Best Hot Pot Cooker Reviews in 2021 – Features & Buying Guide

The best hot pot cooker is something that meets our hunger satisfaction with tastier and delicious foods. Here the boiling meats and veggies release their nutrients into the cooking broth. And those who can’t find a solution to maximizing their food flavors, the hot pot cookers are just for them.

Do you want to warm up yourself with tasty foods in colder months? Then this is the place where you can find your true mint of contentment. In this article, I will make your affiliate with some outstanding hot pot products of great features.

If you want to purchase the best cooker, then don’t go anywhere else because the whole concept includes top-ranking cookers where any of the items can be your favorite choice.

Have a short look at the products by a description chart:

Products Description
Aroma Stainless Steel Hot Pot ●       Has an ageless appearance of treated steel

●       Converts into interesting, flexible piece

●       Gives removable alternatives and simple cleaning

●       Sturdiness is incredible

Dezin Electric Hot Pot ●       Best for dormitory occupants

●       Gives another method of getting ready food sources

●       Compact and simple to clean

●       Flexible with cooking power

●       Made with climate cordial materials

Kerykwan Food Grade Hot Pot ●       Guarantee more secure food sources

●       Adjusts high toughness and quicker warmth

●       Has a double-sided conveyance plan

●       Suits incredible in family and companion party

●       Give clients unlimited return

HOXHA Shabu Hot Pot ●       Excellent hardened glass top

●       Can mastermind two unique flavors

●       304 hardened steel gives obstruction from consumption

●       Dependable on an acceptance oven

●       Has a wide utilization of utilization

●       Passes on better result with the coordinated plan

GUEQUITLEX Hot Pot ●       High encryption spot protects the food

●       Has better result with coordinated plan

●       Claims a heatproof down to earth handle

●       Best for enlistment cooker

Kxuhivc Hot Pot ●       Aluminum compound offers impervious to erosion

●       High-penetrability treated steel at the base

●       Has a non-slip silicone defensive cover

●       Appropriate for outside

KLOLKUTTA Shabu Hot Pot ●       deal for a heavenly shared banquet

●       Non-stick covering wards off the adherence

●       Has a warmth leading aluminum composite

●       Essential arrangement forestalls flood and spillage

●       Warmth protecting silicone will forestall consumes

●       Non-slip surface dodges inadvertent sheddings

GUEQUITLEX Shabu Pot ●       The heatproof useful handle gives more secure use

●       Has a two flavor partition acceptance

●       Holds a decent limit of 3.5QT

●       A superior result with incorporated plan

Our Top 8 Best Hot Pot Cooker in 2021

1. Aroma ASP-600 Stainless Steel Hot Pot

Aroma Stainless Steel Hot Pot, Silver (ASP-600)

Aroma Houseware Store launches one of the best hot pot cookers, which features traditional shabu. Moreover, this product translates into a unique, versatile piece maintaining good functionality. As a superior traditional hot pot, the product combines a timeless appearance of stainless steel.


In total, you will get a brilliant hot pot which is surely impressive. And if you think for family needs, this hot pot will nonetheless be a great substitute.

Dual compartments

You can cook two different types of soup simultaneously with the help of a dual-pot bowl. A nice mild soup will be ready for all those heat chasers with Aroma’s hot pot. And don’t be afraid about spilling off as the revolutionary design conforms to suitability.


This product is made with stainless steel, which provides removable options and easy cleaning. You can store it easily and give your foods adequate steaming with tempered glass steel. Also, the cool touch handles allow safe use with friends and family.


There is an adjustable heating base of ASP-600 working as a perfect steam vent lid for everyday use.


With 1500 watts, this cooker can cook fast and evenly in fine power consumption of 120 volt/60Hz. Hence, you can have long-term usage and get your true value for money.


