Best Crepe Maker Reviews

The crepe making tool is perfect for all fans of pancakes. It’s useful in kitchens of chefs and every mum. It is made of natural bamboo wood, so it’s non-toxic and can be used without any fear. Thanks to the crepe spreading tool your pancakes will be perfect. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about scratching the surface of the frying pan.

The crape making tool has an optimal size to make it easier in use. Thanks to the grip holding and controlling the tool is very simple. You don’t need any force to spread crape batter, so using crape spreading tool is comfortable and pleasurable.

So if you adore pancakes you should make your private and professional crape tool kit – start from crape spreading tool.

Now you can easily cook the perfect paper-thin crepe in your own kitchen without the mess, right from the first try. Simply plug in the crepe machine in an outlet, let the cooking surface heat up, add a thin layer of batter and watch it cook in seconds.

The electric crepe maker, also known as electric crepe pan or crepe griddle, comes in two basic types: the DIP, FLIP AND COOK STYLE and the SKILLET STYLE.

This style is ideal for the home cook. The unit needs to be light weight and smaller in size for ease of use so these makers usually make crepes 7.5” in diameter. They are less powerful and some models are cordless but the convenience and the even cooking make up for the size. The user dips the the hot non stick cooking surface in the batter mix and a thin layer of batter sticks to the cooking surface. Then just flip it over and peel off the crepe after it is done cooking.

The skillet style crepe machine is often larger (12” to 15” in diameter) and requires the use of a spreader to evenly distribute the batter over the cooking surface and a turner tool or spatula to flip the crepe. The crepe spreader tool requires a bit of getting used to but once mastered you will be able to create those paper-thin crepes that you crave for. Another benefit of the skillet style crepe griddle is that it offers more power to cook crepes in quicker cooking times. Depending on the model, the cooking surface can be cast iron, stainless steel or non stick die cast aluminum. For the professional crepe machines you have the option of either gas powered or electric.

Top 7 Crepe Makers Reviews

1. Villaware V5225 Crepe Maker

This light weight dip, flip and cook model is very simple to use, comes with a dishwasher safe dipping plate, recipes and easy to follow instructions. With 900 watt of power it cooks crepes quicker and easier than a skillet. Has a 7 ½ inch convex non-stick surface with an automatic thermostat and ready-light indicator, rubber feet for counter protection and stay-cool plastic handle. Just wait for the ready-light to go out and cook!


  • Convex Non-Stick Cooking surface – This model features a 7-1/2” diameter non-stick surface for easy removal of the crepe when cooked.
  • Stay-cool plastic handle – 6-1/2” long plastic handle for easy control of the machine when in use.
  • Automatic Thermostat with Ready-Light – An automatic thermostat heats the cooking surface to the proper temperature, and a light signals when it’s time to cook.
  • 900 Watts of Power – For fast and even cooking. Crepes will take about a minute to cook.
  • Three Rubber Legs – To protect the counter or dining table, for festive occasions, while the appliance is cooking.
  • Product Dimensions – At only 2.8 pounds and 15.5” long x 9.6” wide x 3.5” high, this appliance is extremely easy to use and store.
  • Accessories – Comes complete with instructions and a dishwasher-safe dipping plate so you can start making crepes without needing to buy any extra utensils.

2. Cucinapro 1447 Cordless Crepe Maker

Just like all the other dip, flip and cook models, the CucinaPro 1447 crepe machine is very light weight, weighing only 7 lb. This cordless model has a 7.5 inch diameter non-stick cooking plate and comes with an electric base with the cord wrapped underneath. With 800 watts of power and being cordless makes this crepe maker ideal for entertaining or for travel.

3. Cucinapro 1448 12” Griddle & Crepe Maker

Making crepes has never been so quick and easy! At 1000 watts of power it will cook your crepes or pancakes in seconds. Features a 12” diameter non-stick aluminum plate, ideal for traditional French crepes, 5 different temperature settings for perfect temperature control, and a wooden batter spreader. The elevated edge of the cooking plate will help keeping the batter from dripping down the side. This is a great kitchen product which serves many applications and is fun to use. Every kitchen should have one!

4. World Cuisine 13” Diameter Tibos

Powerful and efficient are the two words best describing this electric crepe griddle. 1300 watts of thermostatically controlled power will allow you to make a great crepe in mere 30 seconds! It comes complete with all the necessary tools, wooden crepe turner, wooden batter spreader and a patented plastic spreader, cleaning brush, instruction manual including recipe booklet. It features a 13” diameter non-stick griddle, heating warning light and cursor control thermostat for optimum performance.

5. Sodir FE 350 110 Volt Professional

The Sodir FE 350 110 Volt Professional Crepe Maker features a 13-3/4 inch diameter enamel coated cast iron plate to retain heat longer and evenly distribute it over the whole surface of the griddle. Its compact design makes it ideal for tight spaces while giving you the power of a professional appliance. It is ideal for parties, or catering events because it is easily portable yet it produces professional results.

The manual thermostat control system is powered by 1650 watts and it ranges to temperatures of up to 450°F making this powerful crepe maker ideal for producing optimum results in any kitchen.

6. Cecilware FCM-120 Professional

This low profile stainless steel constructed professional crepe/pancake maker features a 14-1/2” stainless steel griddle plate, convenient rotary controls for for precise temperature control up to 572F, a pilot indicator light and non-slip feet. Great for use on countertops and equipment stands.

7. Krampouz CEBIF4 Electric

The Krampouz CEBIF4 Electric Crepe Griddle from Eurodib is designed for regular or frequent use. This professional electric crepe maker has a 15-1/2 inch diameter, 3/8 inch thick cast iron plate mounted on a stainless steel frame and 3 feet with plastic protective covers.

