Best Sink Protector in 2021 : Top 5 Picks by an Expert

by Daisy Dao

Ready to save your kitchen sink with the best sink protector in the market? Look no further as you are going to discover the most suitable solution.

Sink protectors are aimed at saving kitchen washbowl along with protecting your expensive kitchen utensils. With so many variations in the market, they are available in numerous components and compositions.

Metal, stone, fireclay, ceramic, copper, stainless steel, etc. are the most common materials to form some truly versatile sink protectors these days. But you should prioritize quality over anything else while investing in a sink saver.

They must be durable, draining, and indelicate. To prevent scratches and stains on your beautiful sink, explore our review of ten top-ranked sink protectors below.

We hope you will puzzle out the perfect match that shields your sink against damage and destruction

Comparison Table of Top Sink Protector

Best Sink Protector in 2021 : Top 5 Picks by an Expert
Best Sink Protector in 2021 : Top 5 Picks by an Expert
                   Product                    Description
Rubbermaid Plastic Sink Bottom Grid
  • Pre-cut drain hole
  • Scratch and rust-resistant
  • Quite affordable
OXO Good Grips Silicone Sink Mat
  • Heat-safe material
  • Flexible water drainage
  • Soft cushion to prevent accidental dishware breakage
Better Houseware 1487/W Large Sink Protector Grid
  • Ceramic coated grids
  • Snug-fitting
  • Well-built
iDesign Gia Metal Sink Grid, Non-Skid Sink Protector
  • Non-sliding grids
  • Rust-resistant
  • Stainless-steel finish
Serene Valley Sink Protector Grid
  • Centered drain hole
  • Durable
  • Limited warranty
Better Houseware Medium White Sink Protector Grid
  • Pre-cut hole
  • Elevated grid to prevent scratches
  • Sturdy construction
Zeesink Sink Protector for Single Sink Bowl
  • Soft rubber feet
  • Durable stainless steel
  • Works as a dish dryer also
iDesign 36700 Euro Plastic Sink Protector
  • Optimal dimensions to fit sink dividers
  • Multipurpose use
  • Strong and sturdy grid
Pebble BliGli Eco-Friendly Kitchen Sink Mat
  • Ergonomic architecture
  • Safe and healthy material
  • Conveniently customizable
Dayton Stainless Steel Bottom Grid
  • Customized fitting for Elkay sinks
  • Easy and accessible draining
  • Super convenient cleaning

Explore Our Top 10 Sink Protector Review in 2021

1. Rubbermaid Plastic Sink Bottom Grid

Rubbermaid Antimicrobial Sink Protector Mat, Small, Black Waves
Rubbermaid Antimicrobial Sink Protector Mat, Small, Black Waves

View the very first one on our top ten lists, a plastic sink grid from the famous brand Rubbermaid. This black color sink grid can match your kitchen decor perfectly.

Leave your breakable dishware on it without any fear and protect your sink from bacteria or other microorganisms. The product weighs only 0.38 pounds and its dimensions are 0.39 ×11.4 ×12.4 inches. The countertop mounting process is quite easy as well.


Center Hole Cutout: The grid is designed with a center hole cutout that ensures the free-flowing of water. As a result, you will get an easy and hassle-free drainage or disposal system.

Wavy Design: You will love the wavy design not only for unique visual representation but also for providing a stable base to the fragile kitchenware. It also works great as a dish dryer.

Antimicrobial Product Protection: The sturdy silicon material fights bacterial growth because of the inbuilt Microban antimicrobial product protection. That’s why it protects your sink from stains, odor, bacteria, and other germs.


  • Quite an affordable price range
  • Pre-cut drain hole
  • Beats of bacteria and other germs
  • Prevents dishware breakage
  • Prevents rust, stain, and scratches


  • Only suitable for sinks with holes in the center
  • It may not be the best choice with colorful and stylish sinks

2. OXO Good Grips Silicone Sink Mat

Uppetly Rice Airtight Dry Food Storage Containers, BPA Free Plastic Sealed Holder Bin Dispenser With Pouring Spout, Measuring Cup For Cereal, Flour And Oatmeal, Include A Stainless Steel Whisk
Uppetly Rice Airtight Dry Food Storage Containers, BPA Free Plastic Sealed Holder Bin Dispenser With Pouring Spout, Measuring Cup For Cereal, Flour And Oatmeal, Include A Stainless Steel Whisk

If you are searching for a large sink protector, this is your pick right away. A silicone-made sink mat from OXO- is tailored to meet any sort of sink solution.

