Best USA Made Pocket Knife Reviews

kershaw blur folding knife

The fact that many people still consider pocket knives to be toys they carry for leisure or simply to amuse their friends should be a thing of the past.

What most people fail to understand this small thing can actually determine whether you live or not.

This fact has been proven again and again over the century that is why you need to take them serious for once.

However thanks to technology that this simple lifesaver has undergone a lot of metamorphosis to the point I sometimes find it complicated more than my tablet.

In a hurry?

Finding a good pocket knife is sometimes hard considering you have to go through multiples of options currently available in market and other online sources. .This no easy task considering you may sometimes get lost in the process of looking for that unique life saver in form of a pocket knife.

This website however, is there to help you solve this dilemma by helping you morrow down to the most appropriate option in the market. This is by providing you with the correct data on pocket knives that will help you decide on the most appropriate choice of a pocket knife. In simple terms we are there to help you make informed choices.

Expert Picks: Top 5 USA Made Pocket Knife

Why You Need a Good Pocket Knife

Although the idea of having a pocket knife may sometimes be farfetched especially in situations where you are supposed to cut through thick material. The actual role of apocket knife is limited to simple tasks no matter how sharp you may consider the blade to be. This is despite the fact that a good pocket is considered to be one that can perform the highest number of duties. Here is a summary of duties an ideal pocket knife should perform.

  • To cut open boxes and envelopes
  • To sharpen materials
  • Help with food preparation
  • Help with fishing and in extreme cases hunting
  • To cut through ropes and chords in situations where you need to free someone or yourself
  • To cut through safety belts especially when stuck in accidental case among many other cases

What an Ideal Pocket Knife Can’t Do For You

When you purchase a pocket knife you need to understand the fact that it won’t be able to help you with your every situation you encounter that needs cutting. Pocket knives come with features that make them capable of handling some situations easily than others .in worst scenarios they simply handle such tasks. These features include the blade and the size. For heavy duty tasks you won’t actually need pocket knives and the best option would be hunting knives or above. Restrict your pocket knife to simpler tasks that do not require any heavy duty roles this also prevent incidences of accidents or mechanical failure due to size and built.

Best USA Made Pocket Knife

When buying a pocket consult your senses to determine the role you need it in the first place for. Let big roles remain to big knives while small roles to the small knife. That way you won’t put your survival in question by having the wrong tool for the wrong job.


One factor that gets people carried away when shopping for pocket knives is their appearance. This however should be least on your concerns considering pocket knives come in different types, shapes and sizes. In order to get the best pocket knife this are the features you need to look out for.

  • The blade length –it should be at least 3-4 inches
  • Moving parts-it should have less moving parts for extended durability
  • locking mechanism for the blade- to guarantee safety always
  • It should be coated – this applies to the blade
  • The handle should have an anti slip system– this is needed for the handle
  • The quality – it should be from a trusted brand and should posses necessary quality in material and craft
  • A glass reinforced nylon handle-this ensure handle durability
  • Minimal add on-to make it easy to use and reduce the unnecessary weight

Other than this feature individuals always have their own preferences like serrated blades among others which we always put into consideration when reviewing these knives. Another factor that you need to consider before actually determining the choice of your pocket knife is the duty at hand and the brand the knife comes from.

Best USA Made Pocket Knife

The duty intended for your pocket knife will determine the length of the blade you will need for the role. While trusted or reputable brands will always be mindful of their reputation therefore you can always trust their products to be of good quality always. Price and durability also need to be considered because some pockets knives will satisfy your short term goals perfectly like in quality sharp blade and handles which will soon lose their sharpness and other important mechanisms returning you to the market again. Pocket knives that come highly recommended are always worth a try because their worth may have been already tested and proven more than once.

Top 11 Best USA Made Pocket Knife Reviews

1. Craftman Lock Blade Knife Review

CRAFTSMAN Pocket Knife, Spring Assisted Opening (CMHT10934)

Due to the lock and open mechanism involved with this mini knife comes the risk of failure .but looking on the brighter side of things this knife can fold back and forth with minimal pressure applied.

This is a great work of mini knife craftsmanship that promises to deliver better result than any other in its category.

The blade is easy to use considering when it is open it is easy to stay in place without bowing to pressure with another set of the mechanism. This mechanism ensures that the blade is stable enough for you to perform your duties fruitfully

It has always managed to deliver better than the slip joint blades which uses a spring based mechanism to deploy. This makes it the ultimate choice in folding knives choice.

