Best Trash Bags for the Environment

odor proof garbage bags

No homeowner that ones to keep his household safe and sanitary can say ‘no’ to a tough, resilient, and inexpensive bunch of garbage bags.

The thing is, no matter how frugal we are with our garbage output and how hard we’re trying to live our lives in a minimalistic fashion, so to speak, we’re going to end up producing lots of garbage anyway, so the question of how to get rid of it is an important one for the well-being of your household.

Now, even though the garbage pail inside as well as the one outside our homes play a major role in the garbage disposal, there’s one thing that you need to keep your eye out for – garbage bags.

This is because, no matter how big your garbage can is, you’re going to need a lot of these bags to dispose of all the garbage you produce regularly. So, it’s always a better idea to buy a certain amount of these all at once, that buying smaller packages and then be forced to buy more every week or so.

Not only that but buying a larger amount of these garbage bags straight away is going to be less expensive than if you were to buy smaller quantities.

In this article, we’re going to talk about garbage bags and why it is so important to get stocked on high-quality bags if you want to make sure your house is going to be sanitary and clean at all times because of the trash won’t accumulate unnecessarily. Also, we’ve organized a list of top 5 garbage bag packages currently on the market, and we have also made a special section towards the end where we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions in this department.

Right then folks, without further ado, here’s the deal.

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Top 5 Best Garbage Bag – for environment

1) Glad Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags Review

Glad ForceFlex Protection Series Tall Kitchen Trash Bags, 13 Gal, Fresh Clean with Febreze, 110 Ct (Package May Vary)

If you need large and tough garbage can house plenty of leftovers from your kitchen and other rooms of your house, these bags coming from the Glad company can be just what you’ve been looking for.

A single bag out of these 110 can house 13 gallons worth of rubbish, which is more than enough to serve the needs of an average-sized household. On the other hand, since there’s 110 of these in every package, you can rest assured that these can last you for months. (Well, it all depends on how much trash you produce, but it would surely take you more than a couple of weeks to accumulate 1,430 gallons worth of trash.)

A great feature of these bags is their ability to block nasty odors from pouring into the outside area of wherever the trash bin’s located. So, whether you throw away baby diapers, dog poop, or any other sort of foul matter in your kitchen trash bin, for example, you can rest assured that these bags will block the smells coming from these nasty sources more than well.


  • Tall design, enabling you to pile garbage into these with ease
  • These block foul odors coming from baby diapers, pet droppings, or rotten food
  • Each bag comes with a bag liner for easier closure
  • The bags are scented
  • Leak-proof
  • Extra tough thanks to its dual-layer design


  • Some users might not like the scent that these come with
  • Some users reported that some of the bags were splitting at the seams

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2) Solimo Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags Review

Amazon Brand - Solimo Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags, 13 Gallon, 120 Count

A single package of these Solimo kitchen drawstring trash bags comes complete with 120 bags, so a single package can last you quite a long time – if you produce trash at a moderate rate. As for the capacity of each bag, the digit itself stands at 13 gallons, which is more than enough to get you rid of quite a lot of garbage with every single bag you throw away.

As far as the design of the bags themselves is concerned, these are simple bags made out of white plastic with a red tightening noose at the top, so you can close them once you’ve filled them. This drawstring also helps you carry these around, so there’s no need to worry about transporting these to the bigger trash bin outside.

An interesting thing about this offer would certainly be the fact that the folks at Solimo offer you a refund in case you end up disliking something about these bags.


  • This offer comes complete with 120 Solimo plastic bags
  • Each bag has a capacity of 13 gallons
  • All bags are white with red drawstrings
  • Easy to carry


  • Made out of a single layer of plastic
  • The plastic is non-scented

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3) Hefty Strong Tall Kitchen Trash Bags Review

Hefty Strong Tall Kitchen Trash Bags, White, Unscented, 13 Gallon, 90 Count

Coming from a company named ‘Hefty’, you can rest assured these kitchen trash bags are going to be able to take in a ‘hefty’ amount of trash in. (Or at least a fair amount – depends on what you consider ‘hefty’ of course.)

A single package of this package of trash bags gives you 90 bags to work with, and with each of them being able to house up to 13 gallons of trash – you’ve got a package that can last you a long time, indeed.

What makes these bags special, in particular, would be the fact that they are strong enough to easily house sharp pieces of bone, rotting leftovers, foul-smelling baby diapers, you name it. Whatever it is, you can rest assured that these bags will be tough enough to keep it all together, before you decide to throw it all out.


  • 90 Hefty and strong bags
  • Each bag can house up to 13 gallons worth of trash
  • Strong drawstring closure for a secure and tight seal
  • Every bag is covered by a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee


  • Some users complained about the quality of the drawstring (they said these rip too easily)
  • Some users have complained about the durability of these bags

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4) FORID Clear Small Trash Bags Review

FORID Clear Small Trash Bags - 4 Gallon Garbage Bags Wastebasket Bin Liners 220 Count Plastic Trash Bags for Bathroom Bedroom Office Trash Can

If you’re an owner of a smaller household, or you need some trash bags for your office or some other type of low traffic establishment, getting a bunch of these FORID garbage trash bags can be just the solution for you.

