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Microwave ovens are one of the most common things that anybody uses in their home.

However, as frequently as they are used, hardly anybody considers the fact that they should probably cover whatever they are placing in the microwave.

If you cook things in your microwave and they are not covered, two things happen. 

First, particles will fly everywhere after the process is finished. If you leave these particles alone for even a few seconds, they’ll dry up and will be really difficult to clean.

Second, leaving food or drinks uncovered in the microwave will expose it to contaminants that your microwave houses if you have not cleaned the microwave recently.

Although you may not think it is necessary, it would behoove you to possess a cover for your microwave.

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Microwave covers: A Buying Guide

How could there possibly be things that you should consider when it comes to something as simple as a microwave cover?

If you start thinking about the long list of things you use your microwave cover for, you will actually probably start thinking of a few things.

Here are the main things that you should think about when buying a microwave cover.

1. What kinds of food do you intend to heat up in your microwave?

One of the primary purposes of a microwave cover is to prevent food particles from getting all over your microwave’s interior.

best glass microwave cover

Certain foods do this more than other foods, and this is something you need to consider.

Some microwave covers are stronger than others and since some foods explode your microwaves more than others, it is a good thing to match these up.

2. What kinds of fluids do you intend to heat up in your microwave?

Believe it or not, you should probably cover fluids that you put in your microwave as well.

Doing this will prevent the drinks that you place in it from being exposed to what particles might be in your microwave if it is not clean.

Fluids can also splatter around the microwave just like food particles can, so this is something else that you should consider.

3. How often will you use your microwave?

This seems like an obvious consideration, but you would be surprised at how overlooked this is.

If you use your microwave often, it would probably be a good idea for you to acquire a microwave cover that is durable enough for multiple microwave uses.

4. Do you own a rotary microwave?

Some microwaves possess a rotary method of operation and some do not.

While you may find this negligible, there is a difference and it is relevant when it comes to microwave covers.

Some microwave covers work well with rotary microwaves and some are better when used microwaves that do not contain a rotary plate inside and it is a good idea to understand which is better for which.

Top 8 Best Microwave Cover Reviews

1. Elegant Live Heat Resistant Microwave Covers Review

Elegant Live Set of 5 Heat Resistant Microwave Cover - Various Sizes Silicone lids for Bowls, Plate, Pots, Pans - StoveTop, Oven, Fridge and Freezer Safe.

While most microwave covers do come in a set, it is very rare that they are available in different sizes. This can be frustrating if you are working with different sizes of plates, bowls, and other dishes which is very common.

Fortunately, Elegant Live’s set of microwave covers come in multiple sizes, ranging from four inches around to as large as twelve inches around. This gives you a lot of options and is very useful if you are working with different sizes and dishes.

You will not need to worry about extreme temperatures with Elegant Live’s microwave covers, either. They can withstand temperatures as cold as 40 degrees below freezing to 500 degrees. This means you can use them as lids if necessary if you want to store something in a freezer and you do not have a proper cover. It also means you can use them in any power microwave.

Elegant Live’s microwave covers are made of silicone. This can be troublesome, as they will absorb every last particle of food and liquid that crosses their path. If you do not clean these covers immediately, the particles will dry up on the cover, making it very difficult to clean if you wait too long to clean them.

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2. Bezrat Easy grip Glass Microwave Splatter Guard Review

Bezrat Vented, Easy Grip, Silicone and Glass Microwave Cover Black – Microwave Splatter Guard for 6–7–8–9-10 inch Plates and Bowls

Silicone microwave covers that fit different sizes of dishes have their place, but these sets of microwave covers do not do a really good job of handling intense temperatures too well. Some of the very thin silicone microwave covers can melt after being used frequently and this is frustrating to deal with.

Bezrat’s microwave cover is effective because it is not just made of silicone. The top of it is made of tempered glass and the side of it is made of a combination of silicone and teflon, making it easy to handle intense temperatures without breaking or melting. You can even place Bezrat’s microwave cover in an oven and nothing will happen.

Most microwave covers have their handles on the side. This can be difficult to grab with an oven mitt even if you are taking it out of a microwave. Bezrat’s cover has its handle on the top, making it much easier to remove from any given bowl even if you need to use an oven mitt.

You are obviously limited to one size with Bezrat’s microwave guard and this can be problematic for some. A little under 11 inches around is all you get with it, and this will make it impossible to use with bigger dishes.