  • Has a timeless appearance of stainless steel
  • Translates into unique, versatile piece
  • Provides removable options and easy cleaning
  • Durability is great


  • Makes too much noise

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2. Dezin Electric Hot Pot

Dezin Electric Hot Pot Upgraded, Non-Stick Sauté Pan, Rapid Noodles Cooker, 1.5L Mini Pot for Steak, Egg, Fried Rice, Ramen, Oatmeal, Soup with Temperature Control, Beige (Egg Rack Included)

Instead of relying on hot pot stoves, you can use Dezin’s cooker to provide a new way of preparing food. This 1.6L cooking pot can ensure a healthy breakfast for your family or oatmeal for your son. You can also prepare a gorgeous steak dinner with the 1.5L plan without using a stove.


Talking about storage, that’s fine as it’s small in size suitable for dorm inhabitants. This portable electric hot pot can be your best friend for picnics and tours in all ways.

Easy cleaning and healthy cooking

There is a non-stick pot liner and slick coating inside the cooker to keep your foods away from sticking. As a result, you can clean it easily and do preparations with less oil being health-conscious. And this hot pot is environment-friendly with toxin-free uncoated cookware.

Big in cooking

This product is equipped with overheating protection and boil dry protection. You can adjust with the perfect cooking power in 150W & 600W temperature control. And the maximum power you can adjust is up to 600W. Thus, it will heat your foods faster and make them more delicious.

A remarkable gift for friends

With a wide range of cooking usage, you can present this hot pot to your friends and family. And the elegant beige color will be a loving choice for teenagers.


  • Best for dorm inhabitants
  • Provides a new way of preparing foods
  • Portable and easy to clean
  • Adjustable with cooking power
  • Made with environment-friendly materials


  • Small in size

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3. Kerykwan Food Grade Hot Pot

Kerykwan Food Grade 18/10 Stainless Steel Shabu Shabu Hot pot with Divider&Lid for Induction Cooktop Gas Stove Dual Sided Soup Cookware with 2 Soup Ladles (13 inch)

Kerykwan is welcoming their shabu hot pot for sale, ensuring safer foods all the time. In a food-grade of 304 stainless steel, this product conforms to high durability, lightweight, and faster heated. You can enjoy your shabu hot pot time in good prevention from scalding. The rubber-covered handle will make it long-lasting, and the double bottom design will give you safer use.

Moreover, you can enjoy two different flavored soups with the help of a dual-sided delivery design. And there is a high encryption spot at the cookware divider so that leakage doesn’t take place.

Dimension and package

This hot pot’s dimension is 13”x13”x3.9”, 4.7lb,8qt conquering a perfect capacity. Here, you will also get two food-grade stainless steel soup spoons and one thick toughened glass lid.


You can suit this product easily in your family friend party and hot pot restaurant using. And for induction cooker electric ceramic stove, gas stove, halogen furnace, and other stoves it will be highly applicable.

After-sale service

Kerykwan’s hot pots are the best thing; they provide unconditional return and will cover you regarding any issues. And the 24 hours online customer service will make you gain 100% satisfaction.


  • Ensure safer foods
  • Conforms high durability and faster heat
  • Has a dual-sided delivery design
  • Suits great in family and friend party
  • Provide customers unconditional return


  • Do not have a large capacity

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4. HOXHA Shabu Hot Pot

Shabu Hot Pot Stainless Steel,Chinese Induction Shabu Pot with Divider for Kitchen Cooker, Gas Stove

To enjoy different tastes with your family, HOXHA Shabu Hot Pot will be the best option. Be it warmth, thickness, or sturdiness; this product will not disappoint you from anywhere. You will get a thick, toughened glass lid which is great in quality.

And in terms of size, you will get sufficient convenience with a diameter of 11 inches / 28 cm. You can arrange two different flavors in this cooker with the help of dual sides divider design. Also, the leakage problem is far away because of the encryption spot welding procedure. Thus, you can eat your veggies, seafood, and proteins in a healthy and fun way.

