5 ways of Using Coconut oil for Yeast Infections

There are other treatments to cure vaginal candidiasis that are not based solely on the use of medications, as these can make the bacterium of the candida become more resistant with its use.

An effective treatment is based on correct nutrition focused on preventing and curing vaginal candidiasis because it is composed of foods designed to maintain the correct balance of fungi and microorganisms that are found in our body.

It must be said that the diet that I am going to propose is not definitive, so the ideal is to apply it in a minimum period of three months and check if results are obtained, since in some cases it may take a little longer or not arise directly the expected effect. This diet will also help maintain a healthy life.

Causes of vaginal yeast infection

A wide variety of microorganisms naturally inhabit the vagina. The fungus Candida is one of them. In a normal state, bacteria known as Lactobacillushelp keep your growth under control to avoid discomfort.

However, when they suffer an imbalance, the yeast grows excessively and produces an infection. This, in turn, may be the consequence of factors such as:

  • Prolonged consumption of antibiotics
  • Pregnancy and hormonal changes
  • Weakened immune system
  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • Bad eating habits
  • Stress and insomnia

What Other Foods help Cure Vaginal candidiasis

Of course there are some foods that are more effective than others to help cure vaginal Candidiasis but there are other types of foods that can cause the opposite effect and therefore help the vaginal infection.

What is sought is to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet that naturally supports our immune system, in addition to restoring our intestinal flora.

Fungal foods

Incorporating this type of food into your diet will make you notice a great difference since they are very effective. Although you should keep in mind that these foods should be taken with measure because an excessive use of them could cause a series of strong reactions. Consult a dietitian.

Apple cider vinegar

It is generally used in dressing for salads or marinade, but when it comes to a treatment against the bacterium of Candida, it has very interesting results. Very interesting results are obtained when it is used with infections produced by a weak immune system.

What foods do not help cure vaginal candidiasis

We will now talk about the case of foods that will not help in anything to cure vaginal Candidiasis. In fact, these types of foods should be avoided when we have the infection. For all people it is not worth the same so as always I advise you to consult with a dietitian before making any kind of change in your usual diet.

Simple carbohydrates

Such foods as sugar, refined cereals, fructose or glucose are time bombs that will only help to worsen the infection. The reason? These types of food will be a source of food for the infection, which together with the lack of nutrients in some of these foods will cause our intake of vitamins and minerals to be limited, making our vaginal infection worse.

Eliminate from your diet foods like juices, fruits, soft drinks, alcohol, etc … in short you should avoid all kinds of sweets, industrial foods or vegetable carbohydrates.


In the case of yeast it is important to know that it is a food that promotes the growth of candida and therefore the worsening of said infection. The main advice is to avoid as much as possible all foods or beverages containing yeast. Among the harmful foods that contain yeast we find Breads and cookies in the case of edible foods or beer in the case of beverages.

In summary, if we want to cure vaginal candidiasis, we must eliminate foods that contain mostly or in some way from our diet:

  1. Yeast extract : Present in concentrated broths, pates, etc …
  2. Brewer’s yeast : A famous dietary supplement.
  3. All kinds of mushrooms and mushrooms.
  4. Cheese with mold : These cheeses are harmful because their production takes place in very humid environments. What characterizes these cheeses is their color (bluish or greenish) and their strong smell.
  5. Drinks with alcohol : This is because they are fermented with yeast.
  6. Vinegar : Some of the dressings or sauces that we find in the market are made of vinegar.
  7. All kinds of fermented foods.

Foods that cause allergies

These foods are recognized by the type of symptoms they present in your body after 2 hours after ingestion. These symptoms range from itching, indigestion, nausea or stomach cramps to diarrhea, shortness of breath, nasal congestion or feeling light-headed or faint.

In addition to the simple fact that these symptoms are not very pleasant, you should stop taking any food allergen because your body to be sensitive to these foods will cause an inflammatory response that will help decrease the immune response to candida infection.

Among the common foods that can cause this series of symptoms we can find all kinds of seafood, nuts, fish or dairy products or soy.

Saturated fats

As I have said before, that your body has an inflammatory response to the intake of a product is not good for the treatment of vaginal candidiasis, and in the case of saturated fats we find a type of food that favors this type of response.

The difference is that not all foods that contain saturated fats are harmful, in fact we find 2 types of food: those that contain fatty acids such as omega 3 or omega 6 and the rest.

In the case of the harmful ones we find all types of dairy products, different meats, butters or cheeses.

But in the case of beneficial products we find some types of fish or nuts. The reason they are beneficial is that omega 3 and omega 6 are anti-inflammatory and therefore make your immune system fight against candida.

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Things to keep in mind

This is a brief guide with some tips, which are the ones I have followed to help cure vaginal candidiasis ,  but ideally you visit your doctor and a dietitian who will give you professional support on the steps to follow to combat the fungus of candida.

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