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3. Bezrat Glass Microwave Cover Review

Bezrat Vented Glass Microwave Plate Cover | Large 12-inch Splatter Guard Lid | Firm Grip Silicone handle | 100% Food Grade | Dishwasher Safe (Black)

It can be extremely difficult to clean microwave covers that are completely made of silicone. Food and liquid particles can stick to them and they are not dishwasher safe most of the time, often coming out of the dishwasher with clear blemishes.

You’ll get a lot out of Bezrat’s glass microwave cover if you are looking for a microwave cover that is easy to clean. Because it is made of glass, particles will slide off of it as you clean it, especially if you clean it right after taking it out of the microwave.

You will not need to worry about keeping your food safe with Bezrat’s glass cover, either. Glass does not release BPAs like silicone or rubber does and this will prevent chemicals from entering or falling onto the food and drink you are microwaving, which is definitely a possibility with other microwave covers.

The venting system that Bezrat’s glass microwave cover possesses is also a very nice feature about it. This will let you microwave whatever this cover goes on with confidence. You will not need to worry about the food on your plate drying out and other anomalies.

However, you are limited to one size with Bezrat’s glass microwave cover. You also need to be very careful when handling it, as it is made of glass and it will shatter if dropped.

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4. AMR Collapsible Microwave Plate Cover Review

Collapsible Microwave Splatter Cover Microwave cover for Food,Dishwasher Safe,BPA Free,10.5 Inch,2 Pack

A good amount of microwave covers are not too flexible. In most cases, you will be faced with a flat cover that doesn’t really fit steep bowls or flat container perfectly. This can be troublesome when you are faced with these kinds of receptacles.

AMR’s collapsible microwave covers decisively solve this problem. You can use it for bowls and plates and because it is collapsible, you have a lot of options about how you can cover you food with these covers and this makes things very convenient.

Allowing steam to escape from the food or drink that you are preparing in a microwave is very important, and AMR’s plate cover contains perforations which will allow necessary steam to escape. This is hard to come by with collapsible plate covers and it is very nice that AMR’s plate covers contain these.

It can be difficult to clean AMR’s collapsible microwave covers because of the collapsible properties of them. It is common for food and drink particles to get caught inside of the inner walls of the cover which allows it to collapse in the first place. While AMR’s microwave plate covers are indeed dishwasher safe, this does not mean that the particles inside of it will wash away perfectly.

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5. Nordic Wave Splatter Covers Review

Nordic Ware Microwave 10.5 Inch Spatter Cover (Assorted Colors)

Collapsible microwave covers are difficult to clean. While microwave covers that are made of glass are easier to clean, they can shatter when dropped. Plastic and silicone microwave covers are usually flat and can get scratched up when put in a dishwasher even if they are easy to clean.

You do not encounter any of these issues with Nordic Wave’s splatter covers. While they are made of plastic and silicone, they are also  very deep and can cover most plates, as long as said plates do not measure 10 inches around. This gives you a lot of nice options when using them, whether you need to heat up a bowl or a plate.

Plastic microwave covers can create a lot of steam, and that is why it is important to have effective vents in place. Nordic Wave’s covers contain vents towards the top of the cover, which releases steam where it counts. You will not need to worry about steam buildup with Nordic Wave’s covers because of this.

While Nordic Wave’s microwave covers are easy to clean, they present the same issue as any other plastic and silicone microwave cover does in that they are likely to be scratched up heavily if you place them in a dishwasher. This is something that you need to watch for.

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6. Allstar Innovations Magnetic Microwave Splatter Lid Review

Hover Cover Magnetic Microwave Splatter Lid with Steam Vents Cover | Dishwasher Safe BPA Free | 11 Inch

Microwave covers can be easily lost in any given sea of dishes that you store. This is especially true since they often can be mixed up with the same bowls and container that you use in your kitchen. This can result in you thinking that you lost them and needing to replace them?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just leave your microwave cover in your microwave without it getting in the way of everything else in the microwave? It would be nice, and the Hover Cover by Allstar Innovations contains such a feature.

With four magnets on the top of the cover, you can place the Hover Cover on the top of any microwave and it will be ready for you whenever you need it. Very few microwave covers contain this feature and it separates the Hover Cover from others in a really good way.