High material

The food-grade of 304 stainless steel will give excellent corrosion resistance and value. With the integrated design, you will get a better outcome with anti-rust properties. The bottom of the pressure cooker holds high strength within a fast and even heat.

Wide application

You can use this hot pot on your induction cooker gas furnace, electric furnace, ceramic, halogen, and other stovetops.

Dishwasher and easy clean

The stainless steel construction will give you easy cooking and easy clean-up facilities. And the heat distribution is reliable on an induction stove and grants a good cooking result.


  • High-quality toughened glass lid
  • Can arrange two different flavors
  • 304 stainless steel gives resistance from corrosion
  • Reliable on an induction stove
  • Has a wide application of use
  • Conveys better outcome with the integrated design


  • Prone to leakage

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Hot Pot with Divider Stainless Steel Shabu Shabu Pot for Induction Cooktop Gas Stove 11'' Suitable for 2-3 Person (11 inch)

As an outstanding hot pot cooker, GUEQUITLEX is serving its utmost top products for all those Chinese lovers. You can enjoy a good time with the 2.7LB cooker. It will be highly suitable for family, friend party and hot pot restaurant use. The size is also up to the mark in a diameter of 11 inches / 28 cm.

This product can hold a capacity of 4.5QT with it’s cherishable thick toughened glass lid. And with the high encryption spot, you can keep your foods safe in a good portion.


Here the integrated design will generate the possibilities of a better outcome. And you will not find any rust or corrosion taking place due to 304 stainless steel. The bottom reserves a high-strength pressure cooker in an even and fast heating. Thus, you can save your energy and time with this durable hot pot.

Separation design

There is a heatproof practical handle that includes a two-flavor separation induction. You can use the hot pot safely on the induction cooker, gas stove, and ceramic hob. And to avoid leakage, it will be better to put water on both sides to balance, if needed.

Easy to clean and use

It’s very easy to clean; just wash it with a fine dishwasher, and you are good to go. You use this hot easily without any grudges availing.


  • High encryption spot keeps the food safe
  • Has better outcome with integrated design
  • Owns a heatproof practical handle
  • Best for induction cooker


  • Edges are too sharp

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6. Kxuhivc Hot Pot

Hot Pot with Divider for Induction Cooker Dual Sided Soup Cookware Two-flavor Chinese Shabu Shabu Pot for Home Party Family Gathering, 3.5 Quart (White)

To make sure you eat at east, Kxuhivc brings a praiseworthy package for your family. You can have safe, sound, and healthy foods through their hot pots. And the products are much durable and easy to clean. There are a double-layer food contact grade and a non-stick coating where your foods will not adhere.

And the fashionable S-shaped divider-style compartment will prevent overflow and odor. With a heightened and thickened middle compartment layer, there will be no leakages as well. The integral formations combine no solid joints being one pot and two zones. Therefore, you can satisfy your family with two flavors at the same time.


The food-grade aluminum alloy is resistant to corrosion, and the high-permeability stainless steel at the bottom will ensure durability. You can have great compatibility with your various heating methods with this hot pot. Moreover, the 430 magnetically conductive stainless steel gives a good heating effect on the induction cooker.

Thoughtful protection design

There is a non-slip silicone protective cover having two ear heat-insulating. And the insulated silica prevents burning and facilitates transportation with the addition of anti-skid texture. Also, it won’t cause any accidental slipping of hands.


You can use this hot pot according to your taste, like general light or spicy. As it’s suitable for outdoor, your travel, camping, picnic, hiking will get a nice pop-up.


  • Aluminum alloy gives resistant to corrosion
  • High-permeability stainless steel at the bottom
  • Has a non-slip silicone protective cover
  • Suitable for outdoors


  • A little expensive

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7. KLOLKUTTA Shabu Hot Pot

Shabu Shabu Hot Pot with Lid Non-Stick Casserole Induction Cooktop Sided Soup Cookware Shabu Shabu Pot with Divider, 11 Inch, White

If you want the best shabu hot pot for your family, KLOLKUTTA has just got you covered. You can have a glorious communal feast with the right equipment and ingredients, which this product owns. The double-layer food contact grade will preserve your food safely and won’t let any spill-off happen.

