Best Mini Food Processor Reviews

Mini food processor is the perfect alternative to a regular sized food processor if you have major space issues in your kitchen, or if you don’t require all the features of a regular food processor. Some people prefer them because they are single and only cooking for themselves and don’t need the larger sized processors, or perhaps you just need something small and compact for chopping to make salads and meals for one. Whatever the reason, it really isn’t necessary to have to go to the expense of purchasing a regular food processor when all you need is something small with maybe a 2 – 3 cup capacity.

Some people with large food processors who do a lot of cooking, often like to have a small food processor on hand specifically for small jobs, such as chopping an onion, or just for making a small quantity of mayonnaise for example. An individual diet shake will also fit perfectly in a mini food processor if you aren’t really into shaking it by hand. If you live on salads, again the small food processor is ideal because you only need to process small amounts of your desired vegetables and then add them to your salad bowl.

What are the Top 5 Mini Food Processor?

Briefly, they are the Black & Decker MiniPro Plus Food Processor MFP200T, the Cuisinart PrepExpress HFP-300, Cuisinart Handy Prep Food Processor, the The KitchenAid Chef’s Chopper KFC3100CR and the Sunbeam Heritage Series Kitchen Assistant 2774.

These mini food processors take up next to no room and are easy to use, yet can still take the sting out of time consuming food preparation. It comes down to what will suit you best but these small processors are also considerably lighter on your hip pocket. If you are looking for a cheap food processor, one of these will be just right.

1. Sunbeam Heritage Series Kitchen Assistant 2774

This little food processor is precisely that. It is so much more than a chopper and actually has 18 pieces which makes for a huge variety of functions. It has a base and then the idea is to sit the various bowls on the top. What you get is two large chopping containers, six small chopping containers, six storage lids and two shaker/sifter lids. All these containers use the same blade and the result is that you can chop, mince and grind a variety of different foods.

It works best on dry foods like nuts, carrots, coffee beans and crackers and it is also does a great job of mixing herbs or spices into soft butter, cream cheese or avocado so you can make dips and spreads. It is not so good on wet foods like onions, tomatoes because they tend stick to the side of the container. The multiple containers are fantastic for food storage after you have processed them, but the real advantage is the time it can save you with chopping and dicing, grinding and pureeing.

2. The Black & Decker MiniPro Plus Food Processor MFP200T

These mini food processors is powerful and will only take up a little space on a counter top. It’s great for chopping, slicing and shredding. It has a 2-cup clear work bowl, a stainless steel chopping blade, a reversible stainless steel slicing/shredding disc and a continuous feed chute. It also has two speeds, low and high as well as a pulse button. It is really great for chopping small items like garlic and onions, but you will need to pre-cut anything larger so it fits inside the bowl. The feed chute is small too, so again pre-cutting is necessary.

One very handy feature with this compact food processor is the continuous feed chute which allows you to keep adding foods to be processed and they are ejected into a separate bowl which you must place under the feed chute. It will also slice and shred, but again, the small feed chute means items to be processed must be 1×2-inches small so that they fit. Processing is very fast though and it gets the job done. If you are not keen on lots of pre-cutting though, it will not suit you.

3. The Cuisinart PrepExpress HFP-300

This mini food processor can be used by placing it on a kitchen bench or you can hold it by its handle and aim the processed food straight into a bowl, or anything else you choose to catch them. It doesn’t have a work bowl, just a processing chamber which processes and then ejects the contents into your receptacle of choice. This does tend to limit its functionality though, because anything which requires a work bowl, such as purees and batters, cannot be accommodated. However, it is perfect for chopping, slicing, grating and dicing jobs.
The Cuisinart HFP-300 has a stainless-steel base and a removable food chamber. You can interchange the three cutting drums to create a variety of sizes in the items you are processing and it also has a powerful 220 watt motor so that continuous processing can happen effortlessly. You just need to decide if you want to use the handgrip and aim the chute into your bowl or sit it on a bench top and position a bowl under the chute.

4. The Cuisinart DFP-3 Handy Prep 3-Cup Mini Food Processor

In contrast, this small food processor from Cuisinart is designed to sit on a bench top. It has a three cup work bowl so pureeing and blending is possible. It also comes with a variety of blades and discs so that you have a good variety of slicing, dicing and shredding options. Because this is a mini food processor, the feed chute is small and you will need to do some pre-cutting, however this is something that you would need to do with a large food processor as well.

This small food processor is much more than a mini food chopper and more akin to a regular processor so depending on your requirements, you can choose to purchase this one and still retain a lot of the features of one of the larger processors.

5. The KitchenAid Chef Series Food Chopper

Like other KitchenAid appliances, this mini food processor is pretty impressive. Again, it is much more than a mini food chopper and has a similar functionality to larger processors. It comes with a 3 cup work bowl which has an opening in the lid so you can add ingredients as you go, as well as a mini chopping blade and plastic spatula. The motor is 240 watts, so powerful enough for the tasks being asked of it, but it does not have on/off controls, just a pulse function. This seems to be more than adequate for processing though.

Again, pre-cutting of vegetables and fruits is required however this is a small trade-off for the overall processing capability of the machine. One advantage of this compact processor is that the 3 cup size is a little larger than other 3 cup work bowls so you have a bit more processing room.


These top 5 smaller food processor all provide huge value for money but even so, you should keep an eye out for a food processor sale on Amazon for even more value. If you are able to decide on the features you want, then some of these mini food processors will suit you and for experienced and advance cooks, they are task specific enough for you to have both a large food processor as well as a mini food processor.