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Instant noodles are one of the most convenient food items in existence.

Not only are instant noodles very easy to make, they are also very easy to find and come in many different forms that you can use in hundreds of different recipes.

Because instant noodles come in all different forms and varieties, you’ll need to know what the best ones are and which ones you can make the most of.

This is important to know because if you possess the wrong kind of instant noodles for your recipes, it will affect the dish that you want to make greatly.

There are also a few things you should consider before stocking up your home with instant noodles if you choose to do that.

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Instant Ramen Noodles – A Buying Guide

Instant noodles are like any kind of food item or ingredient in that none of them are the same and they all have different functions in meal preparation.

You’ll want to consider a number of things before stocking up on them

Will instant noodles be a dish by itself or an ingredient in a dish?

This is the first consideration you should have and other considerations will revolve around it.

Some instant noodles are designed to be a dish all by themselves as shown by their calorie content and other such nutritional facts.

Some do not contain as many calories and are instead used as additional ingredients.

Knowing this difference will allow you to make a better decision on which instant noodles you might want to buy.

Will you be eating instant noodles regularly?

A common practice that many do to save money is eat instant noodles regularly as meals.

This is common because most instant noodles are easy to make and can be bought in bulk.

If you have decided to do this, be careful. Understand that most instant noodles are made with a lot of additives, chemicals, and other things that make them last very long.

While eating instant noodles regularly isn’t terribly harmful for most, it can be if they are all you eat. Be cautious when doing this.

What specific recipes will you be using your instant noodles in?

As mentioned previously, instant noodles come in all kinds of different forms and they are used in different kinds of recipes.

Because of this, you’ll need to figure out which specific recipes you’ll be using your instant noodles in. When you do this, you’ll be able to make your dishes that use instant noodles that much better.

Do you need instant noodles for your home or for an establishment?

While it is common that instant noodles can be bought in bulk, some brands of instant noodles do not have the option to be purchased in bulk.

This may not affect you too much if you need instant noodles for your home but it will affect you if you need instant noodles for an establishment.

9 Featured Instant Noodles Reviews

1. Mi Goreng instant stir fry noodles by Indomie

Indomie Mi Goreng Instant Stir Fry Noodles, Halal Certified, Original Flavor (Pack of 30), 90 Ounce

Making stir fry noodles as an ingredient in an entire stir fry dish can take a long time and can be a little frustrating when you are using noodles that take a longer time to cook than you might want. Using instant noodles is faster, but this sacrifices overall texture and flavor in a very noticeable way.

You’ll be able to make stir fry noodles a lot easier with the noodles in Indomie’s pack. You’ll be able to complete the stir fry process very easily with them because of the palm oil that is contained within the noodles. All you need to do is boil them for 3 minutes then return them to the pan that you are stir frying the other ingredients.

You get no shortage of flavor options with Indomie’s pack of noodles, either. Being available in barbecue, satay, spicy beef rib, and curry flavoring, you’ll get a much different flavor experience with them compared to other instant noodles. They can be bought in bulk up to packs of 40 which is nice if you need to stock up on them.

The only thing that is less than impressive with Indomie’s instant noodles is that it contains a good amount of preservatives that could be potentially harmful. They contain sesame oil, soy, soybean, and a little more wheat than you would expect in instant noodles.


2. Spicy stir-fried chicken flavor instant ramen noodles by Samyang

Samyang Instant Ramen Noodles, Halal Certified, Spicy Stir-Fried Chicken Flavor (Pack of 10)

One of the most frustrating things about instant noodles is that it takes a lot of them to add to a stir-fry dish. You’ll often find yourself using two packs of noodles to add to your dish, only to find that you only need to use one complete pack and only some of the other pack, resulting in half a pack of instant noodles that you’ll have no choice but to throw away.

Samyang’s instant noodles solve this issue. With each pack containing a bigger block of noodles than usual, you will have no problem using just one pack of Samyang’s instant noodles when adding them to any given stir-fry dish. This eliminates the possibility of having to throw out half a pack of instant noodles when using it in your stir fry. You get all you need in one package.