And the non-stick coating will keep any adhere away and provide easy cleaning. If you are fed up with oil stains, stay tense-free because hot pot doesn’t allow such grudges. While preferring a sturdy cooker, this one can be your perfect catch.

Premium material

The aluminum alloy material will engage in heat conducting, and the high-permeability stainless steel bottom ensures durability. And the best thing is, the hot pot is lightweight and heats fast.

Safe and delicate design

There is an S-shaped mid-spacer layer in a heightened and thickened position. With no solder joints, the integral formation prevents overflow and leakage. You can enjoy two flavors at the same time for its two zones in one pot.

High-quality protection design

The protective cover holds heat-insulating silicone material, which will effectively prevent burns and easy carrying solutions. There is an additional non-slip texture up and down to avoid accidental sheddings due to slippery hands.


  • Perfect for a glorious communal feast
  • Non-stick coating keeps away the adherence
  • Has a heat-conducting aluminum alloy
  • Integral formation prevents overflow and leakage
  • Heat-insulating silicone will prevent burns
  • Non-slip texture avoids accidental sheddings


  • Durability is questionable

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Hot Pot with Divider Non-Stick Casserole Shabu Shabu Pot for Induction Cooktop Two-flavor Cookware 10.7’’ for 2-3 Person

GUEQUITLEX comes up with more hot pot reviews for their casserole shabu hot pot. There is a heatproof practical handle for safer use and provides two flavor separation induction. It conducts heat quickly and evenly in any heat source.

Moreover, the heat will retain longer and save a lot of time and energy. You can place the cooker perfectly in it’s position due to suitable facilities. And the special design makes the induction cooker of a required standard everywhere.


You can keep a good amount of food here in a diameter of 10.7 inches / 27.5 cm. The capacity it contains is 3.5QT which includes a thicken toughened glass. You carry this hot pot easily as it holds a weight of 2.7LB. Consequently, you can take it for family, friend parties, and hot pot restaurants.

Non-stick marble coating

Interior & exterior is coated by high-performance non-stick ceramic marble. And this coating makes the pans and pots easy to cook and clean. And if you are health-conscious, you can also use less oil in it. The surface is very durable, being smokeless, green, and healthy. You will also get a high temperature resistance in absolute environment-friendly features.


The sturdy reinforced die-casting aluminum alloy will remove the corrosion and rust. And the integrated design shows a better outcome with a 4mm thick bottom. Thus, you will get a stable heat distribution during cooking.


  • The heatproof practical handle gives safer use
  • Has a two flavor separation induction
  • Holds a good capacity of 3.5QT
  • A better outcome with integrated design


  • Needs a screwdriver while settling

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Buying guide for a perfect hot pot cooker

When you buy a hot pot cooker for the first time, it can be confusing to signify the best. To make you wonder, that choosing the right hot pot is nowhere a difficult task unless you gather your requirements. For this reason, I will guide you with some traits that will help you choose the best hot pot cooker. So, let us have a glance of it-

Choose the lab-tested one.

The verified and tested utensils are better for acquisition; it is about cooking food the most. Make sure the hot pot cooker fits in your range and is tested from various brands. Your product should also sanction a multi-cooker rating to make sure if the cooker is good enough or not.

Understand the functioning

Without a highly functional solution, a cooker goes bland. Though you find it user-friendly, it won’t make any sense if your cooker performs less than traditional ones. Functions like- touch control, fast cooking, and auto heating are very important to have inside a hot pot cooker.


Mostly, the manufacturers identify their cookers if they are removable or not with the coating non-stick. It will be better if you choose the coating made of Teflon or ceramic. They give an easy cooking solution. And if your bigger meats can’t git eventually, you get a disadvantageous point in your cooker.

