Best Pasta Cutter Wheels

by Rick Goldman

Forming and cutting pasta is quite the challenge when making pasta from scratch.

It’s one thing to put a sheet of dough through a pasta maker to make spaghetti or linguine, but cutting pasta into ravioli or lasagna is a completely different undertaking.

To make this undertaking easier, you need to have the right pasta cutter wheel in your possession.

Although they appear like a simple device, you will witness a world of difference when you use the right cutter wheel for the pasta that you are making.

The following five featured pasta cutter wheels will make sure that you are cutting and forming your pasta to perfection.

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Best Pasta Cutter Wheels
Best Pasta Cutter Wheels

1. Grip-EZ pastry/ravioli wheel by Norpro

Norpro Grip-EZ Pastry/Ravioli Wheel
Norpro Grip-EZ Pastry/Ravioli Wheel

A lot of pasta cutter wheels do not give you a lot of cutting options. Most of the time you will want to want to cut your dough with a scalloped edge. This is especially true if you are making ravioli or anything decorative. The problem is that pasta cutter wheels contain nothing but a scalloped edge, leaving you with a lack of options.

Norpro’s pastry and ravioli wheel solves this by containing two different cutter wheels. One of them has the scalloped edge that you’ll need for decorative pastry and pasta cutting, and another contains a straight edge that you can use for other situations. This means it doubles as a pizza cutter as well. While the straight edge is just one other option, it opens up an entire world of additional options.

It can be easy for a cutter like this to slip, causing injuries. This is not an issue with Norpro’s cutter as it has a santoprene handle that is very slip resistant. You’ll be able to use this very quickly without any worry of it slipping.

The only thing that you’ll probably need to watch out for with Norpro’s ravioli and pastry cutter is that it is small. If you are tasked with cutting a very big sheet of dough or pastry, you’ll probably find yourself needing to reposition the cutter a lot and this can be troublesome.


2. High grade stainless steel dough roller, docker, and cutter by Mangocore

Mangocore 16x7x3.1cm High Grade Stainless Steel Noodle Lattice Roller Docker Dough Cutter Pasta Spaghetti Maker For Kitchen Cooking Tools
Mangocore 16x7x3.1cm High Grade Stainless Steel Noodle Lattice Roller Docker Dough Cutter Pasta Spaghetti Maker For Kitchen Cooking Tools

The majority of pasta cutter wheels are nothing more than a variation of pizza cutters. They’ll have a serrated edge that makes them different from pizza cutters, but in most cases, that might be all you get. This can be inconvenient when you need to make noodles from a sheet of dough quickly.

Mangocore’s dough roller and cutter solves this by containing not just one blade, but multiple blades. If you do not have a pasta extruder handy or choose not to use one, this will do similar work for you. It is also not a massive kitchen appliance like a pasta extruder is so it will not take up space.

Another nice thing about Mangocore’s dough roller is that it is dishwasher safe. Cleaning underneath it’s blades can be difficult and almost impossible, but because it is dishwasher safe, you will not need to worry about this at all.

You will probably still need a different kind of pasta cutter wheel to use alongside Mangocore’s roller, however. This is because its blades are not as strong as the blades of other pasta cutter wheels. If Mangocore’s wheel is all you have, be prepared to go over your dough with it multiple times in order to completely cut your dough.


3. Professional pasta cutter wheel with wood handle and brass head by LaGondola

Professional Pasta Cutter Wheel, Timeless Natural Wood Handle And Durable Brass Head (Ridged Wheel)
Professional Pasta Cutter Wheel, Timeless Natural Wood Handle And Durable Brass Head (Ridged Wheel)

Stainless steel has long been the industry standard for any given pasta cutter wheel. While many don’t notice or care about this, they soon care very deeply when they realize that their stainless steel blades begin to rust for whatever reason.

Not only does brass not rust, it also does a much better job at cutting. You will not encounter any issues with cutting when using LaGondola’s pasta cutter wheel in terms of strength or durability. Brass has stainless steel beat decisively when it comes to both of these parameters. You’ll notice this immediately when you begin using it.

You get two different blades with LaGondola’s pasta cutter wheel: One that is straight and one that is serrated. This gives you plenty of options when it comes to cutting sheets of dough for pasta, especially when you are making something such as ravioli 

The wood handle is a nice touch to LaGondola’s pasta wheel, but it slips easily, especially compared to the handles of other pasta wheels. You won’t get a good grip on this handle and there is a good chance that you’ll hurt yourself while cutting. Another thing about the handle is that it is upright. This makes it even more difficult to get a good grip on it.