Another nice thing about Samyang’s instant noodles is that they are a lot more flavorful than other instant noodles. You would think that because so many come in one package that there would be a sacrifice to flavor, but this is not true at all. You will not need to even use the entire flavor pack with Samyang’s noodles to experience the richness of their flavor.

Unfortunately, you are limited in flavor when it comes to Samyang’s instant noodles. They do not come in any flavors other than spicy chicken and this reduces the options you have. You also have limited options when it comes to stocking up. Samyang’s instant noodles come in packs of 20 at the most.


3. 4.2 oz shin ramyun noodle soup by Nongshim

Nongshim Shin Ramyun Noodle Soup, Gourmet Spicy, 4.2 Ounce (Pack of 20)

The common pack of instant noodles often do not contain enough noodles to properly add to any given stir fry dish. With most of these packs only containing 3 ounces of instant noodles, you’ll often find yourself having to use one whole pack then a little more or less than half of another pack in order to properly prepare a stir fry dish.

Figuring out what to do with this separate half of instant noodles can be frustrating. Do you store it somewhere, or do you throw it away? Fortunately, you do not need to worry about this at all when using Nongshim’s pack of instant noodles. With 4.2 ounces coming in each pack, you’ll have just the right amount of instant noodles to properly prepare any given stir fry dish.

Texture is also something that a lot of instant noodles struggle with. Even if they are cooked perfectly, most instant noodles are still a lot more tough than they should be. If you undercook them, they’ll almost be crunchy. Undercook them and you’ll really notice the loss of texture quality. 

Nongshim’s instant noodles are a little more forgiving in terms of how they can be cooked. You will not notice much of a difference if you overcook them or undercook them. They also come in nearly half a dozen different flavors.

The only issue you may have with Nongshim’s instant noodles is that you will not be able to buy them in bulk as much as other instant noodles. The most that come per pack is 20 which is a lot less than other instant noodles which can be bought in packs of 30 or even 40.


4. Tom yum shrimp flavor instant ramen noodles by MAMA

MAMA Noodles Shrimp Tom Yum Instant Noodles with Delicious Thai Flavors, Hot & Spicy Noodles w/ Shrimp Tom Yum Soup Base, No Trans Fat w/ Fewer Calories Than Deep Fried Noodles 30 Pack

Most instant noodles suffer from two issues when it comes to taste. The first is that they are bland. Even if you put in the entire seasoning package in the instant noodles, you’ll find that they are not nearly as flavorful as you might want them to be. The second is that even though they might be flavorful, they are also overly salty.

MAMA’s instant noodles solve both issues in three ways. You do not get one flavor packet in each packet, but three. These three packets are what make up the tom yum shrimp flavor of MAMA’s instant noodles. It comes with a tom yum shrimp flavor packet, a lime seasoning packet, and a chili powder packet. These different flavor packets not only give you flavoring options but they are also a lot more flavorful than most other instant noodles.

You’ll also be able to enjoy MAMA’s instant noodles as a small meal if you are calorie conscious. Each serving only yields 260 calories, which is over 100 calories less than common instant noodles contain.

Prepare to use at least one package if you intend to use MAMA’s instant noodles in a stir-fry dish, however. You will not be able to use exactly one package in any stir-fry dish, there are simply not enough noodles in the package.


5. Kung pao noodle bowl by Annie Chun

Annie Chun's Kung Pao Noodle Bowl | Vegan, Shelf-Stable, 8.5-oz (Pack of 6), Chinese-Style Microwaveable Ready Meal

Most instant noodles have very little to offer in terms of flavor variety. In most cases, you are limited to the flavor packet has to offer. If you want to create a dish with noodles as a main ingredient such as pad thai, you will need to do a lot of preparation. You’ll need to make your own sauce and chop up your own nuts and vegetables.

None of this is necessary with Annie Chun’s noodle bowl. One bowl contains all the ingredients you need for a kung pao dish. It comes with sauce, bok choy, diced carrots, peanuts, and hokkien noodles that are necessary for any given kung pao dish. All you need to do is microwave it or boil it.

