Best Cheese Press Reviews 2021 | The Ultimate Buying Guide

Cheese lovers often get confused that which one is the best cheese press in the market. There are plenty of variational models available. These could create a hard time deciding while buying one. Some prefer homemade or DIY cheese presses to get rid of the confusion. But, DIY tools cannot provide large ease of access.

The good thing that to make your cheese press plans easier, we brought a review of ten different cheese presses trending in the market. Having these selected products among thousands, you may have a hassle-free experience to choose the top cheese press.

The presses are well made that the user will have no health issues with the build-materials. These smart presses also last longer than you expect. So, let’s have a look at the products.

Best Cheese Press: Comparison Table

SL No. Product Name Details
1 PetriStorCheesemaking Kit Butter Punched Cheese Mold Press Strainer With Follower Piston –        Wooden kitchen spatula-        Soft, hard, blue, etc. states forming-        Smell-free polypropylene made 
2 EJWOX 1.6 Gallon Stainless Steel Soft Fruit Wine Juice Press Cheese Making Press Tincture Press Herbal Press –        Cheese, fruits, and vegetable press-        Recyclable aluminum material-        Produces cold juice 
3 The Sausage Maker – Stainless Steel Dutch Style Cheese Press, USA Made


–        Consistent 4 to 1 weight ratio-        Arm notch for wall hanging-        Stainless steel build 
4 Country Trading Co. Tofu Press and Cheese Press –        Wooden food press kit-        Organic milk grilling-        Small but useful diameter 
5 Hozprom Edam Hard Cheese Mold With Follower Large For 2.2lbs/1kg –        Holds up to 1300 grams of hard cheese-        Mechanical impurities filtration-        Each filter is for 52 ga of milk 
6 SqueezeMaster Cheese Tincture Herb Fruit Wine Manual Press –        Twisted screw-type punch design-        Cheese, fruits, and vegetable support-        Silent and noise-free cheesemaker 
7 EZWOX Cheese Tincture Herbal Honey Manual Press –        Squeezes cheese, juice, fruits, and nut milk-        Dismantles the bowl inside the press-        Echo friendly and recyclable metal body 
8 PetriStorСheese Making Kit 16 in (Metal Guides Cheese Press + 2 Cheese Making mold 1.2 L) pressure up to 50 pounds –        Squeezing juice and cheese-        Natural and plywood for resistance-        Large dimensional kit of 20x40x20 cm 
9 Pynior Tofu Press, Tofu Press Maker Tofu Presser Drainer Gadget –        Compact and portable design-        Efficient water drainage-        Accurate tofu shape maker 
10 Сheese Making Kit (Cheese Press + 1 Cheese Making mold 1.2 L) by PetriStor –        Small cheese press for home use-        Soft and hard both form of cheese support-        Smell-free propylene made 

Our Top 10 Best Cheese Press For The Money

1. PetriStorCheesemaking Kit Butter Punched Cheese Mold Press Strainer With Follower Piston

Cheesemaking Kit Butter Punched Сheese Mold Press Strainer cheese With Follower Piston 1,2 liters Tofu Press Mold Cheese Making Kit Machine

The PetriStorcheesemaking kit is the perfect solution for your home. You can quickly use the product on any occasion. This convenient cheese press comes with a built-in piston for hard cheese butter punched making mold. You will also get a wooden spatula with a brand logo.With this machine, cheese can be formed in soft, hard, semi-soft, tofu block, as well as blue cheese. It is made with smell-free high-quality polypropylene.The ability to form all sizes of cheese makes this one of the best chess presses.

Key Features:

  •  Wooden kitchen spatula
  • Soft, hard, blue, etc. states forming
  • Smell-free polypropylene made
  • Thick wall for compression
  • The piston of 10cm top diameter


Piston: This product has pistons and plastic molds. It helps to manufacture cheese at home. The piston has a diameter of 10 cm from the top and 13.5 cm from the bellow.

Polypropylene body: Polypropylene is a strong build-material. It has no side effects on health and the human body.

