Food is a precious asset to us humans that shouldn’t be taken for granted even if it’s in abundance.

Remember, in the animal kingdom, everything from a honey bee to the elephants and tigers have to travel far and wide and run and hide in order to find food to survive. The fact that we have many different food sources at our disposal in any given moment doesn’t mean we should just throw away anything we don’t eat right now.

In 1942, a guy called Earl Tupper had the same idea.

Using a couple of plastic molding machines and his extensive know-how in the department of making plastic products, he invented a box with a weird seal on top of it that most of us today would immediately recognize – the first ever plastic Tupperware food-preservation box!

This invention was so revolutionary at the time that many people struggled to wrap their heads around its working principle. The common housewife and a working factory man were confused by the odd-looking, burp-like sounding lid that can hermetically seal whatever it is you chuck in the box.

After a while, however, mostly thanks to the social event called a ‘Tupperware party’ (which still exists today, interestingly enough), this incredible invention started selling like hotcakes!

The Tupperware brand still goes strong today, over 70 years after its inception. In this article, we’re going to list 10 of the best, most recent Tupperware and food storage containers. Also, to help you make an educated choice, in case you fancy buying one or more of these, we’ll organize a brief buying guide complete with consideration factors and the benefits of preserving your food with the help of these clever boxes.

Editor’s Picks: Top 5 Food Storage Containers

Alright then, folks, let’s get to it, shall we?

Food Storage and Tupperware Containers Consideration Factors


Food container comes in all shapes and sizes, but not all of them do a very good job when it comes to transporting a meal from a point A to point B.

(Imagine trying to carry your lunch to work in a plate. You would surely end up with no lunch AND a dirty car seat. Or boot depends on where you keep your lunch.)

For this purpose, no small-scale food storage unit beats a good ole Tupperware container. Lightweight and easy to wash, these see-through boxes (most of them) enable you to simply pour your meal in it, whether it’s liquid or solid, secure it with the lid on top and Bob’s your uncle!

Health Implications

One of the biggest scares these days, when it comes to the packaging industry, is BPA.

Believed by some to cause certain health problems related to the production of estrogen in the human body, Bisphenol A (this is the full name) is not increasingly getting shunned by the food container manufacturers.

That said, the scientific community is still pretty much divided on the topic of whether or not BPA can cause any health concerns, but if you want to be on the safe side, there are plenty of container models that are made without BPA.

What’s more, if you don’t want to mess with plastic at all, you can just go for a glass container instead!

(Oh, yes, we forgot to tell you. BPA is used in the manufacturing process of plastic products. But, of course, it’s getting discontinued as an ingredient by many factories across the world because of these health concerns.)

Space Saving

Possibly the best feature of these plastic and glass food containers (especially the plastic ones) is the fact that they don’t take up too much space.

Rather than storing bulky pots and pans with food in them in your fridge, moving the contents of these kitchen utensils to a Tupperware container, for example, can be an excellent way to save space in your fridge. Elsewhere ditto.

Since they come in all shapes and sizes and are relatively cheap, these small containers can do wonders to help you declutter your kitchen and preserve food in a safe way at the same time.


Although the looks of a box that holds your food may not be the most important thing in the world, there are still a couple of words that can be said here.

For example, since many people tend to consume or serve their food directly from these containers, a certain question of elegance can be raised. Indeed, serving your guests from a plastic container can look a bit cheap, so if you don’t want to insult your friends and family, you can get some glass containers, instead, for better visual effects, so to speak.

These can preserve your food AND look decent enough to be used for serving. What’s not to love?

Heating up Meals

Here’s another issue that pitches the plastic food containers against their glass counterparts.

Similarly to how some folks serve food directly from a Tupperware container, some other people tend to heat up their meals in them.

So, the logical conclusion for this section would pretty much concur with the one above. As you know, plastic and heat don’t mix well together, so if you plan to heat up your meals without removing them from the container first – get some glass food containers and all good.

