Best Garbage & Waste Disposal Reviews

A food waste disposer is useful for shredding household waste and avoiding clogging in pipes. It is installed under the kitchen sink and can be used for both domestic and professional use. Follow the guide and tips to choose your waste disposer!

The principle of the operation of a waste disposer is very simple: connected between the sink and the evacuation pipe, the waste disposer is responsible for turning into tiny fragments the food waste left in the dishes.

Simply by pressing a button placed on the  countertop , the waste accumulated in the grinding chamber will be crushed and then disposed of in a conventional way through the pipes.

The waste disposer does not need any special equipment for its installation if it has the necessary space under the sink. The shredders can be huge, they need a power source and a 90 mm drain . of diameter at least, however there are shredders in which a 60 mm drain adapter can be inserted .

What are the different types of waste disposal units?

You may have noticed that garbage disposals come in two types of designs: continuous feeding and batch feeding. The design is one of the main shopping points to consider when buying a garbage disposal such as a paper shredder . In this article, we compare the two designs to help you determine what is the right option for you.

Continuous Feeding

Between the two designs, continuous feed waste sales are more common in households. As the name implies, they run continuously the moment you activate the switch. This type of design offers some advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Speed: If you are crushing large quantities of food, keep the disposal of garbage running faster.
  2. Flow: You can throw food waste down the sink as you work, instead of having to stop every time to turn on the garbage disposal.
  3. Price: As the most popular option, continuous feed waste eliminations are usually cheaper than discontinuous feed waste disposal.


  1. Safety: because they run continuously, the entrance remains open and it can be easy to place other things accidentally in the shredder or put your fingers inside if you are not careful.
  2. More work: Most manufacturers of continuous feed garbage dispositions recommend that you handle cold water in the sink while using the disposal, so there is a possibility that your water bill may increase.
Batch Feed

On the other hand, batch feed garbage provisions take food in “lots” that grind by closing the input and turning the disposition in each moment. As you can imagine, their advantages and disadvantages are generally opposite to those of continuous feed garbage dispositions.


  1. Safety: Batch feed garbage disposals can not be lit until you insert the plug over your entry, making it a safer option because it minimizes the risk of foreign objects being milled or fingers being inserted too deeply.
  2. Efficiency: for people and families that only have a small amount of waste to get rid of, this is the most efficient option.


  1. Time consuming: you may not notice it with small amounts of food, but if you have a lot to grind, this design will take more time.
  2. Choice: continuous feed trash eliminations are more popular, so there are more options to choose from. While some brands do not manufacture garbage waste in batches. In these cases, they can sell a switch (button) separately that must be pressed to activate the elimination so that it can grind the food in batches.

Top 3 Waste Disposal Reviews

1. Teka Triturador TR 50.4 980ml – Best Waste Disposal Unit (Garbage Disposal) Cheap

This intermediate level waste disposer uses rotating stainless steel impellers to reduce the noise and components of stainless steel grinding and clogging to further reduce noise. This elimination unit comes with a quick and simple mounting system and an electric power cable. It can be used with septic systems of adequate size. The engine in one of the fastest spray motors in the industry.


Customers who review this product enjoy this powerful spray of even the hardest food particles. Its moderate price makes this product a good investment. It is well known for its simple installation. This unit has an attractive entry price, easy mounting system, and the unit is equipped with an insulated interior to help reduce the noise it produces during operation.


The only complaint is that it is too noisy. A disturbing sound sometimes occurs when you turn it on and may cause you some anxiety. The unit comes with a chrome flange. If you want a flange made of brushed nickel or stainless steel , it can cost you up to an additional $ 110.00 to get the specific parts you want.

2. InSinkErator 76933 Garbage Disposal – Best Waste Disposal Unit (Garbage Disposal) For the Money

Its robust stainless steel construction guarantees that this InSinkErator 76933 garbage disposal will last for years. With its durability induction motor, the badger stays well under pressure. It uses 120 volts of electricity to operate. With two-phase shredding technology, it is an incredibly quiet unit that can crush all kinds of food waste. It has a power amplifier circuit with microprocessor, which increases the force torque to deal with the residues of dry and more difficult food. It also includes an air switch for easy installation and greater comfort. Your spraying system is fast, since at one time it shreds the waste so that it can flow safely through the sewer system.


Most customers find that the quick-lock sink assembly helps them to place the disposal securely in place. However, there are some complaints about cracking cases, which the customer service representatives have responded to and replaced very quickly. It is the best economic disposal of garbage in the market.


You’ll discover that InSinkErator is one of the quietest entry-level shredders on the market, and it’s surprisingly quiet, especially for its low price. For a quieter model, you will definitely need more horsepower, but this garbage disposal is quite reasonable in terms of noise control.