Cheese forming: Cheese of different flavors and states can be manufactured in one press. No matter if you prefer hard or soft cheese, this product can make them all.

Strong wall: Designed for all kinds of cheese even it does not require the yoke of large compression. This thick body creates longer durability.


–        Very cheap and affordable

–        Portable size and carrying capacity

–        Long-lasting durability

–        Molding all kinds of cheese


–        The wooden press is not included in the package

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2. EJWOX 1.6 Gallon Stainless Steel Soft Fruit Wine Juice Press Cheese Making Press Tincture Press Herbal Press

EJWOX 1.6 Gallon Stainless Steel Soft Fruit Wine Juice Press Cheese Making Press Tincture Press Herbal Press

EJWOX 1.6 gallon is a game-changer stainless steel soft cheese, fruit, wine, juice press. The multifunctional capabilities make it one of the best. The product allows you to process cheese, fruit juice, jam, wines, and spirit. The aluminum body made it super rich and echo-friendly.  It comes in three different sizes according to the need of the user.

Key Features:

–        Cheese, fruits, and vegetable press

–        Recyclable aluminum material

–        Produces cold juice

–        Chemical-free press

–        Wine and spirit dri maker


Efficient Juice Maker: The fruits, juice, and vegetables must be cut into small pieces to put in the press. In this way, it keeps a low level of waste and reduces the consumption of waste.

Handy and Al-In-One: This cheese and juice press is designed to perform different kinds of cheese, fruits, and vegetables. Variable functionalities help us to get huge benefits from it.

Strong Build Quality: The product is made of high-quality aluminum which is a hundred percent recyclable material. The metal gives a chemical-free and organic taste to the drinks.

Environment Friendly: As it is a recyclable product, it helps you to have a pollution-free environment. People having diabetics can rely on it as it adds zero sugar to the juice.


–        Premium quality brand

–        Long-lasting durability

–        Cheese, juice, and drinks maker

–        Reduced food waste

–        Simple wash capability


–        Careless use may bend the metal

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3. The Sausage Maker – Stainless Steel Dutch Style Cheese Press, USA Made

The Sausage Maker - Stainless Steel Dutch Style Cheese Press, USA Made

The sausage maker Stainless steel Dutch-style cheese press is another mesmerizing cheese press. Vintage look and design give a retro and manual feeling to your daily experience. This press can hold up to 50 lbs of weight which is massive for a cheesemaker. Stainless steel will keep the press out of the approach of rust in bad weather conditions. It arrives with an 11 ga frame and 18 gas cylinder.

Key Features:

–        Consistent 4 to 1 weight ratio

–        Arm notch for wall hanging

–        Stainless steel build

–        Detachable body parts

–        Easily washable product


Powerful Tool: This tremendous is so strong because of the steel structure. It gives a 12.5 lbs hanging capacity through its arm.

Large Receptivity: The press has an 18 ga cylinder to contain the cheese of 3 lbs for yielding up. This sum of retention is well enough for your home use.

Dissembling Ability: One can easily detach and disassemble the press with the help of a simple screwdriver. Men and women, anyone can open up the tool for a clean wash after using.

Retro Look: The cheese press provides a classicdesign.It is fully manual to operate as needed. Stainless steel is efficient for longer usability.


–        Never gets rusty for the stainless steel

–        Gives a strong 10.4 pounds weight

–        Cylinder as an ideal pot or container

–        Reliable for hard-use


–        A little large for easy portability

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4. Country Trading Co. Tofu Press and Cheese Press for Making Feta, Halloumi, Mexican, Curds, Goats Cheese, Paneer, and Vegan Nut Queso – Simple Wooden Food Press Mold Kit – Plastic-Free

Tofu Press and Cheese Press for Making Feta, Halloumi, Mexican, Curds, Goats Cheese, Paneer and Vegan Nut Queso - Simple Wooden Food Press Mold Kit – Plastic-Free

Country Trading Co. tofu press and cheese press is another robust press for multipurpose use. This craft is made of wood, so it is plastic-free and hygienic for health. It presents a super lightweight and handy design that enriches the beauty of your kitchen. The kit helps save a lot of time from adjusting like other cheese presses.