Other factors

You must consider the option of capacity and if there is any locking system in the lid. Even normal kitchen utensils have a particular amount of capacity to store inside. So, lastly, what you have you ensure is if your hot pot is owning opacity with ease.

How do you cook in hot pot?

Do you want to throw a party at your home with delicious and tastier foods? Then sourcing a hot pot cooker will be the best alternative. When you cook in your hot pot, you are to follow some specific rules regarding the process. Let us find out what they are.

  • Boil the broth patiently- We usually get tempted to start out cooking right at the moment. But we have to be patient until the broth boils completely so that the foods remain juicy and cooks quickly.
  • Add a small amount of food each time- Keep in mind, you are not cooking only a pot of soup. You can add a few foods that you would want to eat after a couple of times. And if you overcrowd your pot, that will cause the temperature of the broth to drop. As a result, you can cook your foods slowly and may not be properly.
  • Do not overcook- The first-timers usually don’t know about this term. Please keep your eyes on the foods whenever you add them and take them out after the foods get ready. The meat you cook in your hot pot shall be juicy and hard but not dry.
  • Only cook those foods you want to eat- Among the different table rules, you should use the rule of thumb utmost for those foods you want to eat. Or maybe include other foods as well which the party lovers would love to have.
  • Sanitize your chopstick- Before you take out your cooked food with chopsticks, dip them into the boiling broth for a few seconds. This act will help in picking up the raw meat without any germs or bacteria’s availability. And thus, you can remove all the food-related illnesses from your chopsticks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What vegetables are good for hot pot cooking ?

There are a good number of vegetables you can cook in your hot pot easily. Such as-

  • Vegetables like spinach, napa cabbage, watercress, morning glory, etc.
  • Bean sprouts
  • Green onion, sweet yellows, or sliced red
  • Asparagus
  • Snap peas
  • Bell peppers and spicy peppers

2. Is Hot Pot healthy?

Yes, hot pots are certainly healthy as they provide ingredients like base soup and dipping sauce. You can carefully avoid an overdose of sodium, carbohydrates, and saturated fats. A typical hot pot can exceed the recommendation of daily salt intakes with sodium content.

3. How do you make hot pot at home?

To make a hot pot in your home, you are to follow some specific instructions-

  • Keep your boiling soup base or stock in a shallow pot. Make sure you put it at the center of the table of an electric burner.
  • Place each plate on the table with dipping sauce ingredients.
  • You can have your dinner mixing into the dipping sauce when the pot of soups boil.

4. Where is hot pot from?

China originates hot pots, which are also known as soup-food or steamboats for cooking methods. They prepare with a simmering pot of soup stock. It contains a variety of East Asian foodstuff and other ingredients.

5. How do you make hot pot broth from scratch?

Take beef fat in a pot and melt it until it gets aromatic with fry ginger, scallion, and cloves. Include all the seasonings, like doubanjiang, chopped red peppers, and others. Simmer in a low fire for about 1 to 2 minutes until it gets red completely. Then pour it in a light stock as you prepared in prior with light soy sauce.

6. What do I need for hot pot at home?

The ingredients you will need for your get pot at home are-

  • Producing sections like napa cabbage, darky leafy greens, enoki, bok choy, etc.
  • Refrigerator cases of fresh rice noodles, bean curd knots, and tofu puffs.
  • Seafood like- shrimp, white fish fillets, and scallops.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you got your best hot pot cooker from the above-given products. Each of the products is of high quality and gives the best service. Most apparently, HOXHA and Dezin are merging in a high position in the market because of their amazing hot pot products. So, you can catch your shot, giving them a second thought.


But what matters ultimately is your convenience with the cooker. I will recommend that whatever the best features a product conveys, if it can’t support your satisfaction, it won’t stand up. Choose your hot pot wisely and gain you are throughout.



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