3. InSinkErator Evolution 200 75275 Garbage Disposer – Best Waste Disposal Unit (Garbage Disposal) in General

This high-level InSinkErator Evolution 200 garbage disposal has it all. The sound sealing technology offers silent performance, while the latest generation grinding technology grinds all types of food waste with three stages of grinding. The stainless steel construction ensures that this arrangement lasts a long time. InSinkErator offers a 6 year parts and labor warranty for this product.

This 0.75 HP Evolution waste disposal engine drives the three milling stages to spray even the toughest food waste. The Evolution series of garbage disposal offers powerful hard drive induction motors combined with state-of-the-art milling technologies that ensure that all food waste is sprayed successfully.


The very quiet and very efficient elimination is the reaction of the majority of customers who review this product. Its powerful motor and grinding system pulverizes even the toughest food particles. The InSinkErator Evolution 0.75 HP food waste disposer has a fast loading and crushing action. The continuous feed function allows you to quickly dispose of food waste. The unit has a multiple grinding action that allows you to spray food waste before it enters your sewer and septic tank. The elimination has a super easy installation option, thanks to the inclusion of a quick assembly, turn, turn in the sink accessory. An induction motor helps to grind food waste,


It is possible that the price of the average level of entry is too expensive. The installation may not work properly, especially if you are not familiar with plumbing. Eventually, with the passage of time, if you continuously grind fatty foods, you can clog the pipes. The “S” shaped pipe under your kitchen sink may require cleaning or replacement to remedy the clogging. You may have to treat the unit because of odor problems. A simple solution is to add a little bit of baking soda, a little orange peel and a little lemon peel regularly to remedy odor problems.

What are the characteristics of a waste disposal?

If you are thinking about acquiring a household waste disposer, what matters most is the number of people living in your home . A small waste disposer will not measure up if you are a lot of household members using the kitchen sink. You can cause your engine to overheat and break down!


The power should not be left out: from 300 W to more than 1000 W for professional shredders, do not hesitate to choose a shredder a little more powerful to not have any problems later. A food chopper that works with 550 W is perfect for a home of three or four people, but if you have a restaurant and want to equip your kitchen effectively, you must choose at least one of 1000 W. The power of the engine can also be measured with horsepower, you should only do the conversion if you are a little lost: 1 CV = 735.5 W!

Size and weight

A waste disposer is bulky , so it is necessary to provide sufficient space under the sink to install it. – The more powerful the crusher is, the bigger it will be. The most compact shredders have a weight of 3 kg, however, professionals can exceed 100 kg ! Verify that the dimensions – height, width and depth – and the weight are compatible with the configuration of your installation or if, on the contrary, it will be necessary to install a new pipe .

There is a huge range of prices with respect to waste shredders, which range from 200 euros to 10,000 euros for professional models! For an investment of this type, it is better to opt for quality and choose a solid waste shredder that is around 500 euros.

How does a waste disposer work?

It is possible that you may have seen these types of machines in horror movies all full of blood, but calm, we assure you that there is nothing to fear!

The waste disposers are not already equipped with these grinding blades but are equipped with a rotating disc high speed – 2500 rpm  is considered quite effective for a triturador-, and this will make the waste is shredded and simultaneously go against the walls of the crushing chamber .

Of course you should not put your hand! The grinders are just as dangerous as any other utensil, so it is better to cut the electric current in case you have to clean it and always watch out for young children!

Tips for choosing the right waste disposer

Once you have determined the power  of the waste disposer , analyze some aspects to ensure the comfort of use and durability of the product:

Manufacturing elements

Opt for a waste disposer that contains stainless steel components as it is extremely important to guarantee the useful life of the appliance and prevent corrosion. 

Antimicrobial treatment

Some waste disposers have an antimicrobial treatment installed in their structure, which is essential to ensure the absence of bacteria in your kitchen !

Crushing chamber

The capacity of the grinding chamber is measured in milliliters: around 1000 ml, the grinders are perfect for homes of 4 people. A 500 ml tank is perfect for a kitchen used by two people.

Scrape-push tool

There are practical accessories such as a scraper to evacuate waste more easily. You can also equip your drain with a magnetic stripe which will catch the cutlery in the kitchen … in case you are not very skillful and / or distracted!

Installation equipment

You do not need a plumbing expert to install your shredder if you have some basic knowledge. In addition, some shredders are sold with quick installation kit and drain adapters.

Grinding disc

The crushing of household waste are not designed to treat fibrous debris as these can be wrapped around the disc or the parts of the apparatus. Certain commercial shredders are equipped with toothed discs that can treat them, with some efficiency, however it is better to recycle or throw this waste into the trash container!

Noise level

Like any powered device, waste disposers are a source of noise that can be uncomfortable. Look for a silent shredder or at least one that has been manufactured with reduced noise from your engine. A model equipped with silentblock is added to the sink with a system that favors sound insulation , they are almost always the most effective.

Recycling of waste

The waste of crushed food is evacuated in most cases to the septic tank . However, they can also be recovered to make compost ; some models offer a simpler evacuation than others.