Key Features:

–        Wooden food press kit

–        Organic milk grilling

–        Small but useful diameter

–        Washable with soft soap water

–        Cool sushi and musubi maker


Time Saver: This product can save a lot of effort for you. Simply press upto 4×12 oz blocks of tofu in the kit. Leave the tofu for half an hour to make extra firming condition.

Multifunctional Use: Make feta, Halloumi, Mexican, Curds, Goats Cheese, Paneer, and Vegan Nut Queso in one tool. Lining the bamboo box with sushi rice cake, nori may style your filling layers how you want.

Increased Quantity: You can press whey from 4 quarts of milk to make 2 lbs of cheese. Line with cheesecloth, drain and press almond, cashew, and soy yogurt to make simple non dairy labneh-style cheese.

Wash and carry: The best part of this cheesemaker is you won’t have to dismantle it to wash. It has no metallic parts. Use any kind of detergent or soap to wash it and carry it in your backpack.


–        E-book for sushi sandwiches, tofu paneer, feta, etc. recipes.

–        Large sushi and musubi squares without any matt or rolling

–        BPA free compact cheese press

–        Holds up 4 quarts of unpressed curds


–        Does not come with included cotton cloth

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5. Hozprom Edam Hard Cheese Mold With Follower Large For 2.2lbs/1kg | Cow Goat Rennet Milk | Cheesemaking from Cow Goat Milk Cheese making supplies from the cheese mold manufacturer

Edam Hard Cheese Mold With Follower Large For 2.2lbs/1kg | Cow Goat Rennet Milk | Cheesemaking from Cow Goat Milk Cheese making supplies from the cheese mold manufacturer

Hozprom Edam Hard Cheese Mold press is a sleek and cutting-edge cheesemaker. This cheesemaker is so lightweight and simple that it made itself on the best cheese press list in the first place. The little master can give an output of 2.2 lbs of cheese.  This cheesemaker works as a great milk filter at the same time. Dozens of forms of milk from different animals can be pasteurized via this one.

Key Features:

–        Holds up to 1300 grams of hard cheese

–        Mechanical impurities filtration

–        Each filter is for 52 ga of milk

–        Drainage system for each cheese form

–        Variational state of milk support


Sleek and Portable Design:  The cheesemaker comes in an astonishing design that is so lightweight. You can take it literally anywhere.

Receptive Diameter: It is little but keeps a healthy quantity of cheese inside it. The product is 155x145x65 mm. The bowl creates a round-shaped cheese after the pressing.

Hard and Soft Cheese Production: This product supports making both hard and soft cheese. Make Mozzarella, Mascarpone, Brie, Parmesan, Cambozola, Camembert, Gorgonzola, and a total of 30 kinds of cheese forms.

Drainage and Filtration: It is designed to pass out the cheese whey. Get your preferred condition of milk as you like. Either soft or hard cheese can be manufactured.


–        Quality material with no melting issue

–        200-liter milk filtration

–        30+ universal cheese recipe support

–        96-100% purification to increase the milk shelf life


–        Plastic may bend in case of careless use

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6. SqueezeMaster Cheese Tincture Herb Fruit Wine Manual Press -0.8Gallon/ 3 Litre-Power Ball Handle-Stainless Steel

SQUEEZE master Cheese Tincture Herb Fruit Wine Manual Press -0.53Gallon/ 2 Litre-Power Ball Handle-Stainless Steel & Iron for Juice, Herbal Juice,Cider,Wine,Olive Oil

SqueezeMaster Cheese Tincture Herb Fruit Wine Manual Press is an advanced cheese press although it is listed a little later. This cheese press is also more stable and bigger. Ultimately you can get the juice out easier in this machine. It has a stainless steel body that is also durable.

Key Features:

–        Twisted screw-type punch design

–        Cheese, fruits, and vegetable support

–        Silent and noise-free cheesemaker

–        Homemade fresh juice maker

–        Strong press that separates the pomace


Ball Design: There is a mechanical ball design handle that creates torque and high-intensity press. After twisting the press works smoothly and gets all the juice out of your desired fruit, or cheese.