This kind of convenience makes Annie Chun’s bowl perfect for a meal that you can enjoy on the go. The bowl and all of the contents in it are microwavable, making it possible to enjoy it practically anywhere. All you need is access to a microwave. Another nice thing about Annie Chun’s bowl is it doesn’t contain as many preservatives as other instant noodles, giving it a little more nutritional value.

Understand that Annie Chun’s bowl is a kind of instant noodles that is a dish in itself. You will need to look elsewhere if you are looking for instant noodles that you can use to prepare dishes with. You will not find this in Annie Chun’s bowl.


6. Instant noodle soup mix by Lipton

Lipton Soup Secrets Instant Soup Mix For a Warm Bowl of Soup Extra Noodle Soup Made With Real Chicken Broth Flavor 4.9 oz 2 ct, Pack of 12

The thing about most instant noodles is that most of them are designed for adding to a stir-fry dish more than being a dish themselves. It is possible to eat instant noodles by themselves, but most instant noodles do not provide the broth-like texture that a common soup dish provides.

Lipton’s instant noodle soup mix contains what you need for an instant noodle soup dish. The noodles are a little bigger than common instant noodles and you get a lot more broth in its package than the flavor packs that other instant noodle packages provide. This gives the flavor and texture much more consistency than instant noodles do.

Preparing Lipton’s instant noodle mix is very easy. All you need to do is just add some water to it and you can make a noodle soup dish easily. You can use a microwave or a stove top and you won’t really experience much of a difference. Only a few instant noodles are capable of this, and if they are, you’ll certainly notice a difference between using a microwave and using a stove top to prepare them.

There are two things that you need to watch for with Lipton’s instant noodle soup mix, however. First, there is no realistic way that you can buy them in bulk. Up to 12 come in a bundle. Also, there is no way that you’ll ever be able to use Lipton’s noodle soup mix in any recipe. The noodles and the broth that come in the package are made specifically for a stand-alone dish.


7. Bulldark spicy chicken roasted noodles by Samyang

Samyang Bulldark Spicy Chicken Roasted Noodles (Buldak Jjajang, 5 Pack)

It is not easy to find instant noodles that are intensely spicy. While most instant noodles come in flavors that are a little spicy or moderately spicy, you’ll often find yourself on an endless search if you prefer that your instant noodles be extremely hot and spicy. 

Dealing with this is frustrating and the feeling of being let down by instant noodles that were not spicy enough is very common among those who enjoy instant noodles that are much hotter than any other given pack of instant noodles.

Samyang’s bulldark instant noodles are the de-facto solution to this issue. Coming with a buldak Jjajang flavor pack as well as an additional spice pack, you will be completely satisfied with them if you prefer that your instant noodles are as hot as possible. Even better, you can control how much heat Samyang’s noodles contain with this additional spice pack.

With about 5 ounces of noodles coming in each pack, you will not need to worry about running out of noodles if you are using Samyang’s instant noodles as an additional ingredient to your sitr-fry dishes. You’ll also have plenty of noodles in the pack if you want Samyang’s instant noodles to be a stand-alone dish as well.

However, you can only buy Samyang’s noodles in quantities of 10. This makes it extremely difficult for you to stock up on them, especially if you want to stock up an establishment with them.


8. Kimchi ramyun noodles by NongShim

It can be a difficult task to find instant noodles that not only do not contain a lot of preservatives, but are also extremely flavorful. If they are very flavorful, they usually contain a lot of preservatives. If instant noodles do not contain a lot of preservatives, they are usually lacking greatly in the realm of flavor or texture.

You’ll be very pleased with how flavorful NongShim’s instant noodles are. The kimchi flavor combines a combination of different vegetables and spices and packs it into its flavor pack. This also makes NongShim’s instant noodles vegan which is extremely rare for any given instant noodle package.

You’ll also notice a difference in texture with NongShim’s instant noodles as well. This is because as flavorful as they are, they do not use nearly as many preservatives as other instant noodles use. You’ll notice that the texture is very consistent whether you are adding them to a stir-fry dish or enjoying them as its very own meal.

