Best Commercial Rice Cooker Reviews

by Rick Goldman

A commercial rice cooker helps you in many ways when it comes to cooking rice effortlessly. If you are so busy cooking rice, a handy rice cooker will save you plenty of time to focus on your other core tasks. But, it is not an easy task to choose the best commercial rice cooker as the market is saturated with all cheap products.

That is why we are here today with our exclusive reviews and buying guide to help you out in the middle of the road. Our experts conducted research and analysis to find out the best products for you. We believe this comprehensive guide will help you to choose the best option for you.

So, without further ado, let's begin.

Our Review of Best Commercial Rice Cooker In 2021

Our Review of Best Commercial Rice Cooker In 2021
Our Review of Best Commercial Rice Cooker In 2021

1. Aroma 48-Cup (Cooked) (24-Cup UNCOOKED) Commercial Rice Cooker

Aroma 48-Cup (Cooked) (24-Cup UNCOOKED) Commercial Rice Cooker (ARC-1024E)
Aroma 48-Cup (Cooked) (24-Cup UNCOOKED) Commercial Rice Cooker (ARC-1024E)

Wouldn't this be awesome if your rice cooker can prepare up to 48 cups of various types of cooked rice with maximum perfection? Yes, of course, that would be awesome. Keeping that in mind, the Aroma commercial rice cooker comes with many unique features to meet your expectation.

Cooking rice can't be more comfortable than this method. You just have to add the rice and water into the cooker, and the main magic is just a button away. This innovative rice cooker allows you to focus on other things in the kitchen when it handles your stress by preparing the rice for you.

This exclusive cooker comes with an electronic and straightforward operating system that will automatically keep the rice warm. It also has an easy to clean, nonstick removable inner pot which will help you clean this cooker easily.

On top of that, this exclusive package includes two rice measuring cups so that you can quickly measure the rice without taking any extra stress. The rice paddle which comes with this package will give you some additional flexibility in the kitchen. This product comes with a durable body so that you can use it for a long time.

The stainless steel lid and aluminum cooking pot will allow you to prepare rice conveniently. Given that it has a heavy-duty steel lid, you can experience a stress-free and comfortable cooking time in the kitchen. With large capacity and durability, this exclusive rice cooker could be an excellent option for you.

Key Features:

  • 48 cups of a variety of rice capacity
  • Stainless steel lid
  • Simple electronic operation
  • Automatic keep warm
  • Nonstick inner pot


  • Large capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Easy operation


  • A little bit less useful for commercial use

2. Panasonic 23-cup (Uncooked) Commercial Rice Cooker

Panasonic SR-42HZP 23-cup (Uncooked) Commercial Rice Cooker, 'NSF' Approved, Stainless Steel Lid
Panasonic SR-42HZP 23-cup (Uncooked) Commercial Rice Cooker, 'NSF' Approved, Stainless Steel Lid

If you are looking for a rice cooker with a high capacity to satisfy your needs, you have landed at the right place. This Panasonic commercial rice cooker has many excellent features to meet all of your expectations.

This exclusive product is NSF qualified and comes with a direct heating system, which is 67 in the AC cord to give you a whole new level of experience. This fantastic cooker can cook 23 cups of rice, which is, in turn, a total 46 cup when finished within a short time.

You won't believe the efficiency of this excellent cooker. It can complete its entire cooking process at its full capacity within 30 minutes. If you are talking about a 3-ounce portion of servings, it can serve up to 74 meals, and when it comes to 4-ounce portion, it can offer you a total of 54 servings.

On top of that, this exclusive rice cooker has an automatic shut off the system and can keep warm control for up to two hours. Besides, the built-in thermal safety fuse will ensure your safety from any unexpected incidents while cooking rice in this cooker. It also comes with aluminum alloy pan liner, which is easily removable so that you can clean it easily.

Besides, the heavy-duty stainless steel lid will provide you with extra flexibility in the kitchen. If you are a busy mom or have many responsibilities to handle, you can avail yourself of this excellent cooker; trust us; it will save you plenty of time, and you can focus on your other tasks.

Key Features:

  • The capacity of 23 cups of uncooked rice
  • Built-in thermal safety use
  • Stainless steel lid
  • removable aluminum alloy pan liner
  • Automatic shut-off system


  • Large capacity
  • Two hours of warm control
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe and comfortable


  • Little bit pricy

3. Zojirushi NS-TSC18 Micom Rice Cooker

Zojirushi NS-TSC18 Micom Rice Cooker And Warmer, 10-Cups
Zojirushi NS-TSC18 Micom Rice Cooker And Warmer, 10-Cups

If you are looking for a rice cooker with so many exclusive functions, this is the right place for you because the Zojirushi Micom rice cooker comes with many unique features to satisfy all of your needs.

