Top 10 Best Chocolate Brand Names in the World

Beloved by children and adults alike (and potentially deadly for dogs), chocolate asserted itself as
the cornerstone of a great number of deserts ever since it was first introduced into the global
market! Other than tasting great and possessing a couple of health-related benefits, when
consumed in reasonable amounts, of course, this glorious delicacy is also known for the vast variety
of shapes and sizes it comes in!
In this review, you are going to see 10 kinds of a chocolate bar, all packaged differently and coming
from a different manufacturer.

We hand-picks some of the best luxury brands of chocolates and candies for you to try…

Read on and find out what new favorite flavor might be!

10 Good Chocolate Brands Reviews

1. Grove Square Hot Cocoa

Yummy!! This is delicious & awesome hot chocolate compatible with Keurig or other machines that use K-cups. You will be hooked by its rich and creamy tasting.  This hot chocolate has comparatively less sugar but taste is nice.

The bundling is nice and smart, yet the hand-painted truffles are as lovely as they are scrumptious. Each truffle tasted was recently wonderful with a fine harmony amongst chocolate and injected flavors. Possibly the most interesting trait of the Grove Square’s Hot Cocoa would be its creamy texture. It almost feels like drinking a chocolate bar itself, reportedly- which can’t be an unpleasurable experience!

An uncomplicated kind of treat, indeed AND a perfect idea for a gift, as well! What’s not to love?


2. Godiva Chocolatier Happy Birthday Cake Truffle Flight

This particular Godiva product comes in the shape of an elongated box, and it’s meant to be used as a birthday gift. Of course, this does NOT mean you can just buy it for yourself and consume it in your own good time. (That being said, it does say ‘Happy Birthday’ on the box, so go figure)

With Godiva, you can appreciate Gold Ballotin, Dark Chocolate Valentines, and Lunar New Year Chocolate.

What you can also appreciate is the packaging of this particular chocolate Delikatesse. It kind of looks like a highly sugary power strip! (once you’ve removed all the creamy truffles, that is- which would be sooner rather than later, in all fairness)

3. Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars, 12-Count 

Next on the list is Cadbury with a nearly 200 year history of create the art of chocolate. Cadbury’s products offer tasty flavors of milk, fruit, sugar, cream or even honey in the forms of beautiful bars, nuts, crunches or wafers. Cadbury is increasingly popular with any age and gender for its taste, sweetness and beautiful shape. Anyone can easily find a Cadbury candy bar one of the best chocolate brands worldwide.

As far as the Dairy Milk bars are concerned, rocking a simply-designed wrapping and a rather small size, this bundle of Cadbury chocolate bars lets the chocolate itself do the talking, so to speak. The texture is creamy and well-balanced, and it comes in the shape of convenient wee bite-sized lumps, for good measure!

So,  a great little chocolate bar that’s bound to be appreciated by the folks with a sweet tooth. Make sure not to let them melt in the sun, though!

4. Patchi Milk Chocolate Assorted Ballotin (1LB)

Patchi is one of the most inspiring chocolate bars in the world. With the interesting packages outside, plus magic ingredients of flesh milk and premium cocoa, Patchi brings “the best of the world” to everyone with tasty and watery feeling. Well-known as one of the best gifts for your beloved ones, Patchi is a perfect combination of originally Swiss and Belgian flavors.

Also, if you’re looking for a piece of chocolate that doesn’t necessarily look like a piece of chocolate, but rather a fruit or a vegetable, you might want to check out the Patchi’s product lines. These folks are particularly adept at making chocolate that has a cheeky look and a perfect taste at the same time.

5. Galaxy Milk Chocolate Bar 114g

Owned by a part of “Mars”, Galaxy has extended its influence to “everywhere people has gone through”, for example in African Middle East, Canada, the US, and especially all over the UK. Founded in 1986, the company nowadays has opens thousands of outlets worldwide under the name of brands like Galaxy Jewels, Fruitia, Dove and Caramel. The secret of the chocolate lays at its delightfulness coming out from ripped milk and cocoa mixed with fruity flavors.

The bar we’re presenting is a simple mix of milk and chocolate (and a couple of other ingredients of course) and it comes in a neat little packaging with decent visuals (if anyone cares to notice). The bar itself is split into small bite-size chunks, so if you want to share this chocolate with some friends, you can dismember it easily and present them with a bunch o’ wee milky treats!