There are a few things that you should watch for with NongShim’s instant noodles. First, the packs contain an irregular amount of noodles, for lack of a better word. 4.2 ounces of noodles are in one package and this might lead you to use another package if you are using them to prepare a stir-fry dish with them. It also may not be enough for its own meal. Buying them in bulk is also a little troublesome, since 20 is the most that comes in a bulk package.


9. Artificial pork flavor instant noodles by MAMA

MAMA Instant Noodles Artificial Pork Flavor,30 Pkgs.x 2.12 Oz.(60g)

Alternatives to instant noodles that you can enjoy as a meal as well as purchase in bulk are few and far between. Most exotic instant noodles that you cannot buy in stores cannot really be bought in bulk, as you only usually have the option to buy up to 20 packs at a time. This makes it a little difficult to stock up on.

All of this changes with MAMA’s pork flavor instant noodles. They are just as flavorful as instant noodles that are not commonly found in stores, containing a flavor pack as well as a spice pack. The noodles themselves are seasoned as well. With only a little over 2 ounces of noodles coming in a pack, they are perfect for eating as its own small meal. You can also buy up to 30 packs at a time which makes MAMA’s instant noodles perfect for stocking up on.

There are a couple of things that you should watch for with MAMA’s instant noodles, however. First, they contain a lot of salt. Just one package contains close to 1000 milligrams of sodium. You’ll want to avoid MAMA’s instant noodles if you are conscious about your health.

Also, you’ll need to use more than one package if you intend to use MAMA’s instant noodles in stir-fry recipes. This is because so few noodles come in each package. Doing this is very frustrating and can leave you with unused noodles at times.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are instant ramen noodles bad for you?

A: The short answer to this question is “yes.” The long answer to this question is that they are just like any other food item that is heavily processed. You should expect ramen noodles to be full of preservatives and additives. Consider that most instant ramen noodles can last for months or even years. This means that they do lack nutritional value, just like any other heavily processed food item.

Q: Can ramen noodles kill you?

A: Keep in mind that ramen noodles are like any other given food item that is heavily processed. They are like any other heavily processed food item in that if you eat them regularly, there is a good chance that you might encounter health problems in the future. However, this is dependent on how they are used. If you use ramen noodles as a base for other healthful dishes, they might not be so harmful, especially if you do not use their flavor packs.

Q: Are ramen noodles made of plastic?

A: Ramen noodles are kept in small plastic coated bags for a very long time. However, this does not mean that they are directly made of plastic. However, this does mean that there might be hints of plastic residue in the ramen that you consume. This is usually negligible because of all the other ingredients it contains.

Q: How often can I eat instant noodles?

A: The answer to this question really depends on your health levels and sensitivity or resistance to certain additives and preservatives, such as sodium and MSG. If you do not experience any significant reactions or symptoms from consuming instant noodles, you can probably eat them regularly without much penalty. While this is never recommended, it is possible to do this.

Q: Can noodles cause cancer?

A: The short answer to this question is “no.” The more detailed answer to this question is that it is possible, and it is only possible if you combine the noodles with an extremely unhealthy lifestyle. There is no one processed food item that causes cancer. When people get diagnosed with cancer, there is usually a lot more behind the diagnosis than simply eating too many noodles. An unhealthy lifestyle and a family history of the disease causes cancer, not just consuming too much processed food.

Q: Can I eat instant noodles once a week?

A: The answer to this question depends on how these instant noodles are consumed. If they are consumed by themselves, you might be able to get away with eating them once a week if you have not encountered any health problems and if you are not sensitive to the ingredients that instant noodles are made of. If you are using instant noodles in other dishes, you can probably eat them regularly since they are being added to other food items that are a little more healthful.


There is no food item that is more convenient than instant noodles.

You can use instant noodles in almost anything: They can be eaten as a meal itself and they can also be added to other oriental style dishes.

Whether you are using them in a stir-fry dish or something else, there is almost certainly a pack of instant noodles that you can make very good use of.

Do not let their lack of nutritional value turn you away; instant noodles are the perfect addition to any dish that does have nutritional value and can be used as a base that can improve a dish by leaps and bounds in terms of taste and texture.

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