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2. Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Review

Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Knife (Red)

If you ask for my opinion this is more than just a small pocket knife considering the added features? On purchase this knife comes with a number of different blades, compass, key ring, magnifying glass, can opener, tweezers, tooth pick, ruler, nail file, scissors, pliers and screw driver. The latest models of this knife include features like an LED light, USB drive and a digital clock. All this components can be folded into the knife when not in use something other knives can’t compare with.

It was originally manufactured by the company called Victorinox and is thought to contain enough tools to facilitate prison escape. This pocket knife is a product of great craftsmanship that has earned the knife a worldwide admiration and recognition.

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3. The Gerber Single Blade Knife Review

GERBER Ripstop I Knife Fine Edge, One Size

This knife is rated as one of the strongest pocket knives in the market .it’s easy to use mechanism that allows folding of the blade is one of its greatest advantages when it comes to using. The best models of this single bladed knife have a lock that keeps the blade held in position. Another wonder about this pocket knife comes in form of mechanism that allows one gesture opening of the blade using a single hand. When it comes to performing it roles this knife has shown exemplary results making the best choice for single blade and maneuverability knives.

In order to make informed choices when it comes to choosing pocket knives we have compiled a list of the best pocket knives currently in the market to ease your choices. They come highly rated and recommended and the first choice for most people who are strong advocators of pocket knives.

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4. Buck 110 Pocket Knife Review

Buck Knives 110 Folding Hunter Lock-back Knife, Brass Bolsters, Ebony Handles, 3-3/4' 420HC Clip Point Blade with Leather Sheath

This hunting knife first came into existence in 1964 and it is a favorite of many people to the point it has been reproduced by several manufacturers. It comes equipped with a folding steel blade that proved durability due to the fact that it never rusts. This knifes model is one of the pioneer models of the lock back and comes with a stable blade whenever opened. This mini knife can be trusted to handle some of the most complicated heavy duty tasks whenever the option of a bigger knife is out of the question and comes at an extremely affordable price. It has a lifetime warranty attached to it and it just the knife you need to have in your pocket.

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5. Benchmade Mini Griptilian Knife Review

This is a small hunting knife that is crafted from one of the notable manufacturers in the world. It can be trusted with day to day duties with accurate precision considering its blade is constructed from stainless steel and has a drop point .the Benchmade Mini Griptilian comes razor sharp and can be trusted to remain so for extended periods due to its durability records. It is easy to use and slide as a result of the thumb studs that allows easy opening and closing of the blade. It also has a spring based AXIS lock mechanism system that allows the blade to be held in place. It weigh is so low that you may even forget that you are carrying it and it is currently retailing for less than $100.

6. Kershaw Ken Onion Leek 1660 Pocket Knife Review

Kershaw Leek Pocket Knife (1660) 3-In. Sandvik 14C28N Blade and Stainless Steel Handle, Best Buy from Outdoor Gear Lab Includes Frame Lock, SpeedSafe Assisted Opening and Reversible Pocketclip, 3 oz.

On purchase this knife comes in razor sharp which is maintained for sometime on its strong stainless steel blade which tipped delicately. Its purchase records indicate that this pocket knife is one of the most purchased in the market due to the fact it is highly affordable and rich in admirable features. The Kershaw leek knife is easy to move and compact however it is only restricted to simple jobs. It comes in variation of being smooth bladed or serrated that is why it a consumers most loved pocket knife and therefore one of the best pocket knives in the market today.

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7. Sebenza 21 Chris Reeve Knife Review

Chris Reeve OEM Quality Outdoor Knife Folding Blade D2 Stainless Steel Titanium Handle Portable Pocket Knife Fishing Camping Hunting Survival Tactical Knife Accessories Clip EDC Hand Tools Men's Gift

When you hear the name Chris Reeve you should probably know that means quality pocket knives and that is exactly what Sebenza represent;raw quality. This folding pocket knife comes equipped with features like a titanium frame crafted using S35VN stainless steel with a reputation of being one of the best in the industry and with a durability record for its edge. This pocket knife is considered quite expensive when compared with other pocket knives but its innovations are worth every cent. Like the case of its lock which is solid and reliable at all times. Beside prestige the Sebenza is one of the coolest pocket knives out there not just in name but in performance as well as durability. To own a piece of this masterpiece you will be required to invest between $ 400 and $450.

