Best Electric Hot Pots Reviews : Top 10 Picks for 2021

by Rick Goldman

Nothing makes cooking a breeze like the best electric hot pot. These cooking appliances are a hands-off way to get your dinner or lunch prepared and served in no time while maintaining your recipe's every detail. Whether you intend to make a mouthwatering stew, thick glutinous soup, or your favorite one-pot dish, an electric hot pot will remove the guesswork out of the whole process.

However, not all electric pots are the same. They come in various assortments of colors, designs, sizes, and materiality, making their choosing process pretty confusing. Some pots also come with off-the-edge price tags, while some are cheaper. Here, we've reviewed premium electric pots to help you land a top-choice that falls in your price range, design needs, size fit, scope of functions, and preferred materiality.

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Top 10 Best Electric Hot Pots Reviews- 2021

Best Electric Hot Pots Reviews : Top 10 Picks for 2021
Best Electric Hot Pots Reviews : Top 10 Picks for 2021

1. SEAAN Electric Grill Indoor Hot Pot Multifunctional

SEAAN Electric Grill Indoor Hot Pot Multifunctional, Indoor Teppanyaki Grill/ Shabu Shabu Pot With Divider - Separate Dual Temperature Contral, Capacity For 2 - 12 People, 110V
SEAAN Electric Grill Indoor Hot Pot Multifunctional, Indoor Teppanyaki Grill/ Shabu Shabu Pot With Divider - Separate Dual Temperature Contral, Capacity For 2 - 12 People, 110V

SEAAN electric pot sounds perfect from the word go. Immediately your eyes land on this pot; its black-coated aluminum body, sleek edge, and glass cover will melt your heart. The striking non-stick surface to match will leave you with nothing less than trying it out. It is easy to wash off any grime and food remnants using water and a soft sponge.

This pot is decent-sized, making it perfect for use with a family of up to five. It measures 28 x 3.1 x 10 inches and comes with two compartments; a grill and a hotpot. A sleek divider separates the hotpot, making sure that your foods don't mix while simultaneously cooking two types of food. SEAN electric hotpot is your staple choice if you are a serious griller looking to take your indoor and outdoor grilling experience a notch higher. The grill has automatic temperature adjustment, making it easy to operate with little experience. Simultaneously, the frying pan has an automatic oil connector that drops oil from the source to keep your food well-spiced and cooked for a healthy, luscious taste.

Key Features

  • Electricity operated: unlike most hot pots that use gas or charcoal, it uses electricity. This makes the grilling process faster and easier.
  • 2-1 function: The multifunctional hot pot feature 2 in 1 function allows one to make various meals such as vegetables, pasta, steak, and shellfish. Plus, it has a divider to enable you to prepare two meals.
  • Separate temperature control and 5 -speed adjustment settings: the model has a temperature control feature that allows you to control bbq and hot spot temperature separately. Thanks to the 5- speed adjustment settings, you can adjust the temperature to prevent the grill from burning out.
  • Durable and non-stick coating: For durability, the Korean grill is made of cast aluminum hence long-lasting. Besides, the non-stick coating doesn't allow food to stick and makes you comfortably and conveniently clean it.
  • It features a 2400 watts motor: the electric grill is equipped with 2400 watts that enables the user to cook your preferred grills at home faster.


  • Multipurpose grill and hotpot
  • Ideal for all barbeque
  • Works excellently for both indoor and outdoor grilling
  • It comes with a durable non-stick cast aluminum body
  • Low power consumption of 110V 2200W


  • The plastic cover on the handle chips off easily

2. Sonya Shabu Shabu Hot Pot Electric Mongolian Hot Pot

Sonya Shabu Shabu Hot Pot Electric Mongolian Hot Pot W/DIVIDER
Sonya Shabu Shabu Hot Pot Electric Mongolian Hot Pot W/DIVIDER

Are you limited on the budget? If yes, then Sonya Shabu Shabu is your ideal option. However, that doesn't mean that it won't meet your preferences; Sonya comes in handy with top-quality features that milk value from every single dime you spend. To start with, the polished stainless steel gives it a top-notch appeal that is perfect when serving esteemed guests. Even more, the hotpot cover is a transparent glass that allows you to view your food as they cook.

