Why Do You Soak Liver in Milk Before Cooking?

At Present time, food loving people continuously search for new taste of food which must be full of flavor, standard looks and nutrients. In that case, most of the cooking loving people avoid traditional cooking ways and try their best to improve taste and texture of food different ways.

Cooking lovers try some unique technique to give standard quality and flavor of their food. Soaking liver in milk before cooking is one of this technique. It removes bitter taste and bad odors of liver and helps to add surprising taste and texture of liver.

Is it Necessary to Soak Liver in Milk Before Cooking?

In thoughts of traditional cooking ways soak liver in milk is not necessary or urgent at all. Because that time people cooked liver in a simple way. Firstly, slices the liver and then add some spices with them. And after then cooked them into oil for a few times. That create some sturdy bitter taste which people doesn’t like right now.

Why Do You Soak Liver in Milk Before Cooking

Now, people enhance their taste level and food quality. Started to follow different ways to improve texture and flavor of food. Soak liver in milk is one of them.

The actual point is soak liver in milk is very necessary to enhance the quality of food. It changes the real bitter taste of liver and remove odd odors that actually liver contains.

How to Soak Liver in Milk?

Soak liver in milk is very simple job, everyone can easily do this work.

Firstly, you should rinse the liver under cold water but be alert you have to do this work slowly with soft hand. Then place them in a medium shallow bowl.

Pour sufficient milk in this bowl which have to enough to cover all the liver slices. Then you can soak liver up to one or two hours. Even you can take more times whatever you have time for. But I like one to two hours to soak.

why do you soak liver in milk

After that remove slices from milk. Keep in mind, liver slices should be thin as much as possible ½-3/4” thick.

Another Way to Soak Liver Before Cooking

Soak liver in milk is not the only one way to increase the taste of liver. Have another way that you can use to remove livers actual bitter taste and its unnecessary contents.

You can soak liver in water before cooking. Some people add lemon juice with this water and some add a little amount of vinegar. It also helps to remove bad smells and bitter taste of liver. In this way you can also prepare liver before cooking.

Some Necessary Words About Liver Buying, Storing and Preparing:

Buying Tips:

When you think about buying something like food ingredients especially meat, fish, animal liver you should follow its looks, color and freshness. Now, the topic is about liver buying. So, I have some words for you.

  • Should choose lighter in color that comes from younger animal. Generally, it provides fresher and milder taste.
  • Blond color liver is also good that you can choose.
  • Dark red color is not good but you can select pale pink that is more preferable.
  • Terracotta hue, this color liver provides richer aroma and flavor after cooked.

should i soak liver in milk before cooking

Storing Tips:

  • After buying organ meats or liver in first step should keep them in cold place that means in the refrigerator.
  • When stored the liver loosely covered them.
  • In this way you can keep this liver for 2 days. After then you should cook them.
  • For long lasting cooking plan should keep them zero degree in the freezer.
  • Long time refrigeration might cause to spoil taste and quality of liver. So, don’t let them long time in the freezer more than 3

why soak liver in milk before cooking

Preparing Guide:

Actually, I have already narrated about the preparation before cooking liver. But for your concern I repeat that again.

  • Firstly, slices the liver that must be thin.
  • Then rinse them in cold water with soft hand.
  • Soak them in fresh milk or water.
  • Let them remove from milk and dry them with the help of tissue paper.
  • Mixed necessary spices that you like to add.
  • Then cook them within your favorite cooking way. Don’t cook them for long time.

Some Health Benefits of Liver That You Should Know

Liver, that is one of the most popular food at present time for the people who really like to enjoy tasty and nutritional foods. It is full of health benefits. For this it becomes one of the most nutritional food on the planet.

  • Rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E and vitamin K2.
  • Mostly helpful for dental health, eye health and skin health.
  • Amazing source of trace minerals.
  • Most passionate source of vitamin B12.
  • Provide necessary iron and folate.
  • Great source of best dietary copper.
  • Helps to prevent the risk of nutrient scarcity.
  • Enhance energy level.
  • Excellent package of high-quality protein.

Does Liver Contain Toxins?

Some people believe that liver contains toxins that is dangerous for our health. Also believe that liver work for store toxin. Even after internet searching you could notice some warning about toxin that provides by liver. But there is no reality of this word.

why do you soak liver in milk before cooking

Liver does the opposite works. By filtering blood liver helps to diverge the toxin from our body. And it is the main work that done by liver.

Helps to turn fat soluble into water soluble compounds.

Resist harmful toxic chemical and switch them less harmful compounds.

Some Bad Effect That Actually Noticeable

Eating liver is good for our health but more eating brings some bad effect that you should be known.

  • Raise the risk of high cholesterol.
  • Rich in vitamin A that’s high doses can be toxic and it is harmful for health.
  • Might cause vision problem and bone pain.
  • May increase the risk of nausea, fractures etc.
  • Hypervitaminosis can be reason of dizziness, headaches, intracranial and skin problems also.

Over consuming food is always bad for our health. If you eat more beef liver you would face above problems.

So, try to take beef liver once for a weak with limitation. We need nutritional food for sound health but high nutrition and protein are not well for our health.

Final Thoughts:

People who don’t like the taste of liver now they also started to like that. And the reason is at present liver is cooked in different ways which brings amazing taste and flavors with full boxes of health benefits. That increase the curiosity of the people.

Soak liver in milk is a unique way to increase the taste and flavor of liver. It removes the bitter and glammy taste of liver as well as bad smell also.

So, you can try this technique for once. I hope it would not disappoint you.

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