Made with high-quality materials, it is pretty long-lasting. Furthermore, the non-slippery feet make sure to keep them in place. You will love the soft surface and the quick-drying capability as well.


Heat Safe Material: This very sink mat is made of heatproof silicone. So, you can put hot pots directly on it. Even boiling water cannot affect it.

Soft Silicone Surface: We loved the PVC-free surface that provides soft cushioning to any delicate glassware. It also saves the ceramic sink surface from any scratches or dents. No worries if your expensive dishware suddenly slips off your hands. This soft insulation will prevent them from chipping.

Flexible Drain Opening Option: One of the most convenient features of this OXO good grip silicone mat is that it lets you cut a hole where you need it. So, you need not worry about wherever your sinkhole is located. Instead, remove some of the grids to let the mat adjust the drain hole to the sink.

Elevated Feet: Because of the elevated feet throughout the mat, there is a gap between the sink and the mat. This gap permits smooth water flow and quick drying.


  • Heat-safe silicone withstand hot pots immediately
  • Dishwasher safe, PVC free
  • Elevated feet allow some space between the sink surface and the mat
  • Easy water flow because of the flexible drainage system
  • Soft cushion to prevent scratches, dents, and chips


  • Could be a little higher to avoid food sticking

3. Better Houseware 1487/W Large Sink Protector Grid

Better Houseware 1487/W Large Sink Protector Grid, White
Better Houseware 1487/W Large Sink Protector Grid, White

The next on the list is one of the best large sink protector grids. It has a size of 18.125″ × 12.75″ × 1″.  With an open center, it ensures smooth water drainage by featuring a cutout. Although Better House ware designed it in three sizes, the large size is the most convenient for any washbasin.


Ceramic Coated: This steel sink protector is coated with ceramics. Consequently, it offers an anti-scratching experience while washing your kitchen utensils. It also cushions your plates and glasses to prevent chips and breakage.

Sleek Grids: Let the sleek grids eradicate the possibilities of scratches and dents on your valuable sink surface. In this way, you can use your sink for a pretty long time. Also, the grids are dishwasher safe to conserve shine.

Snug Fitting: As these protectors are the perfect fit for any of your kitchen sinks, you can dry the dishes on them. The central hole assures a snug-fitting and flowing drain and disposal.


  • Perfect height to dispose of all particles
  • Very well-made and sturdy
  • Works great as a drying rack as well
  • Very easy to clean
  • Prevents scratches, chips, and breakage


  • Slides easily on the sink
  • The coating could have been better

4. iDesign Gia Metal Sink Grid, Non-Skid Sink Protector

IDesign Gia Metal Grid, Non-Skid Protector For Kitchen, Bathroom, Basement, Garage Sink, Set Of 1, Polished
IDesign Gia Metal Grid, Non-Skid Protector For Kitchen, Bathroom, Basement, Garage Sink, Set Of 1, Polished

Having a countertop mounting type, this 1 pound non-skid sink protector is another industry-grade protector to save your sink. Each mat will be a perfect fit for your basin measuring 16.25″×12.75″×2.5″.

The polished color is an additional benefit to match any sort of decor. Besides, it is made of stainless steel that makes it a durable addition to your kitchen for years.


Ergonomic Design: Being made of stainless steel, the ergonomic design assures longevity, snug-fitting, and style. The countertop mounting system also makes it easy to use.

Long-Lasting: Want to retain the sink shine for years? This rust-resistant sink grid can be your ideal choice. It is pretty durable in terms of quality use.

Non-slippy: As you already know, there are non-skid feet made of plastic. So, the grid will not slip while using the sink. This particular feature adds user satisfaction to a great extent.

Protection: As it is designed for a variety of uses including the kitchen sink, bathroom, and laundry room- you can have better protection by it. With this iDesign sink grid, protect your sink from any types of scratches. On top of that, it offers safeguards to your pans, pots, glasses, dishes, mugs, plates, and any other kitchenware.


