, we believe, is the only way to adequately protect you and your family from injury or loss of life as the result of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Best Carbon Monoxide Detector

Rather obviously, we hope that you never have to hear your Crossfire carbon monoxide detector going off for a real emergency (only when you’re testing it). However, in the event that you do, we thought we should let you know what to do in a real carbon monoxide emergency.

First, make sure that you immediately turn off any appliances or equipment that might be causing carbon monoxide levels to rise. The levels will only build if those devices are left on, and this could be very dangerous.

Second, open windows and doors to increase ventilation to the area. However, don’t simply do this and remain where you are. Instead, get yourself to an outdoor area where there will be an abundance of clean air to breathe.

Third, once you’re out of the area, don’t go back in. Even if someone needs rescuing, you’ll be putting your life at risk by reentering.

Fourth, call the authorities! Instead of risking your life, let the authorities, who are qualified to deal with such a situation, do what they do best. A carbon monoxide leak is a serious event, and you need the right people to come in order to deal with it.

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