10 Best Food Storage Containers

1. GlassLock – 18-Piece Assorted Oven Safe Container Set

Coming from a company with a name that pretty much explains how their products work, this GlassLock food container set is a dream come true for folks who are too lazy to remove the food from the storage box before microwaving it.

Since all of the containers in this set are made out of glass resilient to high temperatures, you can simply put these in your oven or the microwave without worrying they’ll be damaged or that your food will be spoiled in some way. (Just don’t forget to take the lid off, of course.)

In addition to being resistant to heat, these containers are also airtight and leak-proof, so no matter how bumpy the ride to work happens to be, you can rest assured you’ll have your lunch ready when the break comes!


  • Oven and microwave-safe
  • BPA-free
  • Recyclable
  • The set contains 9 containers and 9 lids
  • Airtight and leak-proof


  • The lids can be tough to put on (especially for older people or someone with weak arms)
  • Some users have reported their containers shattered in the microwave

2. Freshware – Meal Prep Containers – Children’s Lunch Boxes

If you have a large family, or maybe run a small business with plenty of field workers you want to take care of, getting this massive package of 150 pieces can be a great way to save money and provide a durable plastic container to everyone who needs one!

Each of the containers features 3 separated compartments. One is as large as the other two combined, so this sort of scheme can be a perfect choice for a children’s lunchbox. For example, they can put fruit in one compartment, steak, and veggies in the big one, and then a desert in the third part. Neat and easy!


  • 150 containers in one package
  • Durable and practical design
  • Microwave, dishwasher, and freezer-safe
  • BPA and phthalate-free
  • Three compartments for convenient use


  • Some users have reported problems with lids
  • Lids can be hard to pull off sometimes

3. Rubbermaid – Easy Find Lids Food Storage Containers

Coming in all possible and impossible shapes and sizes, these all-plastic containers from Rubbermaid can be a great option for people who like to keep all of their ingredients in separate boxes when cooking, for example.

Indeed, if you want to mimic what those folks in the cooking shows are doing and keep everything neat and tidy as your preparing a new meal, you can simply use a different box for your vegetables, meat, and spices and cook like a pro!

When it comes to actually use these for storage, there are a couple of interesting facts to take into consideration. The plastic they’re made out of is completely BPA-free, and all of the containers, from the smallest to the biggest, are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher-safe.


  • BPA-free
  • Microwave, freezer, and dishwasher-safe
  • 42 pieces in this set
  • Easy-Find Lids
  • The design allows you to stack them easily on top of each other


  • Not entirely leak-proof
  • Some users have reported problems with putting on lids

4. Pyrex – Simply Store Glass Rectangular and Round Food Container Set

Container sets which have exactly the same color of lids can be confusing to use sometimes. This is especially true if the set comprises several boxes of roughly the same size, but not quite. It’s the same sort of problem as trying to put on a shoe that’s two sizes too small. Or big.

Well, to battle this, the clever designers from Pyrex decided to equip their glass containers with different-colored lids, so you can differentiate between them more easily after a wash-up, for example. Both the lids and the containers themselves are microwave-safe, so you can use these to heat up meals whenever you like.

Also, the plastic the lids are made out of is BPA-free, for the record. The star of the evening for this particular set, however, would be the world-renown Pyrex glass used for the containers themselves. This incredible subcategory of common glass can survive extreme cold, extreme heat, and even getting blasted with water in a dishwasher!


  • BPA-free lids
  • The lids come in different colors
  • Made out of high-quality Pyrex glass
  • Airtight
  • Made in the USA
  • 2-year limited warranty


  • Not really the best option for baking (these are mostly for storage)
  • Some users have reported cracking of the containers (lids are good, though)

5. Snapware – Total Solution Plastic Food Storage Container Set

Featuring some rather large and sturdy lids that will survive a nuclear blast, this 18-piece storage set from Snapware will ensure that the food you lock in one of the plastic boxes, stays there until you decide to remove it.