  • Stainless steel makes the perfect non-sliding grids
  • Protects sink bottom along with any sort of dishware
  • The very stylish and polished finishing
  • Soft and kind grids to prevent breakage
  • Affordable price


  • Only fits a sink that has drains exactly in the middle
  • Goes rusty over time

5. Serene Valley Sink Protector Grid

Serene Valley Sink Protector Grid 26-1/16' X 14-1/16', Centered Drain With Corner Radius 3-1/2', 304 Stainless Steel Material NLW2614C
Serene Valley Sink Protector Grid 26-1/16' X 14-1/16', Centered Drain With Corner Radius 3-1/2', 304 Stainless Steel Material NLW2614C

In the fifth place of this list, we will discuss one of the best sink grids from the Serene Valley, a leading name in the kitchenware industry. Styled with a drain in the center, it can be an amazing addition to your sink.

The 26″ long grids are truly telling when it comes to cover a big sink. So, your quest for a large sink protector ends when you get this.


Stainless Steel Construction: The premium 304 stainless steel not only guarantees quality control in construction but maintains lightweight features for users’ convenience. More advantageously, the stainless steel is corrosion-resistant.

Centered Drain: Measure your kitchen counter accurately to have an exact protector. Similarly, you must know where the drain hole locates- center, rear, or side. As this popular sink grid comes with a centered drain, your kitchen faucet should have the same too.

Dimensions: Having a corner radius of R 3- ½”, the grid dimensions are 26- 1/16″ × 14- 1/16″.

User-Friendly: We loved the material to provide such a well-built and robust sink saver with pretty considerable preeminence. Because of the stainless steel, you can use it without much protection. It is quite easy to clean as well. So, users’ contentment is rest assured.

Limited Warranty: Like many other products by Serene Valley, their sink protector grid-26 also comes with a limited warranty as well. You can contact them anytime you face an unwanted issue while using it.


  • Lightweight and user-friendly feature
  • Perfect fit for large sinks
  • Stainless steel makes it sturdy
  • Usable for a long time
  • Small rubber feet on the bottom offers damage protection to the sink


  • A misfit for sinks with rear or side drain

6. Better Houseware Medium White Sink Protector Grid

Better Houseware Medium White Sink Protector Grid
Better Houseware Medium White Sink Protector Grid

Looking for a white protector to make your sink look better? This classic white sink gives you a fresh feel looking at your kitchen wash. Doesn’t matter what your sink is made of. It will just suit any of them.

What we loved the most about this exclusively designed sink guard is the easy cleaning system without affecting the shiny layer on it.

Let’s explore what fitting features it has in store for the consumers.


Pre-Cut Hole: Like most of the Better Houseware sink ware, it too comes with a pre-cut hole for fast water flow. No water stuffing in your kitchen wash as you can enjoy great water draining through this open center.

Elevated Grid: This is one of the best sink mats which is heavy enough not to move and cause scratches on the sink surface. The slightly towering grids leave enough room in between the surface with small plastic.

Easy Air Flow: Along with a great water draining system, you will see easy airflow as well. As a result, no food particles or bacteria can nestle under it to cause odor or stain.

Perfect Fitting: As the name suggests, it is a great fit for any medium kitchen sink. Regardless of the material and color, it will assure snug-fitting with proper cushion to stop breakage to your delicate dishware.


  • Easeful cleaning with normal detergent
  • No scratch on the sink surface because of the plastic feet
  • Prevents odor and stain by providing smooth airflow
  • Sturdy metal construction with shiny plastic coating
  • Suitable as a dish dryer as well


  • White color needs extra care to keep it clean and fresh
  • The shiny plastic coating rusts over time

7. Zeesink Sink Protector for Single Sink Bowl

Zeesink Sink Protector,Kitchen Sink Grid Size 28 9/16' X 15 9/16',Sink Protector Grid,Stainless Steel Sink Grid,Sink Bottom Grid With Center Drain For Single Bowl Kitchen Sink
Zeesink Sink Protector,Kitchen Sink Grid Size 28 9/16' X 15 9/16',Sink Protector Grid,Stainless Steel Sink Grid,Sink Bottom Grid With Center Drain For Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

At this point of our discussion, we would like to introduce you to a rectangular sink guard with a splendid stainless finish. The absolute architecture by Zeesink gives it a premium stainless construction to be a perfect kitchen solution.

