Best Vegetable Spiralizers Reviews

The importance of including a healthy dose of vegetables on your dinner table does not need an introduction. Maybe your children or other family members do not take the eating of vegetables very well, try spiraling them and see how this trick can work wonders at the dinner table. Suddenly all the plates will be making their way to the sink so clean you would swear they have not been used. In this guide, we are looking at the best vegetable spiralizer in 2017.

We take some time to discuss some advantages of using the best vegetable noodle maker. You will need to know the principle of how it works. Then you can also check out some tricks and tips on using this very handy kitchen utensil. The article ends by looking at the best five vegetable noodle makers we could find on the market.

Top 5 Vegetable Spiralizers Reviews

1. Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer

Anyone who has ever wanted to find a product that will help their families to love more vegetables than they are currently eating should look closely at Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer. This machine is designed to produce vegetables and fruit spirals that are firm, and great looking to attract people to the dinner table. With this machine, your days of endlessly chopping through large amounts of vegetables will be way behind you.

The machine is manufactured from the highest quality materials that are 100% BPA free, so the food produced using this machine is safe for all those who eat it. The Vegetable Slicer does not use electricity, this makes it an ideal product for you to use during your camping excursions.

2. WonderVeg Vegetable Spiralizer

The WonderVeg Vegetable Spiralizer is a machine designed to respond to the unfavorable customer reviews that seem to plague the spiralizer market. The issues that were addressed include the improvement to ensure that the blades on this machine are the sharpest in the market.  The materials used are safe and will not be subject to corrosion, and the crank handle has been improved to provide comfort to the user.

The machine has also been made with the main aim of ensuring that it is durable and can safely be used for heavy duty purposes. With your brand new spiralizer, you will also receive a free cleaning brush, a book of recipes, and another two eBooks that are packed with tricks and tips on how you can best use your spiralizer.

3. Kitchen Hero Spiral Slicer

The Kitchen Hero Spiral Slicer is a product that has been recommended by health professionals and dieticians alike. This machine is made for those individuals who are looking for food that is gluten free, loaded with low amounts of carbohydrates, Whole30, and interested in weight loss. With this machine, your creativity will come alive as you spiral carrots, sweet potatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, and squash. The included recipe book will take this creativity a notch higher.

4. Spiral Ninja Vegetable Spiralizer

The fact that vegetables in your diet will lead to better health, is one that does not need an introduction. If you have been struggling to make your family eat more vegetables the Spiral Ninja Vegetable Spiralizer is your perfect solution. Ask anyone who deals with food and they will tell you that the way your food looks is important for the appetites of those who will eat it. The spiralizer makes your food look great. Anyone who tries this product, whether they eventually like it or not, will receive a downloadable eBook full of recipes to ensure that they do not run out of ideas when preparing meals.

5. Brieftons 5-Blade Spiralizer

The manufacturers of the Brieftons 5-Blade Spiralizer have the confidence to call this machine the best spiral slicer in the market. This is a very bold statement, but it can only be made by someone who has full confidence in the product they have produced. We looked at the features of this product and we find ourselves agreeing with this claim.

Some of the things that make this vegetable spiralizer great is that it is delivered with five blades made from stainless steel to cover all your needs when it comes to spiralizing. The product is designed to have its parts disintegrated for ease of storage and transporting. It is a great machine whether you plan to use it for wide or small vegetables.

How Vegetable Noodle Makers Work

Think about a vegetable pasta maker as a giant pencil sharpener. The machine has a clamp for holding the vegetable you wish to spiralize. You then use a hand crank to cut into the fruit as it disappears into the hold. On the other side, you get a pile of ribbons that are cut gently into curled shapes.

Advantages Of  Using Vegetable Noodle Makers

If you are a chef in a commercial establishment, you have an idea of the drain in energy continuous cutting will have on you. If you thought that the work of chopping vegetables in a huge restaurant, or at home for that matter during a huge family function, is boring then you have not yet used a vegetable noodle maker. Once you use this machine you will use every excuse in the book to serve spiralized vegetables.

You also know that the way your food looks has a great bearing on whether your family or your guests will be appetized. Food that looks good, is usually food that tastes good. This machine allows you to make vegetable noodles that are perfect and consistent. While we agree that your ordinary vegetable slicer may do the task, you will agree with us that the results are not as pretty as when you use a properly dedicated vegetable noodle maker.

The machine allows you to sneak in the vegetables in a very creative manner. People generally dismiss vegetables in meals. This machine will help you to get the vegetables onto the table, minus the drama associated with a dislike of vegetables. The main advantage of the vegetables you produce on this machine is that they have the texture of your more popular pasta without the grease.

Tips And tricks To Help You Get The Best From Your Spiralizer

This machine provides the best trick for making food look as if it was more. Just try it for yourself. If you spiralize a potato it looks more in volume than a potato that has not been spiralized. This can easily help everyone on your table to eat less while thinking that they are eating more. This will work wonders for those individuals and families looking to eat less and therefore reduce the calories from the food they eat.

No one can pretend that spiralized vegetables will taste like pasta. Well, people do not necessarily just love eating pasta on its own. They usually just like the taste that comes with the cooking and pasta sauces that accompany them. If you add the right toppings, meat, and cheese, you will get results so great no one in your family will ever talk about pasta again.

We looked through the market and identified the following five as the best products in the market currently and came up with the following vegetable noodle maker reviews. 

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