This powerful and convenient electric crepe maker is ideal for all sizes and shapes of crepes. The crepes are cooked to perfection in super quick times. The griddle features a thermostatic manual control that puts full control of the 3600 watts of power at your fingertips using an easy to use quick-dial.

How to Choose Crepe Griddle

If you happen to love perfect crepes, a crepe griddle is the way to go. Their many features will allow you to make perfect crepes almost all the time.

You can find crepe griddle styles that hook up to gas lines or that are electric. There are even portable ones that will operate on propane. The most important feature of a crepe maker is the flat top plate, usually made of enameled cast iron or stainless steel and provide extremely even heating to cook the perfect crepe. Most models suitable for home use have a single cooking surface or burner and are electric powered, while the professional models can have one or two burners for increased speed of crepe making and might be electric or gas powered. Besides crepe making you can use the crepe griddles to cook pancakes, blintzes or tortillas.

Most crepe griddles designed for home use will be priced in the $40 to $150 US Dollars (USD) range and they are intended for occasional use. They usually feature a non-stick cooking surface for ease of use, temperature control indicator lights, and they come with few extras like turner spatula, batter spreaders and even ladles that allow you to precisely measure the crepe batter every time. An instruction manual and recipe booklet comes with every one of them but you can easily find delicious crepe recipes online. Less powerful models will output 800-900 watts and will cook a crepe in over one minute while the more powerful ones output 1300 watts and will cook a crepe in mere 30 seconds. Another factor in choosing a crepe maker is the size of the cooking surface. Dip, flip and cook models will usually have a 7-1/2” cooking surface while for the skillet stile will range between 11” to 13”.

If you have a larger family or like to entertain, a professional crepe machine might be your best option. With prices ranging from $350 to over $1000 USD you definitely will be able to find one to fit your budget and needs. The professional electric crepe machines are designed for regular and intensive use with power outputs reaching 3600 watts and will cook a perfect crepe in seconds. Designed to retain and evenly distribute heat, the cooking surfaces are also a lot larger and thicker, most of them being at least 15” in diameter and will be either enameled cast iron or stainless steel mounted on a stainless steel frame. They feature thermostatic manual controls for improved control and efficiency of use in intensive environments, non-slip rubber feet for use on counter-tops and equipment stands, and pilot indicator lights. They come complete with all the necessary tools: a wooden crepe turner, and a wooden batter spreader which will require a bit of getting used to but once you’ve mastered it you’ll make perfect crepes every time!

Benefits of Crepe Maker

Make Crepes Smoothly & Effortlessly

Thanks to optimal size of the grip it’s so easy to use the tool. You don’t need any force to spread crape batter perfectly. Thanks to natural bamboo wood you don’t have to worry about scratching the pan.

The high quality of workmanship

The wooden crepe spreader is made of high quality bamboo wood. Thanks to that the tool is durable and resistant. You’ll use it for long years. Moreover, it has additional visual advantages, because it is a handmade crafts.

Happiness guaranteed

If you are pleased, so we are. So that’s because we offer you the best wooden crepe spreader which will make your work more enjoyable. If you are unsatisfied, you can return the tool and we will send you back your money.

Natural bamboo

The crepe wooden spreader is made of natural bamboo wood. It’s important to your health to use non-toxic and eco-friendly tools. Our crepe batter spreader has all these features. Moreover, bamboo wood has visual advantages, because the wood is very beautiful.

Basic Crepe Batter Recipe

This basic crepe batter recipe will work for both sweet and savory crepes but if you want to make just sweet crepes you can add a bit of sugar and vanilla for more flavor. The basic ingredients and quantities are as follows:

· 1-1/2 cups flour
· 1-1/2 cups milk
· 2 large eggs
· 2 tablespoons butter
· Salt to taste

Making the crepe batter will require a different technique based on the tools you use. The traditional way is to mix by hand, using a whisk. Start by beating the eggs, then add a bit of flour and milk at a time until you incorporate all the ingredients. When adding the flour is best to sift it as it will help avoiding clumps but you can also add the flour with a tablespoon and spread it all over the batter rather than dropping it all in one place. If you use a blender or food processor you would put all the ingredients together and mix until you achieve a smooth consistency for the batter.

The best consistency is achieved when the batter poured from a ladle 8 to 10 inches above the batter bowl forms a continuous stream and doesn’t splash when falling. This recipe will create a thicker batter best suited for use with a spreader on an electric crepe maker. If you want a thinner batter you can add up to 1/2 cup of milk

You can cook the crepes right away or you can refrigerate the batter for a couple of hours to leave the flour absorb all the liquid. After refrigeration you will end up with a thicker batter and you will have to check the consistency again before cooking.

The Adjustment
The crepe batter spreader is an useful tool in every kitchen. Thanks to it you will spread the batter perfectly without scratching your frying pan. Therefore, your pancakes will have a perfect thickness – they won’t be too thin or too fat. They won’t also be greasy. Moreover, thanks to optimal size of the grip of the pancake spreader, it’s easy to lead the tool, so you don’t need any force to use it. The wooden crepe spreader is made of bamboo natural wood. This is very important for the health to use eco-friendly and non-toxic tool. This is worth underlining that the crepe wooden spreader has also aesthetics values. It’s obvious that wooden tools are looking better that those made of metal. Our crape making tools are handmade, so the craftsmen take care of every detail of the tool. In addition, crepe batter spreader is a part of the crepe making kit which includes also a bamboo wooden spatula.