Fresno State Students Fight Food Waste

A group of Fresno State students saves discarded food in order to feed other Valley residents who might otherwise go hungry. The group of students collects food from the Manchester Farmer's Market at Shields and Blackstone avenues, home to dozens of local vendors who offer fresh produce and locally grown foods.


The students act as liaison between those who need food and those who have it.

The Food Recovery Network is a national organization with 95 chapters all around the country. The goal of the organization is to prevent good food from going to waste. The one year old Food Recovery has so far recovered more than 280,000 pounds of food.

The community network works with vendors at the farmer's market and ask them to donate any leftover produce that can no longer be sold. The group also reaches out to local restaurants like Chico's and Dusty Buns.

The group takes whatever food they collect to the Newman Center or Community Food Bank. At the Newman Center, the students prepare hot meals for those in need, using the recovered food.

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Food Waste Facts and figures:

  • 40% of food thrown or raised in the US is not eaten;
  • Food Waste is responsible for 135 million tons of Greenhouse gases every year, or about 1,5% of Greenhouse gas emissions globally and with food costs rising that is even more dollars getting trashed;
  • $ 250 billion lost globally every year
  • Food waste is the single largest component sent to American landfills

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