The pot sits on a premium electric heater with four-Low, medium, High and maximum-heating modes. With a turn of a knob, you can vary your temperatures depending on what suits your soup or meal. The pot itself is 5L large in capacity, making it perfect for use with a small family of up to 6 people. Inside is a divider that separates the pot into two compartments, allowing you to cook two different meals simultaneously.

Key Features:

  • 5-liter capacity and 4 temperature adjustment settings: the model has a 5-liter container to hold enough food for your family and friends. To regulate your cooking levels, you can dial any temperature option that will suit your appropriate heat.
  • Internal divider and anti-skid feet: Thanks to the interior divider, you can cook several meals without worrying about food mixing. The anti-skid feet make the hot pot sit upright without worrying if falling off.
  • 1500 watts engine: the hot pot comes with a 1500 watts engine with a lot of cooking power. No need for you to wait for minutes for the top burner to heat up.
  • Safety: this hot pot features a heat resistant handle which protects your hands from burning or making a mess. This makes the Hot Pot easy to carry while hot.


  • The non-stick stainless steel body is easy to clean
  • Transparent glass allows user to peep inside when cooking
  • Excellent visual appeals make for good serving pot
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Low power consumption of only 1500W


  • Produces strange smell when first used

3. Food Party 2 in 1 Electric Smokeless Grill and Hot Pot

Food Party 2 In 1 Electric Smokeless Grill And Hot Pot
Food Party 2 In 1 Electric Smokeless Grill And Hot Pot

Bring the flavors and experience of your local restaurant straight into your home using Food Party 2 in 1 Electric Pot. Well, just as its name goes, this hotpot combines both grilling and regular cooking into one roof to make DIY food preparation a buzz. At the center is a hot pot that you can use to boil legumes, prepare fish fillets and steaks, make a saucy soup, and a lot more. While surrounding the center is a grill that does all the magic you need to take your barbeque a notch higher.

Even better, this pot comes with two adjustment knobs that control the hotpot temperatures and grill independently. When the two functions are working, this pot hits up to 1900W in a margin of five minutes. The grilling top is medically certified PFOA and BPA-free. Plus, it comes with grooves that are easy to wash by simply filling it with water and rubbing it using a sponge.

Key Features

  • 2 in 1 design: with this cooker, you can use it as a hot pot and grill at the same time. It allows you to cook up for a large dinner faster.
  • Dual-action and split design: The hot pot center is dual-sided to allow you to cook various foods at once, hence being ideal for families and large feasts that need to have a varied menu.
  • The multifunctional cooker comes equipped with other accessories like a silicone brush, recipe ideas, cooking tongs, and parchment paper.
  • Easy to use: although the hot pot is not dishwasher safe, you can easily clean it by placing the whole machine in the sink and filling it with water and soap.


  • Divider in the hotpot allows for preparing two flavors
  • It only weighs 10.96 pounds, making it highly portable
  • Perfect for all types of home recipes and barbeques
  • Easy to clean with just a water tap and sponge
  • The grill is smokeless


  • Can double your electric bill when used for long

4. DCIGNA 1.5L Electric Hot Pot

DCIGNA 1.5L Electric Hot Pot, Noodle Cooker, Mini Hot Pot, Egg Cooker, Stainless Steel Shabu Shabu Hot Pot With Free Stainless Steel Rack, 110V 600W - For Boiling Water, Eggs, Cooking, Noodles (Blue)
DCIGNA 1.5L Electric Hot Pot, Noodle Cooker, Mini Hot Pot, Egg Cooker, Stainless Steel Shabu Shabu Hot Pot With Free Stainless Steel Rack, 110V 600W - For Boiling Water, Eggs, Cooking, Noodles (Blue)

If you are looking for Jack-of-all-trades, then here it is. This compact kettle-like electric pot is your one-stop-house for an egg-cooker, shabu-shabu hot pot, noodle cooker, and any type of broth. Maybe the only thing it doesn't do is grilling, but even with that, its price is a steal when you sum up its functions. The 5 L capacity also enables it to boil enough water like a pro.