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8. Buck Pocket Knife Review

Buck Knives 301 Stockman Three Blade Folding Knife

Bucks have a reputation of being the leaders in providing some of the best knives in different categories around the world. Here is another of their models making it on the list of best pocket knives. The Buck-301 is folding and a multi blade pocket knife with a reputation of delivering on its duties. It comes equipped with 3 stainless steel blades and with a total length of about 4 inches which makes it the largest folding pocket knife. This knife comes with own reputation that makes other manufacturers play a catch up game, the same for its blades that have different tips. Just like other Bucks models the Buck -301 comes with a lifetime warranty and represents both class and quality on purchase.

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9. Spyderco Delica 4 Lightweight Pocket Knife Review

Spyderco Delica 4 Lightweight 7.15' Signature Folding Knife with 2.90' Flat-Ground Steel Blade and High-Strength FRN Handle - PlainEdge Grind

You can trust this pocket knife to deliver the best in approved functions like no other pocket knife. This is why it is one of the highly recommended pocket knives in the market at the same time attracting increased sales. Its blade is a combination of both serration and smoothness and its operation especially opening involves only one hand. Among its features that make it a real gold to have is its handle that is made of nylon reinforced with fiber glass. It does not stop there considering it is also textured to ensure it is slip proof. This texture come Spyderco- Patented due to innovations involved which makes this pocket knife a real quality product.

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10. SOG Flash II Pocket Knife Review

SOG FSA98-CP Flash II 8in Serrated Blade EDC Knife

This is a reputable pocket knife from a great knife manufacturer SOG. This knife’s blade from AUS -8 stainless steel comes razor sharp and partially serrated. The reason the SOG Flash II is highly acclaimed comes from the fact that is has been known to deliver excellent results in day to day duties with its owners. It can sometimes be confused for the Benchmade Griptilian as they posses similar appearance. Its opening mechanism applies the spring assisted opening technology which guarantees fast and smooth operations. The SOG Flash II handle is made from glass reinforced with nylon which contributed to its light weight yet still maintaining and sleek but strong design.

This pocket knife is one of the safest considering it has a locking switch that holds the blade in place preventing accidental cuts. The current price for the SOG Flash II is currently around $50 making it highly affordable. It has also some of the highest rating recorded and it currently has a rating of 4.6 from one of the best online marketing websites which makes this knife deserve a place on the list of the best pocket knives.

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11. Buck Knives 110 Folding Hunter Lock-back Knife Review

Buck Knives 110 Folding Hunter Lock-back Knife, Brass Bolsters, Ebony Handles, 3-3/4' 420HC Clip Point Blade with Leather Sheath

The Buck 110 Pocket knife is greatly considered a hunting knife by many avid hunters but it can double up as a pocket knife as well. It was first crafted in the year 1964 as one of the first lock back knives in the world the reason why it has been reproduced by many other companies around the globe. It mother company the Buck knives still holds the reputation for this fine masterpiece. The blade is made from Buck’s 420HC stainless steel which is considered rust proof and of the top most quality. It also has a reliable lock system that ensures safety is guaranteed at all times. The Buck 110 pocket knife has the ability to win both new school and old school knife lovers as a result of its reputation.

This pocket has been identified as one of the best performers on the list and can withstand some of the most grueling tasks it is subjected to without the fear of wear and tear. The blade comes at a comfortable 3 ¼ inches while the total length when closed is nearly 5 inches. At first glance this pocket knife appears large but this does not mean it can’t perform. It receives a 4.9 rating out of 5 from one of the best marketing websites in the world making this knife gold to have. It also comes at an extremely affordable price.

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We sometimes tend to underestimate the role of pocket knives especially when we are going for camping trips. For this reason you will find many people carrying large knives that may sometime be tiring and useless on the trip. As long as you understand the scope and roles intended you can then choose the best knives which is sometime the pocket knife. Pocket knives can comfortably perform day to ay roles and even in some extreme cases like getting lost in the jungle and even hunting.

When faced with options where your life may be at risk like in a bear attack bigger knives are sometimes recommended but not just because of their size but the ability to deliver. You cannot choose a folding knife which is hard t deploy in emergency situations or a knife with many blades which makes you lost on choices. It should be a knife you can easily and effectively deploy with maximum results.

Another factor about pocket knives that you should know is that, you should simply be able to fall in love with it features. The choice of pocket knife you should choose should make you feel complete to the point you can feel empty when you forget or drop it. It should be a feel good bond between you and the knife. This guide we hope has been helpful in helping you determine the best choice of pocket knife but before you consider making any purchase consider consulting your area laws as some states only allow you to carry pocket knives with certain limit to blade length.

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