Multifunctional Press: The product works for fruits, cheese, and vegetables. Along with apple, grape, carrot, spinage like foods, it can also be used for producing herbal and olive oil.

Enduring Performance: Stainless steel-made body is high quality. As a mechanical cheese press, it does not bend that much. It saves more labor for mechanical design.

Silent Spindle Head: The spindle system creates only 35dB of noise what makes the press a super silent and comfortable cheesemaker. It does not require any kind of electricity.


–        Ball design spindle head is easy to twist

–        Physically separates fruits and pomaces

–        A steady stand makes the tool steady

–        Soft, natural, and delicious taste of the juice


–        Need to check up the liquid oil on the spindle thread

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7. EZWOX Cheese Tincture Herbal Honey Manual Press

Cheese Tincture Herbal Honey Manual Press - Food-Grade Polished Aluminum with Stainless Steel Press for Squeeze Juice out of Vegetables/Fruit/Nutmilk(0.8 Gallon,Silver)

EZWOX Cheese Tincture Herbal Honey Manual Press is an aluminum-made cheese press. The T-shaped twister is comparable to any electric juice maker. This ease of access allows you to burn a low level of energy. Chopped fruits can get an exceptionally high yield of juice through this machine. Die-cast aluminum can take a high amount of pressure.

Key Features:

–        Squeezes cheese, juice, fruits, and nut milk

–        Dismantles the bowl inside the press

–        Echo friendly and recyclable metal body

–        Less energy and no electricity waste

–        Built-in stand for stable operation


Juice Variation:  This product can produce juice from cheese, fruits, and vegetables. It also squeezes hard nuts to get the oils and milk. Press olive oil and herbal oils for DIY oil making.

Removable straining basket: The basket can be removed from the stand to clean and wash. You can insert food-grade lubricant in the mechanical parts after detaching.

Filter Bag: Use any kind of filter bag or cloths while making cheese. The bags will not create any jam or issue. The press is horrible that juice will penetrate any soft obstacles.

Honey and Beeswax Process: Extract honey from the beeswax with no hassle. Honey automatically gets filtered through the press. Waste and rubbishes are compressed to wax.


–        All chopped fruits, vegetables are pressable

–        No electric power needed

–        Washable and detachable

–        Steady stand support

–        Portability and carrying capacity


–        Lubricate regularly to avoid the jam

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8. PetriStorСheese Making Kit 16 in (Metal Guides Cheese Press + 2 Cheese Making mold 1.2 L) pressure up to 50 pounds

Сheese Making Kit 16 in (Metal Guides Cheese Press + 2 Cheese Making mold 1.2 L) pressure up to 50 pounds

PetriStor makes great kitchen tools. Keeping their reputation they present a double-barrel cheese press for making mold. The small size design takes very little space even after having two presses together. You can adjust the pressing strength by putting in less or more weight bricks. Most people love this item because of the multitasking capability. It is affordable and it does not need any sort of power to operate.

Key Features:

–        Squeezing juice and cheese

–        Natural and plywood for resistance

–        Large dimensional kit of 20x40x20 cm

–        Up to 50 pounds of pressure

–        Solid propylene container


Two Cheese Making Mold: This product arrives with two separate cheese-making mold containers. The bowls can preserve 1.2 liters of mold. You can pressurize up to 50 pounds.

Wooden Structure: The structure and stand are made of natural and plywood. It gives enough resistance. Mold containers are made of high-quality propylene.

Pressure Adjusting: Different pressure levels can create different states of cheese such as Cheddar, Gouda, Parmesan, and Monterey Jack, etc. Adjust the pressure level by putting weight bricks or any household stuff.

Multidirectional Press: This multidirectional toolkit not only squeezes cheese but also makes juices. Chop the fruit pieces in small blocks to get a soothing and delicious juice.