This pot is exclusively made of stainless steel and finished in an appetite suppressant blue coating. The package also includes a stainless steel rack that you can use to hold your ingredients, especially when you want them floating in your broth. The pot also consists of two power functions, 200/600W. Once connected to the grid, you can choose any power outputs, enabling you to save energy.

Key Features:

  • Food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free plastic: the electric hot pot is designed from stainless steel and BPA-free plastic, making it ideal for your health.
  • Multipurpose: with this product, you can use it for cooking different egg pasta, oatmeal, ramen, dumpling, soup, and porridge.
  • Boil-dry protection: This feature prevents the hot pot from over-drying and protects food from overcooking. Thanks to the compact and energy-efficient unit for your home.
  • Dual power options: the electric hot pot allows you to adjust heat with dual power options. Besides, you can prepare instant items within no time and boils water faster than a microwave.


  • A multifunctional cooking pot that is ideal for any type of broth
  • Perfect gift for students and any small family
  • The steel rack and pot are easy to clean
  • It comes with an anti-dryer and double heat protector
  • Shuts off automatically when done cooking


  • Produce rusty spots after years of use

5. Topwit Electric Hot Pot

Topwit Electric Hot Pot, Mini Ramen Cooker, 1.6L Noodles Pot, Multifunctional Electric Cooker For Pasta, Shabu-Shabu, Oatmeal, Soup And Egg With Over-Heating Protection, Boil Dry Protection, Blue
Topwit Electric Hot Pot, Mini Ramen Cooker, 1.6L Noodles Pot, Multifunctional Electric Cooker For Pasta, Shabu-Shabu, Oatmeal, Soup And Egg With Over-Heating Protection, Boil Dry Protection, Blue

Start your morning with perfectly prepared food that leaves a smack of craving aftertaste using the Topwit electric hotpot. This pot is perfectly designed to cook your regular home foods in a split of a second. It comes with dual heating mode; 200W for boiling eggs, porridge, oatmeal, and 600W for preparing dumplings, noodles, and pasta.

This kettle-shaped electric pot comes in a compact design and weighs a few pounds for portability. With it, you can prepare and carry your food to the workplace, during vacation, or at a business conference anytime. Conversely, the 1.6 L capacity makes it ideal for up to 4 people when preparing meals such as porridge. The body is non-slip food-grade stainless steel that last year. When added to the elegant style, this is an ideal gift for your parents or loved ones.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for a small to medium family: the electric hot pot comes with a 1.2-liter container making it perfect for a small to medium family.
  • Boil-dry protection: the cooker features boil-dry protection to prevent the food from over-drying. Additionally, it protects food from overcooking.
  • Detachable base: you can place the unit properly by rotating it 360 degrees in the base for your convenience. Interestingly, you can wrap the power cord around the base when not in use. It also makes cleaning easy.
  • Dual power supply: the power switch is located at the handle with a dual power supply. The power settings range between 200W and 600W, making your cooking experience tremendous and comfortable.


  • Multipurpose use makes it ideal for use with any meal
  • The sleek design makes it a perfect gift
  • Sizeable 1.5 L ideal for up to 4 users
  • It comes with a knob for controlling the heat
  • Detachable structure ideal for packing when traveling


  • Uses limited to simmering and boiling
  • A bit expensive if you consider the scope of functions

6. 2200W 2 in 1 Electric Smokeless Grill and Hot Pot

2200W 2 In 1 Electric Smokeless Grill And Hot Pot 110V Split Easy Cleaning Dual Temperature Control (42cm-Red)
2200W 2 In 1 Electric Smokeless Grill And Hot Pot 110V Split Easy Cleaning Dual Temperature Control (42cm-Red)

This electric hotpot by 4YANG is the most user-friendly and compact you can ever find. It comes in a split design-the top is baking, simmering, and barbecue tray, while the bottom is a cover that also acts as the heating base. With this combination, you can open the top while cleaning to ensure that you reach out for greasy spots effortlessly.

