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by Rick Goldman

Buying a chamber vacuum sealer is not an overwhelming task - if you have crucial information with you.

From the many types of vacuum sealers on the market, you would need to know enough about each one before you can confidently select the one that you consider the best chamber vacuum sealer.

Of course, a reliable vacuum sealer review is quite helpful. With such a resource, you can get relevant and timely information on recommended vacuum sealers that meet your needs.

You won't go wrong.

Here are six chamber vacuum sealers that you can consider when next you shop for one.

Top Commercial Vacuum Sealers by Editors

Buying Guide : Best Chamber Vacuum Sealer

But first, there are a few things you need to consider when buying a chamber vacuum sealer.

  • How frequently you will use it. - The frequency of use is an important consideration when buying a vacuum sealer. If you are a business operator who needs to use a vacuum sealer many times per day, week, or month, then a heavy-duty sealer is what you should go for. When shopping for a vacuum sealer, you need to know in advance what your potential workload will be. That is because different sealers have different capabilities. So, confirm the best vacuum sealer with your supplier.
  • The food you intend to vacuum seal. - What you intend to vacuum seal is very important to the type of vacuum sealer you will need to buy. For most foods, an external vacuum sealer is enough. However, if you need to vacuum seal liquids and liquid-rich foods, then the chamber vacuum sealer is the best option. Both kinds of vacuum sealers operate differently to get your foods and liquids airtight and fresh.
Best Chamber Vacuum Sealer
Best Chamber Vacuum Sealer
  • Whether you will be moving it, - A small, portable vacuum sealer is the best option if you intend to move it around a lot. If, however, you plan for the vacuum sealer to remain in one location, then the much bigger and immobile vacuum sealers would be better for you. Another consideration is that the portable sealers do not produce as much work as the more permanent vacuum sealers. Also, avoid vacuum sealers that are mostly made of plastic as they are not as long-lasting as the ones made of stainless steel.
  • The Brand - You might be loyal to a specific vacuum sealer brand and find it difficult to look to another brand for a solution. That is OK. There are famous brands of vacuum sealers that dominate that market. These brands are harder to ignore. That said, it is much better to buy a vacuum sealer from a reputable manufacturer to avoid disappointment. Also, you are more likely to get good client support from the well-known makers of high-quality products than from little known makers of inferior goods.
  • Efficienc y - How easy it is for your vacuum sealer to do the job is an important consideration when choosing your sealer. It should seal every bag in such a way that there is no leakage of breakage. High-quality sealers will get the job done like a professional. Confirm with your supplier the specifications, particularly the suction power and the speed of the vacuum. These will tell you whether to expect an effective vacuum sealing with the vacuum sealer you intend to buy.
  • Power of the suction. - The amount of air that the vacuum sealer removes from the bag is a sure sign of its power. The higher the number (used to rate the suction power of the vacuum sealer), the better it is. In other words, a powerful vacuum sealer is a better product than a less powerful one. Since you aim to preserve your food so that no air can cause it to get stale or suffer freezer burn, your best bet is to choose a vacuum sealer that has a reliable suction power. That said, note that more powerful vacuum sealers are also more costly.
  • Sealing speed. - How fast the vacuum sealer removes the air and seals the bag is an essential factor, especially if you are a commercial operator with a heavy workload. The faster your machine seals the bags, the more efficient it is. Your foods stay fresh for longer, and your standards are maintained. The best chamber vacuum sealers may take just seconds to seal the bags, while other, less efficient sealers take a little longer.
  • - High-quality vacuum sealers also last long. You can count on your machine to do its job efficiently, no matter how often you use it. Some manufacturers offer lengthy warranties to show their confidence in their product.

Top 5 Best Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews

Best Commercial Vacuum Sealer Consumer Reports Reviews
Best Commercial Vacuum Sealer Consumer Reports Reviews

1. VacMaster VP215 Review | Top Rated Chamber Vacuum Sealer

VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer
VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

One option you can consider for heavy-duty tasks is the VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer. Equipped with a high-performance oil pump, the VacMaster VP215 can be used for extended periods. This vacuum is useful in restaurants, delis, culinary schools, and even the home. Get all the air out of bags and packages perfectly with this powerful vacuum sealer. Incidentally, the oil pump is quiet, so you won't have to contend with a noisy vacuum. Also, whether the load is heavy or light, the VacMaster gets to work vacuum sealing all your soups, meats, and stews.

