Best Garbage Trash Bags Reviews

As householders and other users become more aware of the different types of garbage bags, choices have become a little more sophisticated. Garbage bags are not only designed to contain trash and waste, but they also keep odors under control.

Furthermore, your garbage bags should be tear resistant and durable for the best results in your waste management efforts.

So, here are five garbage bags from reputable suppliers that should keep your homes and other locations clean and fresh.

Top Picks : 5 Garbage Bags

How to Choose the Best Garbage Bags

It is always difficult to know what is the most appropriate measure and the type of garbage bag that best suits our needs. In this post, we will try to give some brief notions in the most appropriate way to decide on one type or another of a garbage bag .

They are made of a material called polyethylene, which depending on the pressure applied during its manufacture can be classified as HDPE ( High Density Polyethylene ) and PEBD ( Low Density Polyethylene ).

The HDPE is more resistant to temperature and very resistant to tearing. On the contrary, the PEBD is more moldable and resistant against progressive tearing.

The thickness of the bag is measured in microns or gauges.

If what we are looking for is a good resistance to breakage, we should look for a thicker bag ( more microns or gauges ).

As for the appropriate dimensions for our container or garbage can, here are some indications:

– Bag width = (Container perimeter / 2) + 10%.
– Bag height = Container height + (Container bottom width / 2) + 10%

5 Best Top Rated Garbage Bags

1. Glad Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags – OdorShield 13 Gallon White Trash Bag

The Glad brand is a well-known source of high-quality garbage bags you can count on to keep trash and odors under control. The Glad OdorShield Trash Bags are designed to keep odors controlled at the same time they keep the garbage and waste in. Equipped with drawstrings, the Glad OdorShield contains all the kitchen and household scraps and waste material without letting their smell escape.

Furthermore, the original Gain Clean Scent and Febreze freshness keep your home smelling fresh all day. Indeed, the three in one OdorShield technology offers five days of odor control for your home. The Glad OdorShield is also a useful trash can liner that does not leak into your bin. They are also double layered so that they lock and neutralize the smelly contents in the trash bin. The LeakGuard, which is a unique checkerboard exterior layer, offers protection against leaks. The inner layer of the Glad OdorShield stretches as well as offers reinforcement against tears and rips. So, taking out the trash is easy with the drawstring Glad OdorShiled garbage bags.


  • Glad OdorShield handles the trash demands of a busy kitchen;
  • OdorShield traps, locks, and neutralizes even the strongest odors;
  • This garbage bag does not rip and tear. Does not leak;
  • Can be used as garbage bin liners for 13-gallon bins;
  • A versatile bag for household and other garbage.


2. Hefty Ultra Strong Blackout Kitchen Trash Bags – Clean Burst, 13 gallons, 80Count

The Hefty Ultra Strong Blackout trash bags are just what you need in your kitchen to keep trash contained and odors controlled. With a sleek black exterior, these Hefty Backout bags hide any mess you don’t want anyone to see. You can use these bags to line stainless steel garbage bins, and they don’t look tacky and unsightly.

The odor neutralizing function of the patented Arm and Hammer odor control keeps your kitchen fresh. The bag is also designed to stay up in the garbage bin by the gripping drawstrings. The bottom line is that with the Hefty Ultra Strong Blackout Kitchen Trash Bags, your kitchen trash is well taken care of. No one needs to see or smell the unsightly mess in your kitchen. So, trust Hefty, a brand well known for its quality garbage bags and containers.


  • Bags are useful as liners for 13-gallon garbage bins;
  • Keep unsightly mess hidden with the Hefty Blackout trash bags;
  • Kitchen is kept fresh by the patented Arm & Hammer odor control;
  • The Hefty Ultra Strong Blackout bags stretch to accommodate more trash;
  • Drawstrings are snug over the garbage bin, so the liner stays up.


  • May puncture and tear;
  • Drawstring also breaks.

3. Amazon Brand – Solimo Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags, 13 Gallon, 200 Count

The Solimo Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags are your choice for keeping your kitchen trash under control. These bags are also handy for other waste, not just for the kitchen. You can also use the Solimo drawstring bags as liners for the 13-gallon garbage bins.

You might, however, find that once the Solimo bags are full, they are not so easy to pull out from a plastic garbage bin. You might need to be creative in moving a full garbage bag without spilling the contents. That said, you have a pack of 200 of these bags to use.


  • The package comes with 200 garbage bags for the kitchen;
  • The trash bags can hold 13 gallons of waste;
  • These garbage bags are white with red drawstrings to close them;
  • They are easy to carry when taking out the trash.


  • The bags are not as durable as other garbage bags.

4. Hefty Ultra Strong Tall Kitchen Trash Bags – Lavender & Sweet Vanilla, 13 Gallon, 80 Count

Another Hefty garbage bag you can rely on is the Hefty Ultra Strong Tall Kitchen Trash Bags, the Lavender and Sweet Vanilla type. With these Hefty bags, you can depend on the odor-fighting power of the Arm & Hammer odor neutralizer. Keep your odors under control so that your kitchen and other rooms in your home remain fresh. Also, the Hefty Ultra Strong trash bags are not easy to tear. They are strong enough to contain a full load of garbage without breaking and spilling things out.

Furthermore, the drawstrings grip any garbage bin you choose to line with these garbage bags. So, you won’t have trouble taking your trash out with these strong garbage bags. A noticeable feature is that the Hefty Ultra Strong garbage bags are a little shorter when they are empty. They can, however, stretch to hold more garbage without breaking.


  • Hefty Ultra Strong garbage bags come in packs of 80 white bags;
  • They can hold up to 13 gallons of garbage;
  • Sturdy bags contain the mess in a kitchen that is busy;
  • With a patented Arm & Hammer neutralizer against odors, you keep odors under control;
  • When empty, Hefty bags are shorter than other tall kitchen garbage bags. They stretch to hold more.


5. SimpleHuman code E Custom Fit Drawstring Trash Bags, 20 L / 5.3 Gallon, 1 Refill Pack (20 Count)

The best garbage bag liner for your SimpleHuman garbage bins is the SimpleHuman Code E Custom Fit Drawstring Trash Bags. These 5.3 gallons (20 liters) trash bags are a perfect fit for the SimpleHuman garbage container. Furthermore, they come in a convenient 20 pack dispenser. They are not too short that they fall in, or too long that they hang over the edge of the bin. So, if you have a different type of garbage bin, these drawstring trash bags will not fit well.

Another feature is the extra-thick plastic that is durable and tear resistant. Seams are also doubled, so they are secure and not easily ripped apart. Also, they do not leak as well. You can take these bags out of your SimpleHuman garbage container to your curbside and not spill your trash.


  • Fits perfectly over SimpleHuman garbage bins;
  • They do not bunch, overhang or slip;
  • Seams are thick and reinforced;
  • Handles are made of strong drawstrings;
  • Bags are sturdy and do not tear easily.


  • Garbage bags are more expensive than ordinary trash bags;
  • These garbage bags do not work well with bins that are not SimpleHuman.


Shopping for garbage bags is much easier with useful and timely information on the best garbage bags you should buy. No doubt you will have much to choose from, but with the recommended bags you shouldn’t have trouble selecting the one that’s right for you. These garbage bags are handy for your home and kitchen to keep your mess and odors under control. A high-quality garbage bag is good for the money. Whether your budget is weak or strong, it is a good idea to buy the right garbage bag that will help you to keep your surroundings clean and fresh.

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