Most interestingly, although designed for a single sink bowl, the super favorable size of 28 ⅜”× 15 ⅜” is highly recommended as a dish dryer rack as well.


Center Drain: A pre-cut hole in the center makes it decidedly desirable by the single sink bowl owners. Make sure to check the corner radius of your sink before buying it.

Rubber Feet: How can we not talk about soft rubber feet? These are the ultimate features to keep the surface scratch-free. We absolutely loved the elastic feet for their gentle protection to the sink bottom.

Sturdy Construction: The grids are designed with premium quality durable stainless steel. This sturdy construction makes it considerably consumer-friendly and reliably long-lasting.

Exact Dimension: 28.35×15.35×1 inches- check the dimensions again. And then match it to your kitchen sink as the manufacturers suggest. If you can figure out the accurate measurement, it is going to be a matchless fit for your rectangular basin wash.


  • Durable and authentic construction
  • Premium quality stainless steel finish
  • Protective rubber feet to prevent scratches
  • Multipurpose usage being a drying rack for glassware and dishware
  • Snug fitting with sturdy structure


  • Fits with the sink only having the same corner radius

8. iDesign 36700 Euro Plastic Sink Protector

IDesign 36700 Euro Plastic Sink Saddle, Glassware And Sink Protector For Kitchen, Bathroom Pots, Pans, Dishes, 11' X 12', Clear
IDesign 36700 Euro Plastic Sink Saddle, Glassware And Sink Protector For Kitchen, Bathroom Pots, Pans, Dishes, 11' X 12', Clear

Meet versatility at its best with this sink saddle. A brand new design by iDesign breaks all the norms of traditional sink protectors and offers the best protection to your kitchenware, sink, pans, and pots. Use it to decorate your sink elegantly and live simply by protecting your kitchen or bathroom wash.


Strong Grid: You cannot help but fall in love with the sophisticated grid design. The optimum grid ergonomics conveniently slides over the divider of your sink. Resultantly, it provides a strong guard to your everyday kitchenware and bathroom wares as well.

Powerful Plastic Construction: iDesign sink saddle to withstand years of use efficiently.

Sets in Place: We faced no sliding issues while using it over the sink. The robust suction cups nicely fit in place and protect the sink wall.

Passable Grid Pattern: The grids are projected in an open pattern so that the water can pass freely. Consequently, no water, food, or bacterium can be trapped in between the sink wall and the kitchen sink mat.


  • 11″ ×12″ optimal size to fit most sink dividers
  • Passable pattern to prevent water trapping
  • Usable in kitchen, bathroom, and even in laundry room sinks
  • Experience quick dish dry because of the speedy water drain
  • Sturdy grip to prevent slipping while washing


  • Poorly designed suction cups come out too easily
  • Terribly stains and spreads that stains rapidly

9. Pebble BliGli Eco-Friendly Kitchen Sink Mat

Bligli Pebble Sink Mat, PVC Eco-Friendly Kitchen Adjustable Dish Drying Mats Sink Protector Liner Pad 15.8 X 11.8 Inch (2 Pack, Grey)
Bligli Pebble Sink Mat, PVC Eco-Friendly Kitchen Adjustable Dish Drying Mats Sink Protector Liner Pad 15.8 X 11.8 Inch (2 Pack, Grey)

Already made your decision?  Wait a while and meet one of the best rating kitchen sink mats to guard your sink perfectly. Not only you will bless your hand basin with this eye-catching sink mat, but you will also save your expensive kitchen appliances from any accidental dropping.

No worries if you are concerned about the size. As this is designed in the fashionable pebbled form, you can easily reshape it by taking aside some of the pebbles if needed.


Modern Design: Being architectured with the unique pebble form, this eco-friendly sink mat is another name for flexibility. The PVC material offers enough padding to provide necessary protection to the sink top and kitchen utensils.