Other than employing the rather tough-sounding system called ‘total solution’ which completely envelops the box underneath it, the lids made by the Snapware folks are also nestable – meaning you can nest another box on top of it and save some space.

Also, you can write and erase the food labels (or perhaps a poem, who knows) on top of these lids, so you can have a better idea of what’s inside. Although these are also see-through, so understanding what on Earth you’d put in one of these shouldn’t be so difficult.


  • Special ‘Total Solution’ lid system
  • Space-saving nest design
  • Write-and-erase lids for easy labeling
  • BPA-free materials
  • Limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects


  • Sometimes some lids won’t snap correctly
  • Again, some more issues with the lids reported by some unlucky folks

6. Rubbermaid – Brilliance Microwavable Food Storage Container Set

Neat-looking, elegant, and 100% leak-proof, this set from Rubbermaid is a configuration of containers perfect for storing, microwaving, and serving food to your guests. In fact, if you only buy this particular set for the purpose of serving food from it, you wouldn’t really make a mistake.

Other than its stylish looks and the respectable ‘leak-proofness’, so to speak, this set from Rubbermaid has a rather unique characteristic that is not often seen with these sort of storage products. Namely, both the body of this container and its lid are made out of extra-durable Tritan BPA-free plastic.

You’d like to use these for microwaving food? No worries! Simply place the container together with lid in the microwave and wait for the timer to go out. Thanks to the inbuilt vents in the lid, there won’t be any pressure buildup inside it, so you don’t need to worry about splattering and mess.


  • 100% leak-proof
  • Made out of BPA-free Titan plastic
  • The lids have inbuilt vents for depressurizing
  • Crystal clear visibility
  • Easy storage


  • The containers can stick together if stacked into each other without lids
  • Some users have reported cracks after only a couple of uses

7. Ez Prepa – Compartment Meal Prep Containers with Lids

Got a kids party to host but don’t have enough plates for everyone? Organizing an excursion in the outback but not sure where to store food? Well, these compartment meal prep containers with lids from Ez Prepa can be a lifesaver for anyone in need of a quick and efficient way of serving a multitude of meals.

Each of the containers can ‘house’ up to 32 ounces of food split into its three distinct compartments. There are two small compartments and one large, which is roughly the size of the two smaller ones combined.
As we said before, these are perfect for packing lunches. As soon as you’ve finished arranging the food in these to your liking, simply cover it with the lid and you’re good to go. This container will preserve the food’s freshness and tastiness no matter where you take it.

An important note: If you plan to microwave it, make sure to remove the lid first!


  • 20 containers with lids in one package
  • Each container can hold roughly 32 ounces of food
  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe (just remove the lid)
  • Durable
  • Heavy-duty design


  • These don’t seal perfectly, so there can be some leaks
  • The inside coating can wear off after a while

8. OXO – Good Grips POP Container

Here, we’ve got somewhat of a curious situation. Most of the plastic or glass food containers tend to be shaped like a cuboid. Well, actually, this one’s also a cuboid… But the interesting thing is that it does not rest on its larger side but on the smaller, square bottom part!

This interesting design choice makes this model stand out among other kitchen containers, so its looks can spice up your arsenal of kitchen utensils. As the manufacturers themselves claim, this model is perfect for storing sugar, rice, and other grain foods. Of course, you can keep in it whatever you so desire, sugar and rice are just suggestions.

All of the containers are completely see-through, so maybe that’s why folks at OXO are recommending putting in a bunch of delicate-looking grainy matter inside. (Oh and yes, they actually said ‘brown sugar’, no just regular white stuff.)


  • Ideal for brown sugar and rice (according to manufacturers)
  • Airtight
  • Comes with a button on the lid you can push to air seal the container
  • Can be used to store or showcase non-food items, as well
  • Comes in various sizes


  • The top push button tends to break after a while
  • Not the most practical solution for packing lunches, for example

9. GlassLock – 18-Piece Oven-Safe Assortment Set

As our penultimate entry, we’ve got another product from the well-established GlassLock company. This time around, we’re talking about a mighty 18-piece set of oven-worthy containers that can also be used for quickly microwaving food.