The thing is, these trash bags are designed to fit smaller trash cans, so they’re perfect for the sort of folks who don’t produce that much trash, or who have a smaller family. (Also, people living on their own would fall into this category, too.)

Inside one of these FORID packages, you’ll get 220 bags, each of which can take in up to 4 gallons of garbage. As you can see, these are not as large as the models we’ve described above, but can nevertheless be more than enough to help you house quite a lot of garbage in the long run.


  • Perfect for small trash bins
  • Made out of high-quality plastic
  • Tear-resistant
  • One package contains 220 bags
  • Each bag can house up to 4 gallons of trash


  • Not suitable for larger households
  • These bags are not scented

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5) Teivio 2.6-Gallon Strong Trash Bags Review

2.6 Gallon 220 Counts Strong Trash Bags Garbage Bags by Teivio, Bathroom Trash Can Bin Liners, Small Plastic Bags for home office kitchen,fit 10 Liter, 2,2.5,3 Gal, Clear

Boasting a tough build that can resist all sorts of pressure from the outside, these bags from Teivio can be a perfect option for a smaller family constantly in need of trash bags for their house or apartment. (Of course, these can work just as well with any sort of office or another area in need of quick trash disposal.)

What makes these bags so popular would certainly be the fact that they’re leak-proof, which means you won’t have to worry about nasty liquids coming from the bottom of these as you’re carrying them outside. Also, this means that you can easily dump liquid messes and other sorts of undesirable matter into these without first draining them of their water content beforehand.

If you end up not liking any of these characteristics after you’ve tried out these bags, you can easily contact the folks at Teivio and seek a refund from them. They offer a rather hefty 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, so you can return these back to where you got these whenever you like without any questions asked.


  • Made out of high-quality HDPE material
  • Strong liners for excellent grip when carrying these around
  • These can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Easy-to-remove from the trash can
  • Comes with a hefty 100% customer satisfaction guarantee


  • These are not scented
  • These don’t come with any drawstrings

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Frequently Asked Questions On Best Trash Bags

Q: What Can I Use Instead of Plastic Garbage Bags?

Ans: While plastic trash bags represent possibly the cheapest and easiest-to-use ways of disposing of trash, there are some other solutions out there you can turn to in case you don’t have these at your disposal for whatever reason.

For example, you can use paper bags to collect your trash and then get rid of them once they’re full. Mind though, not to throw in lots of liquids inside, because this can make the bottom soggy, which then will make all the trash fall through.

On the other hand, there’s the third option of using some sort of cloth bag, but then you have to make sure to wash these regularly after every use. (Also, liquids are out of question for these, too.)

Q: How Do You Use a Garbage Bag?

Ans: Most garbage bags come in large packages containing multiple bags. (Usually, the number ranges from 90 to 250, but it all depends – these come in all shapes and sizes.)

Now, to start using a garbage bag, unwrap the package, take one out, put it in the trash bin and spread it open so that it covers the entire opening of the trash can in its entirety. Once the bag is full, use the cord to tie it closed and then take it out and throw it away. (Most of these bags come with a special cord for this purpose.)

Q: Do Plastic Garbage Bags Decompose?

Ans: They do, but they take a long time.

The thing is, items made of plastics are notorious for taking ages to decompose, and garbage bags aren’t any different.

On average, plastic garbage bags can take from 10 to 20 years to fully decompose, so if you don’t like this fact, you can opt for a bio-degradable version, or use paper ones, instead.

Q: Are Paper Bags Better Than Plastic?

Ans: When it comes to the sheer size of bags, paper bags tend to be much larger and take up more space. This causes landfills to fill up quickly, which is bad for the environment.

Also, paper bags are less durable and aren’t reusable for many times, so that would be another thing that goes against them.

Perhaps the only area where paper bags are better than their plastic counterparts would be that paper bags decompose much more quickly than plastic ones. So, if you’re an avid environmentalist, you may want to go with the paper ones over their plastic counterparts.

Q: Why Are Plastic Bags Harmful?

Ans: The biggest reason the public has taken a certain dislike to plastic bags would be that these are quite slow to decompose.

Also, they tend to release some toxic chemicals into the soil they’re in while decomposing, which can put the local gardens and water sources in peril. What’s more, if these plastic bags are floating in rivers and oceans, marine animals can eat them or get tangled in them as a result, which can cause many unnecessary deaths.

All things considered, using plastic bags daily is a reality for your average household, so it’s of utmost importance that the bags you’re using are made out of durable material, that they aren’t expensive, and that they aren’t affecting the environment in a bad way. (You can throw in some odd scented bags if you so desire.) If the sort of bags you are buying are satisfying these preconditions, you can rest assured that you and your family will be able to dispose of the trash you produce in a safe and sanitary every time.


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