Practical Performances: Why do you need a sink protector?  To keep the sink free of scratches, stains, and odor, right? This perfect dish drying mat does the very same. Unlike other sink guards, it is environment-friendly and odor-free. Also, it delivers the best safety to your delicate dishes from sharp sink finishing.

Healthy Material: Healthy and non-toxic materials make it the safest sink mat to use without worrying. The BPA-free, phthalate-free, latex-free technology and durable PVC material make it nonpolluting and energy-saving.

Conveniently Customizable: Cover any area you want to protect with this customizable kitchen sink mat. Based on the bottom of the sink, it can be cut to fit accordingly.


  • Fashionable design with eco-friendly structure
  • Double packs allow enough coverage for double sinks
  • Customizable size by removing pebbles
  • Very easy to clean and dry
  • An elegant match to your stainless steel or porcelain sink


  • Does not allow to keep instant hot pots on it
  • Traps the food particles underneath

10. Dayton Stainless Steel Bottom Grid

Dayton GOBG2816SS Stainless Steel Bottom Grid
Dayton GOBG2816SS Stainless Steel Bottom Grid

Explore an outstanding sink accessory from Elkay, the matchless name for making your daily life easier. Elkay launched this bottom grid to provide protection to some specific Elkay sink bottoms.

Having the dimensions of 26.1×13.9×1 inches, this customized sink grid is the ultimate choice to let you have a hassle-free experience while working on your hand basin.


Stainless Steel Structure: Elkay outperforms others with their premium quality stainless steel construction along with permanence. As a result, their sink grids can withstand the high impact of heavy kitchenware.

Smooth Finish: Crafted with perfect and polished finishing, the stainless steel presents a pristine look. Because of this refined outlook, these bottom grids glorify all sorts of sink materials.

Corrosion Resistant: The corrosion-resistant stainless steel keeps the sink protector solid and sturdy for years.

Effortless Access to Disposer: Being constructed with an accurately positioned disposal door, it makes an easy and effortless draining experience.

Convenient Feet Design: You will particularly love the exclusively originated feet. These convenient feet keep the sink face protected for years to look stunning.


  • Customized fitting
  • Solid stainless steel resist corrosion
  • Convenient cleaning to fit inside the dishwasher
  • Attractive finishing to complement any sink materials
  • Proper placement of opening permits easy draining


  • A bit overpriced
  • Slides all over the sink quite easily
  • The hard plastic feet cause scratch because of the sliding issue

Things to Look for Before Buying Best Sink Protector

Now that you have come across our handpicked top ten sink guards, you must know some redundant recounts regarding the top-lined sink protectors. Out of the countless variations and astounding features, how to decide your suitable suit?

No worries as you have got our back. Below, we have enlisted the most crucial components you should look for while voting for the best sink protector in the market. Seal your deal considering these specific aspects and you will never regret your selection.

Let’s examine the deciding factors that witness the quality of a sink protector.


First thing first, so is the material for a sink protector. Either you will choose silicone or a metal-made protector. In both cases, be cautious enough to check the quality.

If it is silicone-based, investigate the quality of the silicone. Unless it belongs to the premium category, it will lose its shine and turn yellowish rapidly.

Talking about metal protectors made of stainless steel, aluminum, etc.- choose countable coating. As the sink saver will encounter water every day, the coating should be polished. Otherwise, it will go rusty pretty soon.


While plastic feet are sturdy, rubber feet are damage resistant to prevent scratches on the sink surface. They will be more suitable for any type of washing basin including ceramic surface.

Even if you decide to go for metal feet, be sure to have them with rubber cases. Otherwise, they might harm your sink protector.


Although you may overlook the issue, it is a crucial consideration while buying a sink protector. To give your sink full coverage, you must rightly measure the dimensions of it before ordering a protective cover for it. If the protector is a misfit, how can it save your sink from the upcoming damage?

Drain Hole

You should also make a choice whether you want a pre-cut drain hole or not. It is usually favorable to let you clean easily and eliminates chances of debris or garbage stuck.

Mat or Grid

Again you need to make a wise selection. Mat or grid- which style do you prefer for your sink protector?

Mats are preferable for flat surfaces. They will give protection against hot cookware, scratches, and breakage in case of accidental slip-offs.

