5 Interesting Facts About Italian Food

interesting facts about Italian Food

What would cross your mind when some one ‘s talking about Italian food? Pizza? Pasta? But, actually, Italian cuisine is more diverse and richer than you might think. There’s no limit of things to know about this old, artistic and cultural country.

So let Us Show You Some of the Most Interesting Facts About Italian Food now:

1. One Way to Check Your Pasta: Tossing it at the Wall!

5 interesting facts about Italian Food

Have you ever heard the word “al dente”? The term “al dente” is used to describe the moment when the the noodles have reached the perfect level of preparation. However, your spaghetti can be undercooked and there is one way to test it: throwing noodles against the wall to see if they stick. Remove one noodle from the pot by a fork first. Swing it in the air and then put it in the hand attached to your throwing harm. Finally, toss the noodle at the wall. As soon as it sticks, the noodles are done. Be careful with it, because your pasta may be taste fine when it’s slightly overcooked and can be stick to the wall. (Note: Scientists say that it’s not good for your digestion when eating overcooked pasta )

2. Traditional Italian Pizza Virtually Always Has Thin Crust

interesting facts about Italian Food

As we know, pizza is a traditional dish and originated in Italy. Even so, many American cooks have changed the original formula for years so there is little difference between the pizza in America and the pizza in Italy. The most prominent disparity is about the crust. Italian pizzas always have thin crusts. When eating in an authentic Italian restaurant (no matter where it is), you will be served ones with thinner crusts.

3. Do Italians Really Eat Pasta Every Day?

5 interesting facts about Italian Food

The answer is Yes. They do. Of course, for someone who is very busy, they will eat anything else for other alternatives. As a matter of fact, most of Italians are very picky, they have difficulty in changing their food habits. Italians will not skip their pasta in the meal for no reason. And the question is that do they get bored when eating pasta everyday? Not at all. People do not only eat pasta with tomato sauce and one or two other ones but also eat pasta with many other things such as vegetables or meat. There are so many ways that the pasta can be eaten, you will want to eat a different pasta dish for every single day of the year!

4. Espresso, Latte & Co

As its name, Espresso, it can defined as an express coffee. There is a variety of espresso coffee. You may know about: Ristretto (concentrated coffee), Lungo (a longer-style), Corretto (with a little shot of liquor), cappuccino, macchiato, freddo, doppio, americano, and so on.

5 interesting facts about Italian Food

In Italy, “latte” means milk. If you order something related to the “latte” in the US, you will get a caffellatte or latte macchiato. However, if you do that in Italy, you will be served a glass of milk.

You will probably never see anyone in Italy drinking cappuccino with a meal or after that. For Italians, they only get a cappuccino when eating breakfast. And at that time, they may also have a corrnetto (or croissant).

5. The History of Pizza

Pizza used to be a kind of food for the poor. It was originally a dry and flat bread. In 1889, Queen Margheriat of Italy tried it during her tour around her country. It became her favorite food so she wanted her chef to make other types of pizza for her. And he decided to make one with three colors of their country flag: white, red and green. And he used cheese for white, tomato for red and basil for green. It was named “Pizza Margherita”- the Queen’s name.

5 interesting facts about Italian Food

What do you think about those interesting facts about Italia food above? Personally, I love this country so much and do want to travel to Italy to enjoy Italian food one day. If you have a “soul food” , why don’t you go to Italy and get a pizza for dinner and cappuccino with a cornerstone for breakfast, it will be a memorable experience in your entire life.

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