Embedded in the base are two knobs that you can use to control the dual-heating setting. You will notice that the top is divided into a barbecue and a hotpot. One adjustable knob is for the barbecue, and another one is for the hotpot so that you won't have a hard time controlling the temperatures separately. When cooking, the circular shape lets the heat form a ring for high thermal efficiency. Whether you are simmering, roasting, frying, stir-frying, or boiling, this pot will keep the flavor of your food mouthwatering anytime.

Key Features:

  • 2200W power output: the electric smokeless grill is equipped with a power supply of 2200W, making grilling faster and efficient.
  • Dual temperature control: you can easily regulate its temperature with the help of independent temperature controls.
  • Side handles and non-stick coating: the hot pot comes with side handles to ensure comfiness while holding a hot unit. To add more, it has a non-stick coating to prevent food from sticking.
  • It is designed from quality cast aluminum alloy, making it environmentally friendly and healthy. Thanks to the non-stick coating, which prevents food from sticking and makes cleaning easy. You are assured of durability.


  • The body can only melt at a high temperature of above 1000 degrees Celsius.
  • The stainless steel body inner and outer layers are easy to wash
  • Very compact for use during vacations and trips
  • It has a very high thermal efficiency
  • Ideal for use with a family of four


  • Using the electric grill and hotpot simultaneously can double your electric bills.

7. YONGXIN Electric Hotpot With a Divider

YONGXIN Electric Hot Pot JH-160B-30cm With Divider 304 Stainless Steel
YONGXIN Electric Hot Pot JH-160B-30cm With Divider 304 Stainless Steel

YONGXIN is another excellent pick when looking for an electric hotpot with a divider for double-flavored broth. This hotpot comes in a 304 stainless steel body and is coated striking white for the needed visual heft. It also comes with stainless steel handles that withstand high heat levels to prevent your hands from burning. To add more, the top is covered in a transparent glass lid that offers appealing visuals when your soup is simmering.

Overall, the whole pot plus the heating base only weighs 7.04 pounds, so you can easily carry and use it anywhere. What's even more important, it has a high wattage of 1500, hence cooks faster to keep your time. You can also use the adjustment knob at the base to alternate your working temperature from minimum, medium, and high modes. If cleaning and maintenance are your main worry, this hotpot is dishwasher safe, so you don't have to wet your hands. It is also non-stick hence enabling you to wipe off grime before cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Internal divider: with this model, you can enjoy two different meals simultaneously because it comes with an internal divider. You don't need to worry about flavor or food mixing.
  • Safety: it features cool-touch grip handles, allowing you to hold it any time without worrying about scalding. Plus, you can hold them comfortably because they are large enough.
  • 304 stainless steel: the product is made of 304 stainless steel, which is good for your health and the environment. It also guarantees the hot pot longevity.
  • Easy to clean: thanks to this removable design which allows you to clean the unit easily. Make sure you use a sponge to avoid removing the non-stick coating.


  • Perfect for serving guests
  • Sizeable enough for a small gathering
  • Ideal for use both indoors and outdoors
  • Maintenance high heat for saucy flavors


  • Aligning the top to the base is a bit daunting

8. KKTECT 2200W 4.5L Electric Smokeless Grill and Hot Pot

2200W 4.5L Electric Smokeless Grill And Hot Pot, 110V 2 In 1 Detachable Easy To Clean BBQ & Shabu Shabu With Independent Temperature Control For 2-8 People Family Gathering Friend Meeting Party
2200W 4.5L Electric Smokeless Grill And Hot Pot, 110V 2 In 1 Detachable Easy To Clean BBQ & Shabu Shabu With Independent Temperature Control For 2-8 People Family Gathering Friend Meeting Party

If you're minimalist, you may probably wish to land a pot that fits like a small space as possible without compromising efficiency. This electric hotpot by KKTECT doubles as a hot pot and a griller, using the most compact space and design. Even better, the hotpot is divided into two compartments so that you can prepare two flavors simultaneously.