This particular set possesses an attractive appearance with all the containers being see-through and all the lids a light blue hue that speaks of tranquility and reminds of the sea and the sky. And the food.

Once you put your food items inside one of these containers, you can rest assured that it won’t leak out randomly and that no air can come inside to oxidize and spoil your apples, pastry, and other food items that don’t fare well when exposed to air for prolonged periods of time.

All of these containers are BPA-free and completely recyclable, so you won’t have to worry about the potential negative implications of the ominous-sounding Bisphenol A.


  • This set includes 18 pieces of various sizes
  • Oven and microwave-safe
  • Completely leak-proof and airtight
  • Made out of BPA-free plastic (the lids, the containers are made out of glass)
  • Recyclable


  • Some users have reported shattered containers due to microwave use
  • A bit heavy

10. MealPrep – Glass Meal Prep Containers 3 Compartment

Eco-friendly and quite durable, the MealPrep glass containers are a special breed of food preservation boxes that can act as perfect storage and serving utility at the same time. What makes them great for serving food would be their elegant design and, more importantly, the fact that they have three inbuilt compartments.

Each of the containers in this package is airtight and leak-proof, so whatever it is that you decide to put inside it, you can be sure it won’t leak out and spill all over your brand new shirt, or over someone’s head, or perhaps on the cat or what have you.

In this pack of three, each container can hold 35 ounces of food, and since there are three containers split by mini walls between them, you can put in different sorts of food without them mixing together. For example, you can but a fish stew in one, some salad in the other, and then a couple of biscuits in the third compartment. That’s a full meal, complete with the desert!


  • Built-in dividers creating three compartments
  • Made out of high-quality glass
  • Microwave and oven-safe
  • Dishwasher and freezer-safe
  • Each container can hold 35 ounces of food
  • Eco-friendly and reliable


  • Some users not really happy about the lids (claims that they won’t fit right)
  • Fairly expensive

Benefits of Food Storage Containers

It’s really no wonder that these small containers are so popular worldwide considering just how many utilities they have and how convenient they are. Here are some of the most important benefits of food storage containers:

Preserves Food Freshness

As you probably already know, food doesn’t really do well when left out in the open for too long. It can become stale, lose its taste, or worse still – get walked all over by a mouse and, also, attacked by flies. Simply storing all of your sustenance in these easy-to-use containers can solve all of these issues in a single glorious swoop!

They Come in Different Shapes and Sizes

Since not all foods and meals are the same size, the clever manufacturers of these food containers have figured to create boxes of different size to suit the needs of their customers. So, whether you just want to protect a single apple, for example, or protect a complex lunch with three different dishes in it, you can easily find a perfect food container for whatever you need!

Food Containers Save Money

Saving your food by not throwing it away can save you some money in the long run. While it won’t really be a proper fortune, still, why not preserve the food you don’t eat today, so that you can enjoy it tomorrow?

Easy to Carry or Transport

Whether you’re going to work and need your lunch neatly packed in a leak-proof container, or you’re sending your kids to school and want to ensure their lunch box has room for meats, fruits, veggies, and some cake on top, a Tupperware container can be the umbrella solution for all of these situations.

Thanks to their design, these boxes are easy to store, carry, and transport in vehicles. What’s not to love?

Microwave Compatible (Some of them)

One of the most attractive prospects of these food containers is the fact that you can simply chuck them in a microwave, leave them for a minute or two, et voila! – you’ve got a ready meal you can enjoy right away!

(Just make sure to remove the lid if the instructions say so!)

All things considered, food containers are a breed of kitchen utensils that have multiple purposes, are easy to store, and a breeze to move about and transport. Whether it’s packing lunches, organizing a celebration outdoors with plenty of invitees, or just filling up your pantry with jars of pickles, food containers are a proper must-have for any household! We hope you found this article helpful and wish you a merry and hassle-free purchase!