As an easy to use vacuum sealer, the VacMaster VP215 provides a handy tool for fishers and hunters (the serious ones!), as well as for food establishments anywhere in the world. As a chamber machine, the VacMaster VP215 seals items by sucking all the air from the chamber as well as from the pouch. Vacuum sealing is done by placing the pouch in the chamber, closing the lid, and removing all the air from both inside and outside the pouch. Anything in the pouch is kept fresh for a long time. Furthermore, the VacMaster takes pouches that are up to 10 inches wide by 13 inches long.


  • Capable of handling large loads;
  • The high-performance vacuum that is easy to use;
  • Double seals bags for a longer lasting seal;
  • Quiet and reliable vacuum;
  • Effectively vacuum packages soups, stews, meats, and marinades.


  • May break down or stop working after a short time.

2. Weston Vacuum Sealer Review | Double Piston Pump

Weston Pro-2300 Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer (65-0201), Double Piston Pump, Pro-2300 (Stainless Steel)
Weston Pro-2300 Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer (65-0201), Double Piston Pump, Pro-2300 (Stainless Steel)

With the Weston Pro-2300 Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer, you can keep your meats and foods fresh longer. Also, avoid freezer burns when you seal your food with this powerful Weston Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer. Whether you are a fisherman or a homemaker, this vacuum sealer is the right tool for keeping your fish, meats, vegetables, and food fresh.

Not only is the Weston Pro-2300 equipped with a double piston seal bar that is a workhorse, but it also uses 935 watts of power to seal things fast. With its extra-long seal bar, your foods and various items are sealed tight. No item is allowed to have air sneak into it because it is not fully sealed. Furthermore, the Weston Pro-2300 is not only suitable for preserving food. It is also useful for keeping silver, rare coins, and your valuables clean and airtight. So, whatever you are sealing, be it dehydrated fruits or fish, you can bet on professional results with the Weston Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer.


  • More efficient in preserving produce, fresh meats, and other items;
  • Keep food fresh for up to 6 times longer with the countertop model;
  • The vacuum's motor that is fan cooled does not allow the "sealed" packages to leak;
  • Seals bags up to 15 inches wide
  • Also, use a transparent acrylic vacuum lid to help with that perfect alignment;
  • Both automatic and manual operations are smooth.


  • Is not quite useful when sealing moist fish and meat;
  • The motor driving the vacuum sealer runs only for 3 seconds.

3. VacMaster VP210 Review | Metallic Chamber Vacuum Sealer

VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer
VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Another VacMaster product you can trust is the VacMaster VP 210 Chamber Vacuum Machine provides. This is your solution to the problem of vacuum packaging liquids. Most vacuum sealers on the market fail to vacuum seal liquids thoroughly. The difficulty is that every attempt to vacuum seal liquids with the standard vacuum sealer results in fluid being sucked out of their containers during sealing. With the VacMaster VP210, no liquid is sucked out during sealing. That means you retain every drop of liquid during the sealing process with the VacMaster VP210.

When you use it properly, the double seal bar of the VacMaster VP 210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer works perfectly all the time. To get it going, place the bag inside the chamber and close the lid. Then suck out the air from the chamber as well as from the pack. Seal the bag and let the air back into the chamber. Interestingly, the chamber machine has the capability of reaching a higher vacuum level, of 27-29 hg level of vacuum

So, don't hesitate to get your VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer today.


  • Machine pump does not require maintenance;
  • Keeps food five times fresher;
  • Equipped with a dual seal for each bag;
  • Vacuum packages liquid-rich and liquids foods.


  • You might need a little time to learn how to use this vacuum sealer.

4. Happybuy Chamber Vacuum Sealer Review

Although the Happybuy DZ-400/2E Chamber Vacuum Sealer is big and heavy, it is a sturdy machine that gives an airtight seal for your liquids, cooking powders, solids, and other items. Not only does the Happybuy vacuum sealer conveniently seals your foods and other materials, but it also handles a large workload. Whether you are sealing fruit, fish, meats, pickles, and chemical raw materials, this handy vacuum sealer gets the job done efficiently.

A useful feature of the Happybuy DZ-400 is the dual seal bars. These allow you to seal two bags at the same time. Furthermore, with this vacuum sealer, you can seal bags that are longer. As a commercial grade vacuum sealer, the Happybuy sealer is a little loud, especially when it releases the vacuum.


  • Suitable for professionals;
  • Durable, made of stainless steel;
  • With a press on the lid, automatically vacuums machine, seals, prints, cools and ventilates;
  • Versatile vacuum sealer, for solids, liquids, and powders.