Size is not an issue with the Hover Cover either. The cover measures 11.5 inches in diameter and is just as deep as most other covers, allowing you to place it around most plates and bowls with ease.

The only thing that you’ll need to watch out for with the Hover Cover is cleaning it. Because it contains magnets, it is not dishwasher safe. This means you’ll need to wash it by hand, and you’ll want to do this right after using it because you do not want food particles to stick onto it. 

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7. Bezrat Glass Plate Cover Review

Bezrat Microwave Glass Plate Cover | Splatter Guard Lid with Easy Grip Silicone Handle Knob | 100% Food Grade | BPA Free and Dishwasher Safe | Fits Plates and Bowls 11 x 2 inches (Black)

It can be difficult to find a microwave cover that can cover a plate of food without the cover touching the food. Most microwave covers are not tall enough to accomplish this, if at all. Even if these kinds of microwave covers are small and easy to store, they do not give you too many options.

You’ll have better options with Bezrat’s microwave cover. Measuring 11 inches around and an impressive 3 inches tall, you’ll be able to cover most plates with it confidently, without the food touching the cover.

Glass is also the most versatile cover, being both microwave and dishwasher safe. Try to put a silicone plastic cover in the oven and it will melt instantly. This will not happen with Bezrat’s cover. If you want to cover something you are baking with it, go right ahead. Nothing will happen to it. Again, this means you have options.

The options you get with Bezrat’s cover comes at a great price. This price is a lack of vents, the fact that it is made of glass and is prone to cracking or breaking, and the fact that it is a good amount bigger than other microwave covers. These are all things that you need to be very aware of. 

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8. Mikro Vented Glass Microwave Cover Review

Vented Microwave Glass Food Plate Cover Lid with Firm Grip Silicone Handle and Hardened Safe Tempered Glass Design - Orange Knob

Glass microwave covers are some of the most versatile covers that you can get your hands on. You can use them in the microwave, in the oven, they are dishwasher safe, they are BPA free, and this gives you endless options.

However, most of these covers do not possess vents, and this can cause the pressure of most food you microwave with one to build up. Microwave food that is covered like this for too long, and it will explode everywhere.

Mikro’s microwave cover solves this in a major way and separates itself from all other glass microwave covers in a very good way by containing vents. This is extremely rare for glass microwave covers and gives you even more options on top of the options you already have with glass microwave covers that are not vented.

However, Mikro’s cover is not nearly as tall as other microwave covers, measuring only a couple of inches around. This does give you fewer options when it comes to what you can cover. Also, like other glass microwave covers, they are prone to shattering when dropped, and this is something that you should also watch out for.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Microwave Cover

Q : Are microwave covers safe?

Ans : Microwave covers are safe and will not affect the food or drink that you cover with it, but this does not mean that you can get away with leaving covers in your microwave cover for long periods of time. Try not to microwave anything with a cover on for longer than five minutes, even if the cover is made of glass and very durable.

Q : Is it safe to cover food with a paper towel when microwaving it?

Ans : Covering food with a paper towel when microwaving it does not really change anything about what will happen to the food. It might micromanage a little bit of splattering, but it won’t prevent nearly as much splattering as a cover will. All things considered, covering your food with a paper towel yields no good or bad effects.

Q : What happens when you put aluminum in a microwave?

Ans : Aluminium that is put in a microwave will explode almost immediately. This is because of the heating process that microwaves utilize. Microwaves utilize pressure and shocks to heat up what is put inside of one, and these factors will cause something that can be highly conductive like aluminum to spark and explode under pressure.

Q: What should you not put in a microwave?

Ans : Things that are made of metal should not be put in a microwave. This includes aluminum, tin, copper, and even things that are made of steel such as forks, spoons, and knives. These things are heat conductors and if they are put in a microwave they will either warp or explode. They could also cause damage to the microwave itself.


Although you might find it unnecessary, you should definitely consider acquiring a microwave cover if you use your microwave often.

Even though they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, you can certainly find a microwave cover that is suitable for your needs.

Whether they are made of plastic, silicone, or glass, you’ll be able to find a microwave cover that covers all your food or drink properly, which will free your microwave of food processing and drink particles that can be really difficult and frustrating to clean up.

Take some time to explore what microwave covers have to offer. You’ll be surprised at the positive addition that it will be for your kitchen.

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