The shabu-shabu is 3.6L, while the griller is 17.2 inches, so you get to work with decent space. For your safety, the body is made of a steel body that is a certified food grade to prevent leaching. You can as well remove the grill when cleaning so that you can reach all the greasy corners. The grill's surface has diamond-shaped bumps that raise the contact area, ensuring that your barbeque doesn't burn. Finally, to make for effortless use, the grill and the shabu-shabu have separate temperature control.

Key Features:

  • 4D energy and dual temperature controls: the cooker uses a 4D energy and 3 adjustment settings to provide a consistent thermal effect. On the other hand, the unit features dual temperature controls, one for the grill and the other for the hotpot. This feature prevents food from getting burnt in case the temperature is high.
  • Sturdy and durable: it is made from a food-grade aluminum alloy that ensures no harmful substances are produced when cooking. The unit is also durable, allowing you to use it for a longer time.
  • Versatility and great design: unlike other hot pots made for a single-use, you can use this for different tasks. Not only for boiling but also for grilling and cooking breakfast treats and pancakes. Moreover, you can prepare other meals at the same time.
  • Easy to clean: after using the cooking tool, remove the grill for cleaning. Let it cool before putting it in the sink and pouring water and soap.


  • It comes with slip-free handles that are heat-resistant
  • Warms and grills faster compared to most variants
  • Come with a reasonable price on its tag
  • Ideal for both cooking, grilling, and serving
  • Produces no smoke while grilling


  • The pot doesn't shut off automatically like most variants.

9. Quarut 2 In 1Electric Smokeless Bbq Tray And Hot Pot

2 In 1Electric Smokeless Bbq Tray And Hot Pot,With Free Clips & Brushes Combo.Family Party Separate Dual Temperature Control Korean Shabu,Indoor,Non Stick,Coating,Easy Cleaning,110v【Black】
2 In 1Electric Smokeless Bbq Tray And Hot Pot,With Free Clips & Brushes Combo.Family Party Separate Dual Temperature Control Korean Shabu,Indoor,Non Stick,Coating,Easy Cleaning,110v【Black】

If you want a complete set; barbecue clip, sauce brush, and a hotpot, then this electric pot by Quarut will cover your needs. The outer part is electric bakeware that is ideal for any type of meat, shellfish, and vegetable. The middle is a small shabu-shabu hotpot that cooks seafood, meats, and vegetables. As small as the middle is, it includes a divider that enables you to prepare two flavor simultaneously.

The pot sits on a base that comes in handy with two adjustment knobs, varying the hotpot's heat and another for controlling grilling temperatures. To make it even more remarkable, you can use the griller alone, without having to power the hotpot and vice versa. The pan is non-stick and machine washable, making its maintenance hassle-free. Also, the body is non-stick, so that you can remove any grease with just a sponge wipe.

Key Features:

  • Non-stick coating: the Bbq tray and hot pot are fully coated with a non-stick coating to allow you to remove cooked food easily. It also makes cleaning easier since you won't have to scrub the cooking surface.
  • Dual-use: the product comes with bakeware that you can use for meat, vegetables, and shellfish while the hot pot cooks meat, vegetables, and seafood. Thanks to the internal divider that allows you to cook different meals without mixing.
  • 2 temperature control and Included accessories: with the 2 temperature control knobs, you just need to rotate it to your desired level. The unit comes with an electric grill plate, a barbecue clip, a sauce brush.