This exclusive product is built with innovative micro computerized fuzzy logic technology and can give you a whole new level of cooking experience. This product has a cooking capacity of up to 10 cups to prepare delicious rice for your family. It comes with exclusive automatic keep warm technology to give you enough flexibility.

On top of that, the extended keep warm and reheating mechanism will take your rice cooking experience to the next level. Whether you need to white or brown rice for your family meal, this exclusive rice cooker is always ready to make your day even shiner. You can also prepare delicious cakes using the cake menu settings of the cooker.

This product comes with a removable inner lid, which is so much easy to clean. Besides, the inner cooking pan is coated with nonstick elements to cook nonstick rice, and you clean the container effortlessly. Now, if you are a steam food lover and don't know to prepare steam food, please don't worry anymore.

This exclusive product has got you covered. Because the innovative steam basket which comes with this product will allow you to prepare steam food, and the fantastic part is you can also cook rice at the same time.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Automatic keep warm
  • Capacity up to 10 cups
  • Innovative fuzzy logic technology
  • Retractable power cord


  • Extended keep warm and reheating
  • Perfect fluffy white rice
  • Easy to clean
  • Delicious steam food


  • The cooking cycle takes longer time

4. Zojirushi NYC-36 Commercial Rice Cooker

Zojirushi NYC-36 20-Cup (Uncooked) Commercial Rice Cooker And Warmer, Stainless Steel
Zojirushi NYC-36 20-Cup (Uncooked) Commercial Rice Cooker And Warmer, Stainless Steel

Wouldn't this be awesome if your rice cooker can prepare up to 40 servings of rice and use it for commercial use? Yes, of course, it would be awesome. Thanks to Zojirushi for this exclusive rice cooker as it comes with many unique features to give you the best commercial use experience.

This exclusive 1300 watt 20 cup rice cooker has every capability to make to your day even shiner. If you are worried about your rice cooker as it can't satisfy you in terms of commercial use, please don't worry anymore. This rice cooker comes with so much innovation and uniqueness.

With large capacity, this cooker will help you to use it commercially. Besides, it has a keep warm mode that maintains perfect serving temperature. So, you can always serve fresh and warm if you have this cooker at your home.

On top of that, it has a washable inner lid, which is entirely removable to provide you with maximum flexibility when it comes to cleaning it. Besides, the side condensation collector makes this product perfect for you.

It includes rice spatula and comes with a nonstick inner pan with a water-measuring line. Trust us; this is a perfect combination to prepare warm and nonstick rice effortlessly.

Key Features:

  • 20- cup electric rice cooker
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Nonstick inner pan
  • Comes with a rice spatula
  • Removable inner lid


  • Large capacity
  • Suitable for commercial use
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect serving temperature


  • A few users found issues with durability

5. Rinnai Rice Cooker 55 Cups

Rinnai Rice Cooker 55 Cups NSF Commercial GAS RER55ASL (Propane Gas)
Rinnai Rice Cooker 55 Cups NSF Commercial GAS RER55ASL (Propane Gas)

If you want a rice cooker that can prepare rich for your whole family and comes with many exclusive features, this is the right place for you. Our next pick in this unique buying guide is the Rinnai rice cooker. This exclusive product can take your rice cooking experience to the next level.

One of the exciting features of this product is it can prepare 55 cups of uncooked rice, which will eventually be doubled after being cooked. So, with 110 cups of freshly cooked rice, you can serve your whole family. This unique product is both CSA and NSF certified, so you can use it without having any kind of doubt in your mind.

It comes with aluminum cook pot and enamels outer casting to give you the maximum flexibility. On top of that, the cooker's two-stage burner will make the entire cooking process quicker and more comfortable. You can easily use the cooker and also it is easy to clean.

This product uses propane gas to cook rice. It also comes with an accurate and dependable thermostat, which ensures enough safety and efficiency of the cooker. Besides, due to the durable handles, you can use this cooker effortlessly.