On the contrary, grids are more versatile being designed for multitasking. Besides protecting your sink, you can use them for drying dishware as well. The well-planted grids let the water drain promptly.

Why Use a Sink Protector?

Although buying sink protectors largely depended on personal preference at one point, it is not the same nowadays. To keep your sink protected for years, it is an absolute must to give it proper coverage. If you are going to invest in a new kitchen counter, increase your budget a bit more and buy a protector as well.

But why is it so significant? Try to be informed from the detailed discussion below.

Protects Your Sink Face

Regardless of the material, any sink surface will be damage-prone over time. To increase their lifetime and to preserve the newish shimmer, they must be covered by a grid or mat.  A sink guard is the safest shield to the bottom of a sink. It defenses all sorts of dents, dings, and dark spots away and keeps the kitchen basin sparklingly stainless.

Prevents Unwanted Breakage

Aren’t your kitchenware valuable to you? Then you certainly get upset because of accidental slips that crack your expensive dishes, bowls, or glasses.

Not anymore. Besides protecting your sink, also protect your cookware by eliminating incidental breakage.

Non-troublesome Draining

Those days are gone when you need to worry about draining water and debris through your kitchen sink. Bless your life with a sink grid and you can leave all dirty dishes on it for hours.

And, your sink will not get blocked. All the items will pass fluently through the grids and you can wash your dishes comfortably.

Dries Dishes Quickly

Lacking enough spaces to dry your dishes after a wash? There is your sink mat or grid, right? Just use it as a dish dryer and simplify your life.

Looks Elegant

If you can synchronize your sink and protector, it delivers a decent outlook. The sink looks more elegant as it preserves the shining charm longer.

How Do I Protect My Kitchen Sink from Scratches?

Tired of the dark spots and watermark on your basin? Want to give your sink a gleaming shimmer? Follow the following steps and make it shine like a new one.

Step-1: After using your kitchen wash, immediately remove anything on it. No food items, wet sponges, or dishware are allowed to stay longer on it. Otherwise, they will leave marks on it.

Step-2: As a precaution, clean your sink after every use and wipe it dry. This procedure will prevent long-term spot development.

Step-3: The best way to keep your kitchen sink scratch-free is to use a bottom grid from the very beginning. It will accelerate the unrestricted water flow and thus no watermarks or scratches will be caused. Also, the dishware cannot hit the sink surface to cause any scrape.

Step-4: Try cleaning the kitchen basin thoroughly once every week. A simple detergent will be alright for the task. Also, make sure to have rubber gloves on your hands while cleaning. Furthermore, dirty water can damage the shine of the sink. So, be sure to wash with clean water. Wipe it out with a soft towel after finishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you clean a sink protector?

Cleaning a sink protector is a cinch. Normal detergent or dishwashers are perfectly okay to clean. You can dip it into dishwashing liquid and warm water if it fits. Or you can spray a few drops on it and scrub it. Finally, rinse thoroughly and let it dry.

2. Do I need a sink protector?

Of course yes if you want an everlasting glow to your sink. Besides, you can protect your sink from dents and spots by investing in a quality sink protector.

3. How do I protect my kitchen sink from scratches?

Measure its dimensions and order a sink mat or grid of your choice. They will fight the everyday corrosion and scratches your sink goes through. Just remember one thing if your sinks are significantly wide, go for extra large sink protector mats to confirm full protection.

4. How do I protect my sink?

By taking proper care of it. The process includes cleaning it regularly, wiping it out properly, and of course, using a perfectly fitted sink protector to keep it scratch-free forever.

Final Verdict

Be it the sink of your own house or a rental one, keeping it neat and clean is your duty. To maintain a polished and refined look, to defend dirt and dents, more importantly, to prolong the longevity of your sink- you must look for the best sink protector.

We know the decision will vary from person to person. Budget, demand, sink type, and size, personal choice, etc. will play a vital role to purchase one.

But some constant components should not be taken lightly. We have detailed down all the central aspects you need to know for buying a sink protector.

Go through our review advertently. Surely, you will find some prominent products of recent times. All of them offer some or other idiosyncratic features to ensure consumers’ contentment. Regardless of your pick, rest assured not to regret it.

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