5. PolyScience 300 Series Chamber Vacuum Sealer Review

PolyScience 300 Series Chamber Vacuum Sealer
PolyScience 300 Series Chamber Vacuum Sealer

With just a push of a button, vacuum seal liquids, meats, and any foods in a snap. The PolyScience 300 Series Chamber Vacuum Sealer gets the job done so you'll always have fresh food, soups, and stews whenever you like. Not only is the 300 series excellent at preserving liquids and solids, but it also offers you three pre-settings that precisely deliver vacuum levels, hold times and seal times. So, if you are preserving fish, meats, stews, soups, and other types of foods, then the PolyScience 300 Series Vacuum Sealer is the best vacuum sealer for you.

At 13.8 inches (35 cm) by 12 inches (30.5 cm) by 4.3 inches (11 cm), the PolyScience 300 is large enough to hold large pouches. With your convenient chamber vacuum sealer to keep your foods fresh, you can have your foods fresh and ready to prepare for a long time. Also, your food does not lose its quality and is not affected by freezer burn.

The PolyScience 300 Series Chamber Vacuum Sealer is very simple and straightforward to use, although the control panel does not look complicated. You can also place your chamber vacuum sealer anywhere that the 4.5-foot power cord will allow you to put it. Furthermore, the seal bar makes a single seal line which is also wider than the seal lines from other vacuum sealers.


  • Perfect vacuum sealer for liquids and solid foods;
  • Durable and space-saving stainless steel housing;
  • Comes with three cycles pre-programmed for exact vacuum functions for your fish, meats, and infusions;
  • Piston pump does not need maintenance.


  • This is a professional grade vacuum sealer that is not designed for the home kitchen.
  • Requires a little time to understand the button functions. Read the manual for help.

6. Avid Armor Vacuum Sealer Machine Review | A100 Stainless Construction

Avid Armor Vacuum Sealer Machine - A100 Stainless Construction, Clear Lid, Commercial Double Piston Pump Heavy Duty 12' Wide Seal Bar Built In Cooling Fan Includes 30 Pre-cut Bags And Accessory Hose
Avid Armor Vacuum Sealer Machine - A100 Stainless Construction, Clear Lid, Commercial Double Piston Pump Heavy Duty 12' Wide Seal Bar Built In Cooling Fan Includes 30 Pre-cut Bags And Accessory Hose

The Avid Armor Vacuum Sealer Machine is just what you'll need to keep your food, meats, and pastries fresh. This vacuum sealer is made of stainless steel, so it blends well in any décor. At a price that won't hurt your budget, this versatile vacuum sealer is the right choice for homemakers, chefs, and others who prefer to keep food fresh.

What makes this sealer most effective in keeping your food and meats fresh is the seal. It is much thicker than other seals. With its various settings that you can control, choose the exact configuration that is best for the items you want to preserve. The bottom line is, the Avid Armor Vacuum Sealer Machine is your best choice for a commercial grade seal to keep things fresh.


  • Heavy-duty vacuum sealer;
  • Comes with vacuum accessories and replacement parts;
  • Great for packaging delicate foods like fruits and bread;
  • Bags sealed do not leak;
  • Useful for pickling and marinating.


Chamber Vacuum Sealer vs. Foodsaver

You might be confused by the names "Chamber Vacuum Sealer" and "Food saver." The main difference between the two is that with the food saver, you suck the air from a vacuum bag as you seal it, while with the chamber vacuum sealer, you remove the air from the vacuum chamber as well as from the pouch inside.

The choice between a chamber vacuum sealer and the food saver comes down to what you want to preserve. The food saver is best if you are preserving solid foods like bread, pizza, fruits, and pastries. If, however, you need to preserve liquids and liquid-rich foods, then the chamber vacuum sealer is most appropriate.

Best Chamber Vacuum Sealer
Best Chamber Vacuum Sealer

If at home, you need to seal your food then put it in the refrigerator, you can use either the chamber vacuum sealer or the food saver. The food saver is straightforward to use, simply place the mouth of the bag against the sealing bar, and the suction will activate to remove all the air from the container. The sealer applies heat to create a sealing line along the bag's mouth.

On the other hand, with the chamber vacuum sealer, you place the pouch you intend to seal inside a chamber and close the lid. All the air is then extracted from the chamber and the pouch at the same time. The bag is then sealed. Professional chefs, culinary establishments, and restaurants use chamber vacuum sealers. You can find food savers in the domestic kitchen.


Your search for the best chamber vacuum sealer is over. This review and buying guide has outlined the many things you need to consider when choosing a vacuum sealer. No doubt you might have found the vacuum sealer to keep your food, liquids, and other items fresh for as long as you like. Among things to consider when choosing your vacuum sealer are durability, suction power, and sealing speed. It is also a good idea to consult with your supplier to confirm the specs of the vacuum sealer you intend to buy. That way, you can be sure that the vacuum sealer you plan to buy is the best one for your purposes.

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