–        Two separate press at one place

–        Tighten the screw and push extra weight

–        No mechanical maintenance needed

–        Food keeps the original taste


–        Four bolts need some extra time in tightening

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9. Pynior Tofu Press, Tofu Press Maker Tofu Presser Drainer Gadget, BPA Free Tofu Presser Built-in Drainage to Avoid Messes, Easy to Remove Water from Tofu for Delicious Taste

Tofu Press, Tofu Press Maker Tofu Presser Drainer Gadget, BPA Free Tofu Presser Built-in Drainage to Avoid Messes (Grey) (Please watch the video first to use the tofu press)

Pynior Tofu Press is different than others in making tofu and square molds. This revolutionary product has its specialties. You can preserve the whole kit in your refrigerator pretty easily. It comes in a boxy design that is suitable to carry. Dishwashers do not affect the kit at all. The box is lightweight as it is made of premium quality plastic material. It’s BPA-free and reliable to health concerned people.

Key Features:

–        Compact and portable design

–        Efficient water drainage

–        Accurate tofu shape maker

–        BPA free materials

–        Dust resistant build quality


Store in the Fridge: Store the whole kit in your refrigerator. Make the cheese mold cold and hard in less time. This will maintain the tofu shape better than normal room temperature.

Water Press Out: Water pressing out takes the most of the time in making tofu. Our kit has a water passing system. Water stored in a drain can be removed properly.

Detergent Friendly: Wash the cheesemaker like any other kitchen accessories. Use any kind of dishwashing soap or hot water. The kit will be hundred percent germ-free.

Tofu Shape: It keeps the shape of tofu better than the normal two edge cutting boards. Industry-standard cutting can be useful to restaurant use and home us both.


–        Water-free tofu maker

–        Cold storage enabled capability

–        Smooth and perfect tofu design

–        Tofu Feta, BBQ Tofu Bowls, Sesame Tofu Lettuce Wraps, etc maker


–        Pressing can be controlled by hand gestures

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10. Сheese Making Kit (Cheese Press + 1 Cheese Making mold 1.2 L) by PetriStor

Сheese Making Kit (Cheese Press + 1 Cheese Making mold 1.2 L)

This one is also manufactured by PetriStor. It is the last but not the least item in our collection. This cheese press will give you an old-school vibe. Use the kit fully on hand pressure. Additional weights or locks can be added. In this way, the mold will follow the pressure choice of the cook. The kit is a wooden design, created with plywood.

Key Features:

–        Small cheese press for home use

–        Soft and hard both form of cheese support

–        Smell-free propylene made

–        Moisture resistant materials

–        1.2-liter butter punch making mold


Multipurpose Press: The press can either compress cheese or fruits. Make natural and healthy juice from seasonal fruits. Chop into small pieces for more juice.

Moisture Resistant: The propylene body in a combination of plywood gives the user a premium feel. It does not get affected in hot or rainy conditions.

Different Kinds of Cheese: Make soft, semi-soft, hard, blue, etc. cheese as your need. Press the mold and control the pressing strength for different forms and states.

Additional Weight Support: Put weight blocks on the top of the press and keep it for a longer or shorter period to get the cheese creme out slowly. In the case of juice, pressurize and get instant liquid.


–        For quick recipe dinner

–        Soften cheese as the user wants

–        Works as an active juice maker

–        Thick wall for compression


–        Heavyweight may bend the 1.2-liter bowl in careless use

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Cheese press: Buying Guide

If you are a beginner in the kitchen and have never used such items before, you must check some characteristics before buying one. Recheck the qualities for authentic taste and cheese-making experiences. Kindly look up the following things”

Weight and Pressure Limit: Check twice that how much pressure can be given in the press kit. This is important because this determines what form of cheese you want to use. Some presses are limited to a specific kind of cheese, and some are for multifunctional usabilities.

Portability and User Merits: Buy the cheesemaker that has good portability. In this way, you can use the press kit outside the kitchen, or you can bring it out for a family picnic.

Materials: This part is a must-check factor while buying a cheese press. Confirm if you are allergic to the build materials or not. Some manufacturers provide low-grade metal that changes the taste and adds chemicals or irons to the cheese. We suggest you buy a wooden cheese press.