6. Guylian Belgium Chocolates 22 Piece Artisinal Seashell Truffles

If you are looking for a brand name that provides everything to the choosy customers like yourself, Guylian is the most appropriate name for you. It is famous for the unique, professional, magic and highly customized chocolate bars ordered directly by the customers to the craftsmen who directly make their performances by hand. Born in Belgium, Guylian has spread to more than 40 countries all over the world with an image of richly designed bars with the standardized maneuvers like sea shell shape, and roasted hazelnut additives, etc. The brand is always on the top list of best selling, especially on the important Western occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Christmas. In 20016, Guylian was recognize as “the Best Chocolate Manufacturer with Eggs”.

When it comes to the chocolate-based delicacies that come in this particular package, they come in a rather peculiar shape of seahorses.

Now, although these lovable marine horse-like, fish-like creatures aren’t necessarily the best-tasting species of the sea, they do possess quite an interesting appearance, so making some chocolate treats in their image was surely a clever move from the Guylian folks. They taste great, too! (the chocolates, NOT the employees at Guylian!)

7. Ferrero Rocher Fine Hazelnut Chocolates, 21.1 Oz, 48 Count

Last but not least, Ferrero Rocher is considered to be among the best chocolate all over the world, not only because of its high quality chocolate, beautiful external appearance, and also the culture and standard of chocolate that has been put worldwide to any other chocolate companies. As the leading chocolate brand name globally, Ferrero Rocher has been in its heyday for more than 200 years. Since 1981, Ferrero Rocher has been attracting millions of people with passion on chocolate at every corner of the globe.

With one gift to your friends, relatives or partner, they would feel “every” love of yours through the deep care and super professional skills of the makers from Ferrero Rocher. From inside, it’s the perfect of wafer chocolate with milk. From the outside, it’s the premium golden-like yellow wrappers. Finally, who receive your gift would feel your love, only by a chocolate bar of Ferrero Rocher.

Even for the most picky people, these top 10 best chocolate brands worldwide would never let you down for a perfect gift on special occasions. Enjoy every taste of top chocolate bars in the world!

8. Montezuma’s Dark Chocolate Absolute Black with Orange and Cocoa Nibs

Established in 2000 by former legal counselors, Helen and Simon Pattison, Montezuma’s hand-made extravagance chocolates are sheer joy on a plate.

The family chocolatiers are acclaimed for their creative chocolate making and eccentric bundling.

Attempt their Radical Bar Library, which contains an instance of seasoned chocolate bars, from stew and lime, orange and geranium and ocean canine!

Also, this murky chocolate bar is completely devoid of gluten, soya, as well as from preservatives and artificial colorings. Therefore, a great option for a vegan or a gluten-intolerant person! (for the record, it tastes great for the other folks as well, so don’t be put off by its ‘lack of ingredients’, so to speak)

9. Charles Chocolates (Fruit & Nuts)

San Francisco’s a chocolatey town, but rather Charles Chocolates has become famous rapidly in the wake of the opening in 2004. Their Teance Tea Truffle Collection is novel, the ideal present for the chocoholic tea-consumer.

As for the chocolate we’re presenting here, it’s made from high-quality chocolate mixed with milk and nuts, this Fruit & Nut bar represents the best that the Caribbean has to offer! (when it comes to their chocolatey output, that is) Packaged well, tasting great- what’s not to love?

From the snow-covered mountains of Switzerland to the wind-swept beaches of the Caribbean, there are always going to be folks eager to make chocolate taste even betterthan it already does! So, whether you like fruity flavors with plenty of additional taste-enhancing particles, or prefer just a good ole bar of nothin’ but chocolate, chances are- you’re going to find exactly the type of chocolate you can enjoy.

10. Theo Chocolate

Organic, Fair Trade chocolate manufacturing plant in the U.S., Theo’s started delivering in 2006. If you like, you can take a voyage through the chocolate manufacturing plant in Seattle and view the chocolate making procedure The deal with this chocolate bar is as simple as it gets- 85% dark chocolate with only a handful of additional ingredients! Not saying that you require any aphrodisiacs but rather, you know, it couldn’t do any harm.


Hopefully, this article helped you in this glorious quest! We wish you fellow chocolate enthusiasts find the best possible kind of this illustrious treat, and then have yourself a snack binge! (okay, maybe not- too much chocolate can be bad for you, for the record) Best of luck with the purchase and the shipment and- cheers!

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