  • Easy to maintain
  • More detailed design compared to other variants
  • It comes with a hidden dumping bin for waste
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
  • The grill is smoke-free


  • The plastic handle is not durable

10. Kacsoo 2200W Electric Grill and Hot Pot with Divider

2200W Electric Grill And Hot Pot With Divider, 110V 2 In 1 Detachable Easy To Clean BBQ & Shabu With Independent Temperature Control, For 2-8 People Family Gathering Friend Meeting Party
2200W Electric Grill And Hot Pot With Divider, 110V 2 In 1 Detachable Easy To Clean BBQ & Shabu With Independent Temperature Control, For 2-8 People Family Gathering Friend Meeting Party

The last in our list of reviews is the electric Grill and Hot Pot by Kacsoo. This is round-shaped kitchenware with a shabu at the center and a grilling pan. However, unlike most grillers in the market that combine the two functions, the griller and shabu are separable so that you can clean or use each unit as an individual part. Even best, the grilling pan has a baking pan at the center, enabling users to cook four different meals at the same time. The shabu has a capacity of 3.6 L that makes it excellent for use with a family of up to five or a small group.

The heating base has two heat adjustment knobs that independently control the shabu temperatures and the grilling pan. At the middle of the two adjustment knobs are another two buttons for controlling the barbeque's temperature and the pot. This way, using this kitchenware is more convenient compared to other variants of the same caliber. This pot is made with a five-layered disc body that can withstand temperatures of up to 1000 degrees celsius for your safety. The inner surface is non-stick to help with easier cleaning. And since it is exclusively made of FOA and BPA-free cast aluminum, this pot comes in handy for years of use.

Key Features:

  • High-quality construction: the Korean grill is designed with a five-layer disc body, making it withstand the high temperature of about 1000 degrees. Moreover, it is constructed from cast-aluminum alloy, making it durable.
  • 2200 Watt engine: it comes with a 2200 watt double heating tube and high thermal efficiency, making it heat up quickly. You will be able to cook a meal for your family in a short time.
  • 2in 1 design: this feature allows you to grill meals such as meat and veggies on the grill area and at the same time cook soup inside the hot pot.
  • Independent controls: the cooking tool features temperature controls to regulate temperature to prevent food from being burnt at high temperatures.


  • Ideal for cooking all types of food and barbeques
  • The compact body makes for easy indoor and outdoor use
  • The rust-free aluminum body is sturdy enough for years of use
  • It comes in an appealing design that makes it a perfect gift for loved ones


  • This pot is not smokeless

What to Look for When Buying an Electric Hot Pot

Purchasing the best hot pot can be a complex task, but it is easy to decide which one to settle for if you know the vital factors to consider. They include:

  • Material

The first thing you need to check before buying an electric hot pot is the material. It should be made from material that can withstand high temperatures and light enough to ensure it is portable and convenient for storage. Most of the best hot pots are made from food-grade aluminum alloy and stainless steel hence making them suitable for health and durable.

  • Cooking capacity

Before purchasing a hot pot, you need to know how big the grill will suit you best. A large unit provides a larger cooking capacity for your family and friends. However, it tends to occupy much space, and it is not as portable as the smaller units.

  • Internal dividers

You can prefer a hot pot with a divider so you can prepare meals without the flavor and food mixing. This feature makes you cook various meals for your family and friends within a short time. For instance, you can prepare vegetables, fish, soup, and meat at the same time.

  • Non-stick coating

You should also consider a hot pot with a non-stick layer to remove the food without sticking in it and cleaning easily. However, you need to use a sponge to prevent scratching the surface.

  • Power cord

You will realize electric hot pots either have detachable or undetachable cords. For easy cleaning and storing, you should choose one with a detachable cable.

  • Temperature control options

It is necessary to check if the hot pot features temperature control options. With this, you will be able to adjust temperature levels to suit your needs. This feature makes cooking easy and comfortable.

  • Cool-touch handles

You should consider hot pots with wide handles to offer maximum grip and ensure they don't slip while holding them. Plus, heat-resistant handles are convenient and safe to hold even when it hot.

How do you use the instant pot hot pot?

Here are steps you should follow when using an instant pot

What you need

  • Instant pot
  • Recipe

Step 1: Get an instant pot recipe

The first step is to get yourself a good instant pot recipe to give you a clear guide. In case the recipe is easy, you need to add all ingredients to the instant pot without turning it on.

Step 2: ensure the lid is seated correctly.

After putting all the pot ingredients, ensure the clear silicone sealing ring in the lid is seated correctly.

