Best Food Warmer Reviews

portable food warmer lunch box

Everyone wants to keep their foods warm and delicious when you are out of your kitchen. Although there are hotpots to keep your meal warm, a portable food warmer will help you eat hot food. Thanks to its portability, you can pack food for you and your family as you travel or to the workplace. … Read more

Pizza Sauce vs Marinara

how to make pizza sauce

If you?re a fan of cooking Italian dishes, then you?ve most likely used pizza sauce or marinara sauce at one time or another. While many people think that these two sauces are as interchangeable as they come, they?re actually more different than people realize. If you?re someone who doesn?t understand the difference between pizza sauce … Read more

Should Avocados Be Refrigerated

how to store whole avocado

It goes without saying that the world has fallen in love with the deliciousness of avocados. This fruit is not only great for your tastebuds, but it?s extremely good for you, as well. If you haven?t tried this infamous fruit before, then you?re definitely missing out on some pretty incredible benefits. If you?re thinking about … Read more

How To Keep Salt Dry

How To Keep Salt Dry

Salt, as the saying goes, is the difference between eating in Technicolor, and eating in black and white. A basic staple in every dish and work so quietly – there must be something strangely sacred in it. You barely notice its presence, unless it’s missing or given in excess quantity. Salt seasons, purifies, preserves, however, … Read more

Pressure Fryer For Home

Pressure Fryer for Home

The pressure fryer has a long history of making delicious crispy fried chicken for people to enjoy from the comfort of their own home. Even though the pressure fryer is infamous for its ability to make fried chicken like Colonel Sanders, it?s surely capable of doing so much more. Of course, you could always pan … Read more

Best Microwave Rice Cooker

microwave rice cooker instructions

There is nothing more convenient than using a microwave to cook things. How many times have you dreaded cooking something for a very long time, only to realize that you could have microwaved the same thing in minutes? The problem with microwaves is that oftentimes, the only things you can microwave are food items that … Read more

Best Hot Chocolate Maker

hot chocolate dispenser

Hot chocolate is one of the best hot beverages in existence. You would be hard pressed to find anybody who disagrees with that. Even those who do not really like coffee or hot beverages at large will still enjoy hot chocolate. You would think that all hot chocolate makers are the same, since they only … Read more

Best Gravity Water Filter Reviews

best gravity water filter

You are probably very familiar with a fluoride water filter, but are you familiar with a gravity water filter? If not, that is perfectly fine. However, it would behoove you to familiarize yourself with gravity water filters because in many ways, they are just as important as fluoride water filters. Think of a gravity water … Read more

Best Fluoride Water Filter

best fluoride water filter

Water filters are something that nearly every home should contain. While most water from your local supply may not be as filtered as you think it is, and a lot of the time your local water supply will contain chemicals that might be harmful for you. This is why you need a water filter. As … Read more