4. Ravioli maker stamp set and pastry cutter wheel by Hokichen

Ravioli Maker Cutter Stamp Set – Leading Dough Cutter And Press Stamps With Wooden Handle –for Ravioli, Pasta, Dumplings Lasagna, Pierogi – Upgraded 2019 3Pcs Stamps, 1 Pasta/Pastry Cutter Wheel
Ravioli Maker Cutter Stamp Set – Leading Dough Cutter And Press Stamps With Wooden Handle –for Ravioli, Pasta, Dumplings Lasagna, Pierogi – Upgraded 2019 3Pcs Stamps, 1 Pasta/Pastry Cutter Wheel

Options are something that is at a premium when it comes to pasta and pastry cutters. There are a lot of times where you might want something that does more than just cuts through a sheet of dough.

Hokichen’s pastry cutter set will give you these options in spades. Coming with three different stamp cutters, you’ll be able to make different kinds of pasta easily with it. You can cut and seal variations of ravioli in different sizes very easily with it. If you need a pasta cutter wheel for making ravioli, you won’t need to look any further.

Wooden handles usually have a tendency to slip, but the handles of Hokichen’s set will not slip at all. This is because they are ergonomically designed and will prevent the stamps and blades from slipping. You will not need to worry about cutting yourself when using the stamps and cutters in Hokichen’s set.

Although Hokichen’s pastry cutter set gives you a lot of options, it has a lot to be desired when it comes to size. The stamps only measure about 2 to 3 inches around, meaning you’ll be limited to making small pieces of ravioli with them. The wheel itself is also only 2 inches, which means that you’ll be spending a long time cutting long sheets of dough.


5. Pastry and pasta cutting wheel by Happy Sales

Happy Sales Pastry And Pasta Cutter Wheel - 1.5' Diameter
Happy Sales Pastry And Pasta Cutter Wheel - 1.5' Diameter

Something that a lot of pasta cutting wheels have trouble doing is remaining steady when using them. Most of them will shake a little bit when running it over a sheet of dough and this can cause you to be inconsistent with your cutting.

You won’t deal with this issue with Happy Sales’ cutting wheel. Because the fork and wheel are much smaller than the handle, they are much more stable. You will notice this when you run it across a sheet of dough, and you’ll get a much more steady cut with it.

Unfortunately, options are nonexistent with Happy Sales’ cutting wheel. You only get a serrated blade that is extremely small, less than 2 inches. While this may be useful if you are making small pieces of pasta, you will struggle when running Happy Sales’ cutting wheel over a long sheet of dough.

You also do not get a straight edged blade with Happy Sales’ cutting wheel. This is something else that takes away from the options you have with it, options that are present in other pasta cutter wheels.


Pasta Cutter Wheels: A Buying Guide

Different pasta cutter wheels have different uses.

You need to consider what you need a pasta cutter wheel for and if you do not take the proper things into consideration, you’ll find that you might be neglecting your pasta cutter wheel while you now need to look for another one.

Will you be making ravioli?

Making ravioli often requires a different set of kitchen gadgets than making other kinds of pasta.

If you want to make ravioli with a pasta cutter wheel, do all you can to acquire a pasta cutter wheel that contains stamps that you can use on your dough to make ravioli circles or squares.

This will be much easier than trying to make a circle or square with your pasta cutter wheel.

How much area do you need to cover?

You can probably get away with using a smaller pasta cutter wheel if you are tasked with cutting through or around a sheet of dough that is about 12 or 16 inches around.

However, if you need to cover a large sheet of dough, you are probably going to want to choose a bigger pasta cutter wheel.

How experienced are you in cutting dough?

Running a pasta cutter wheel through a sheet of dough is a skill that takes time, to the surprise of most.

Some of these cutters have an ergonomic handle, some of them do not, and you’ll need to choose carefully if you are not experienced in cutting dough.

Are you making noodles with your pasta cutter?

Making noodles from scratch is very difficult and is usually reserved for pasta extruders, but it is also possible to make noodles from scratch with a pasta cutter.

There do exist pasta cutters that can make noodles, and if you are not willing to use a pasta extruder to make noodles, you will need to look for pasta cutter wheels that can make noodles.


Pasta cutter wheels will make your life infinitely easier when it comes to making any kind of pasta from scratch.

Whether you are making something as simple as noodles or something that requires you to cut through dough sheets in patterns such as ravioli, a pasta cutter wheel can help you to form and shape pasta in this way,

When you have the right pasta cutter wheel in your hands, you’ll be able to save a lot more time and have a lot more fun making pasta from scratch.

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