Step 3: tighten the lid

Tighten the lid and move the steam release valve to seal. Don't worry if the steam release valve gets loose because it is normal. There is not much difference between the venting and sealing positions.

Step 4: choose between the "manual" and "pressure cook" button

Depending on the models, the name may vary but mean the same. Select either the "manual" or "pressure cook" button, then use the + or - button to set the suitable time. The unit automatically cooks on high pressure unless you change it to manual or use one of the preset buttons.

Step 5: It takes 10 seconds for the screen to read "ON."

After setting time, the instant pot takes 10 seconds for the screen to read "ON." The control panel will indicate on as it builds up steam pressure. When you see the valve float and the lid popped up, you will know that it is pressurized. The turning off process starts immediately after that.

Step 6: let the pressure release naturally.

After the countdown is complete, the pressure to naturally release or do a "quick release" by moving the steam release valve to the vent. It is essential you keep the hands on the vent's side to ensure you won't be burnt by the steam coming out.

Step 7: Open the lid

Open the lid after the floating valve in it drops since it means all the pressure has been released from the pot. Now, the pot lid is easy to twist off.

Step 8: you can easily enjoy your meal.

What is Electric Hot Pot?

An electric hot pot is a kitchen appliance that you can use electricity to prepare various foods and beverages. Some hot pots come in multiple designs; however, each hot pot has its seat features. Some of these features include temperature controls, internal dividers, the non-stick coating made from food-grade cast aluminum alloy, and heat-resistant handles.

What can you make in an Electric Hot Pot?

Due to its versatility, you can use it for cooking a variety of ingredients, including boiling eggs, soup, rice, grilling meat, some desserts, vegetables, sauce, seafood, noodles.

Parts of an Electric Hot Pot

  • The base is the lower part of the unit, which allows it to settle
  • The lid helps lock the pressure and keep food cooking to perfection
  • The Control panel is the part that will enable you to choose functions and set time
  • The power cord attaches the pot to the wall socket
  • The inner pot is where you out your ingredients for cooking


  • It is multipurpose
  • Prepares food in a shorter time
  • Convenient for cooking different foods at the same time
  • Keeps food warm after cooking
  • Easy to clean
  • It comes with adjustable temperature knobs to prevent food from overcooking.


  • Some tend to occupy much space
  • Expensive
  • You may require instructions on how to operate it

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you cook in an electric hot pot?

You can cook almost everything in an electric hotpot. The most popular foods to try out include noodles, dumplings, tofu, vegetables, meat stew, and a lot more. Pots with compartments for grilling also allows for preparing all barbeque at the comfort of your home.

Can you make a hot pot in an instant pot?

Yes, simply put your broth at the center of the table. Add different types of food into the broth in turns. Finally, add the food in different kinds of sauce depending on the kind of hotpot you want.

How do you make a simple hot pot at home?

Take a large pot and add a decent amount of water, depending on your recipe; add pig bones, chicken, white peppercorn, ginger, and long-green onion. Keep the temperatures of the burning fire low and simmer for about 1 hour.

Can you make a hot pot in a rice cooker?

Yes, you can surely make a simple hotpot from a rice cooker that has an open lid. Simply divide the rice cooker into compartments using a lid or a premium divider. Use one compartment for cooking rice and the remaining one for preparing broth of your preference.

What is the difference between hotpot and Steamboat?

Steamboats, also known as shabu-shabu, are hot pots that are particularly used for preparing broth until it boils to the required taste. On the other hand, a hot pot can combine both the steamboat and a griller, so you gotta cook and grill at the same time.

Final Verdict

The best electric pot should not cost fortunes and should not compromise the quality. Up to this stage, you've known the key features to look out for when buying. Also, we've shared the list of the best hot pots to look out for in the market. On functionality, your choice melts down to a shabu-shabu, or a pot that combines a grilling experience with a hot pot.

Knowing about the frequently asked question is even better, and we've shared that too. In case you find any of the listed kitchenware matching your needs, let us know in the comment section.

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