Key Features:

  • 55 cups uncooked rice
  • Enamel outer casing
  • Aluminum cook pot
  • Automatic two-stage burner
  • Uses propane gas


  • Large capacity
  • Uses gas to cook
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn't come with a propane adapter

Choosing the Best Commercial Rice Cooker: Things You Should Look For

A commercial rice cooker will allow you to cook rice for a group of people. In most cases, this rice cooker comes with a large cooking capacity so that you can serve rice to a group of people.

However, choosing a quality rice cooker is quite challenging, given that all cheap products are available. In this section, we are going to discuss everything you should look for while buying a rice cooker. So, let's start our discussion.

Heat Source

The heat source is the first factor you should consider with utmost care before buying a commercial rice cooker. Generally, there are two types of heat sources for rice cooker-electricity and gas. Now, you can go for any of these two types of cookers. Both varieties of rice cookers have their pros and cons.

You'll see, the majority of people use electric rice cookers over gas cookers because they are highly portable. This convenient portability feature is one of the main factors behind their popularity. As the cooker is highly automated you can easily cook the rice effortlessly since you have an active source for electricity in the kitchen.

On the other hand, when it comes to gas rice cookers, they can cook better rice. Provided that in this type of cooker, usually direct flame is applied to cook the rice, you'll get a smoky flavor from the rice. However, electric cooker is the best for the beginners given all the benefits and convenience you will get from it.


The next thing you should consider is the capacity of the cooker. First of all you have to determine your intended purpose of buying a commercial rice cooker. If you need a cooker just for your home use, you can go for a cooker with small capacity. But, if you are planning for a catering service or you need the cooker for a restaurant, without any question, you need to buy a cooker with large cooking capacity.

Inner Pot

Trust us; it's also an important factor that you should consider carefully before making the ultimate buying decision. You have to check the nature of the inner pot. More specifically, you must choose a rice cooker that comes with a nonstick inner pot.

Because there are lots of benefits of a nonstick inner pot. The main benefit of using a nonstick inner pot is you can release the cooked rice easily. However, you have to be careful enough to check whether the inner pot is made from any unsafe chemicals or not.


Now, material of the cooker is another important factor that you can't ignore to check. Because, the durability of the cooker depends on the material from which it is made. Generally, you'll find rice cookers made of stainless steel, copper or aluminum. If the cooker's durability is your primary concern, our suggestion is you can go for a cooker made of stainless steel.

Keep Warm Function

The next important factor you should notice is the keep warm function of the cooker. It is an essential function of a rice cooker because it keeps the rice warm for a long time. If your rice cooker doesn't have this particular function, then you may have to reheat the rice before serving. That is how this function saves your time and power as you can help the rice warm even after a certain period after the rice was cooked.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Commercial Rice Cooker

What is the largest size rice cooker?

Answer: The largest rice cooker comes with a vast capacity to cook rice. If you are thinking about opening a catering service or a restaurant, you can go to a large cooker.

In this exclusive buying guide, we reviewed not only quality cookers but also the large cookers. Specifically, you can consider the Rinani rice cooker as the largest cooker among all of the products we reviewed.

What can you do in a rice cooker?

Answer: A rice cooker is a versatile tool that can deliver you so many unique dishes and foods. Many people think that only rice can be cooked in a rice cooker. But it's not true at all. Because you can make so many dishes in a rice cooker. For instance, here is a simple list of the items you can make with a rice cooker.

  • Of course, rice
  • Quinoa
  • Pancakes
  • Eggs
  • Soup
  • Apple sauce
  • Dumpling, etc.

Can I put an egg in a rice cooker?

Answer: Yes, of course. You can put eggs in a rice cooker. You just have to follow these pretty simple steps. First of all, you have to put one and a half cups of water into the cooker, then place eggs in the steamer tray.

Now, you are all set to go. 10-15 minutes of cooking will give you soft boiled eggs. On the other hand, if you plan to get hard-boiled eggs, you just have to increase your cooking time for some more minutes.

Can you boil eggs in a rice cooker?

Answer: Of course, you can boil eggs in a rice cooker. A rice cooker is one of the perfect places where you can boil eggs conveniently. You just have to put eggs on the streamer tray while adding water in the rice container. Simple cooking will do the rest of the work.

How much rice does a 3-liter cooker make?

Answer: The capacity of the pressure cooker depends on its size. If you buy a large-sized cooker, it can cook a large amount of rice. On the other hand, small cookers can cook only a small amount of rice. Now, a 3-liter cooker can easily make 6 cups of rice. Here, a cup means 250 ml capacity.

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