Dismantle Ability: Modern cheesemakers are well designed. You can open up each part for cleaning. The disassemble feature lets you bring out the container like a normal bowl or pot. There are several models available in the marketplace. Some can be dismantled by screwdrivers, some can be detached by a simple click or twist.

Multi-purpose Usability: Nowadays every cheesemaker is made for different tasks. Either you can press the cheese, or you can make juice. Some cheesemakers can press and juice out any vegetables or salad items. Some can transform nuts or olives into pure oil/milk. Buy one so that you can reuse it on several occasions.

Durability: Always go for a long-lasting product.Metal is more durable but sometimes aluminum bends easily, or steel gets rusty. So, check whether it is stainless or not.

How To Make A Cheese Press:

Though it’s a simple design, when you will try to make a cheese press at home, you must have some measurements and elements. Here is a quick instruction on how to make a cheese press at home with minimal household elements.

Materials you will need:

–        A plastic jar or bowl

–        Two ¾ inch wooden plates

–        Two 6 to 10-inch nuts & bolts

Tools you will need:

–        Saw or saw blades

–        Drilling machine

–        Ruler and Sandpaper


  1. Take a plastic jar, make too many small holes surrounding it. These holes will drain the unwanted water
  2. Take a wooden plate. Point two corners of the plate with the ruler. Drill for putting the bolts.
  3. Put the bolts vertically, tighten them and place the structure on a surface. Put the jar on the wooden plate.
  4. Now take another wooden plate, drill like the previous one, put it on top of the jar. The top of the bolts will fit in the drills.
  5. Put cheese in the jar and press it with your hand. You got yourself a homemade cheesemaker.

How To Use a Cheese Press:

After buying an expensive cheese press, you won’t be benefited if you cannot use it properly. Every cheese press can be variable in the model and look, but it has a common way of using it. Let’s explain shortly.

–        At first, receive the cheesemaker from your preferred shop. Check if the seller will sell you a manual with the cheese press.

–        Unbox and clean the kit carefully. There could be germs and ducts inside the kit that can make you sick.

–        If your box contains screws or a spindle head, kindly pour some oil into it. Always use food-grade oil so that it will not harm your health.

–        Now, if you completed the check, pour little chunks of cheese, or fruit parts into the press. Cover it with cloths for filtration. Tighten it slowly, and keep increasing the pressure. (Put additional weights in case your press kit does not have a spinning head or screw)

–        After 15 or 20 minutes, change the side of the molds. Flip it upside down, but don’t flip the press!

–        Remove the extra water drained on the bottom side.

By using one or twice, you will get the proper idea about using the kit.

FAQ about best cheese press

1. What does pressing cheese do?

Pressing cheese helps you process cheese from your home. If you have any domestic animal such as a cow, goat, or sheep, you can turn their milk into cheese and press the cheese for cooking through a cheese press. Sometimes your cheese needs to be in a tofu shape and some cheese press can give a cutting edge shape to cheese.

2. How do you press cheese at home?

Some people may put the cheese in a jar and press that with a smaller jar. But it does not give a constant pressure and there is no water drainage system. So most people find it comforting to use a cheese press kit for better cheese processing.

3. How long should you brine cheese for?

The brining process differs for the different densities and quality of cheese. Generally, it should be one hour per pound, but like low moisture cheese such as Parmesan, more time is required for brining.

4. How do you make a cheese brine?

If you want to make a brine, keep water at room temperature, slowly dissolve the salt, and put it in your refrigerator. The standard brine temperature is 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on the cheese sometimes it may need a warm condition to start the process.


We hope we could help you by reviewing the ten best cheese press kits available in the marketplace right now. There are tons of methods to make cheese at home and people kept following those for hundreds of years. The cheese presses are all manual kits, they deal with pressures and weights.

They are wire and electricity-free, portable, and nicely washable. Also, these brands offer you premium quality with good guarantee and come with the ability to make juice and vegetable paste at the same time. Chop the vegetables into slices and compress them for refined paste and juice.

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