The world's first think tank on food waste is Danish

A new Danish apolitical think tank to gather knowledge and develop action plans to combat food waste. It is the first of its kind in the world, says Stop Wasting Food.

The fight against food waste is now on the agenda in many places, but now one of the most far-reaching chapters added to: Denmark is an international think tank on food waste in 2015.


Selina Juul from consumer movement Stop Wasting Food is the initiator behind, but the idea is to create a platform where everyone is welcome irrespective of political or organizational affiliation. The aim is to bring together the extensive knowledge of food waste that exist and act together more effectively to combat food waste worldwide.

"There is an enormous amount of knowledge about food waste around the world, but much of it is not used effectively. When someone has 50 per cent. food waste in the Island, the knowledge might be exploited in a hospital in India, and it's just ideas and knowledge that will be the substance of the think tank, "says Selina Juul Founder of Stop Wasting Food.

No like in the world

She have long studied and made contact with other initiatives that combat food waste around the world. She could see that something was missing.
"I've really been looking for similar examples in the world, but they are not, the think tank is not just in Denmark, but the world's first think tank that focuses exclusively on food waste," says Selina Juul.

Being a reality in 2015

Several players in the industry, according to Selina Juul interested in thinking this but there is no concrete agreements, and there are yet some fund-raising effort. Selina Juul is quite sure that the initiative is born in 2015, and judging on other players in the industry, she has something to have it.

"It is a very good initiative," said John Wagner, director of the Federation of Shopkeepers and adds:

"I guess there's nothing like the fight against food waste that requires you to consider together. If you have to deal with the problems, it is important to look at things in context, and to avoid recrimination. If such a think can contribute with ideas on how retailers can help, it's really exciting. "

Coop: This is version 2

Retail Trade company Coop also praises the initiative, which the organization would like to be a part of. Among other things, by providing the extensive material Coop Analysis has collected the Danes over the years.

"This could be a way of taking the project on food waste to version 2 From the little I have heard about the foundation, it is an initiative across the value chain, and this is very important. Because we work with all our means. Coop has analyzed this for years, but we have limitations, since we mainly analyze members and consumers. With an interdisciplinary think tank could get a more holistic impression, "says Anna Lise Mortensen Grandjean, Responsibility Director, Coop.

She points to the many fallacies about food waste by the Danes, as an obvious place to start.

"Our research indicates that every other Dane believe that supermarkets and food manufacturers throw out more food than themselves. But it's not. It's you and me, so consumers who throw the most. In fact, five times as much, "says
Annalise Grandjean.

Environment: Joint efforts are important

Environment Kirsten Brosbøl (S) is extremely excited about the initiative and bringing the common effort as crucial.

"I welcome all measures against food waste welcome, because there is so much need, that we will put an end to that we throw tons of food to the bin., It is important to put into all stages - from the producer, to supermarkets and at home in our kitchens. Hence, I am even on the road with a strategy on how to prevent waste, which contains several measures against food waste, "says Kirsten Brosbøl.


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