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Suggestion for Leftover Sausages

Sweet and sour sausage

Cut sausages into chunks.
Stir fry any veg you have (onions, mushrooms, peppers, sweetcorn, carrot, broccoli all work well). Add the sausage and heat through. Add a small tin of pineapple (reserving the juice). In a jug combine:
2 tbs malt vinegar
1 1/2 tbs sugar
1/2 tbs passata (or tomato ketchup)
1 tbs cornflour
1 1/2 tbs soy sauce
1/4 pint water
reserved pineapple juice
Pour mixture over the sausage & veg. Heat until thick and clear.
Serve on a bed of rice

Apple peel turns into a refreshing drink!

Apple peel need not go to waste, they can be made into a refreshing drink warm or cold. Put the apple peelings into a pan with enough water to cover the peelings plus about an extra centimetre. Add a dash of lemon juice and bring to a soft boil. Simmer until the peelings are soft. Strain the contents of the pan in a sieve pressing down until no more juice comes out. The juice can be sweetened to taste. More water can be added if the juice is too strong. For 3 Bramley apples I need only 1 teaspoon of sugar; for other apples I use less. I learned this at school nearly 50 years ago!

Eating globe artichokes

The artichoke isn't a food to choose when you need something quick. It's a slow food to linger over, especially the mouth-watering heart. Don’t confuse it with the jerusalum artichoke which is a winter root veg – equally delicious but very different! This recipe is the simplest but in our opinion the best. The two parts of an artichoke that are edible are the flesh inside the leaves and the heart - the bits that aren't are the choke (the furry bit) and the stem. Wash under cold water and cut off the stem to make a flat base and remove any tough lower outer leaves. Place the artichokes in one layer in a saucepan or steamer (not on top of each other but a single layer). Make sure that there is enough water in the base of the steamer to last for three quarters of an hour. Cover with a tight fitting lid and steam for 30-45 minutes. When they are ready the leaves will come off easily from the outside. This is a food to eat with your hands - pull off a leaf, dip the base end into your sauce of choice (we use balsamic vinaigrette) and scrape the leaf between your teeth - as soon as you get to the soft edible bits they'll come off into your mouth. Discard your used leaf and move onto the next. When the leaves are eaten, you will be left with the heart topped with a furry head. Scoop away the fur and discard. Grab the heart and dip in your sauce. The best bit!

Frozen banana treats

Chop up bananas that are about to go off and freeze them - makes a tasty frozen sweet treat!

Keep track of your can dates

Once a year i use a black marker pen and write the year on the top of all of the canned food in my cupboard. The following year, I do the same using the current year. This way, I can see at a glance what is old and needing used soonest.

The Scottish Tortilla!

My partner has invented this brilliant way of using up cold chips left over from the previous night's carry out. I call this recipe the Scottish tortilla! It's delicious and can be eaten hot or cold.
In a heavy large frying pan over a medium heat slowly fry 2 chopped red onions and a handful of chopped mushrooms in a couple of tablespoons of olive oil for 10 minutes or so. Put in a mixing bowl along with any chopped leftover cooked vegetables you may have and the desired amount of chopped cold chips (preferably no more than 6 - 8 oz). Add 4 beaten eggs, a few ounces of grated cheese, salt, pepperand a clove or two of minced garlic if liked. Cook slowly over medium heat until base and sides of mixture are cooked and finish off under a hot grill until lightly browned on top. Enjoy!

Finding a good use for lemons and limes

lemonIt's not always easy to find a good use for lemons and limes.
Unlike other citrus fruits,you can't just eat them or drink the juice. Cut them up into slices, pop into a freezer bag, lay them out flat (so they don't stick together) and freeze. Perfect for that "Ice and a slice" in one handy unit, ready to cool down those drinks and cocktails!

Using up stale cake

stale-cakeDon't throw away that stale cake, use it to make these simple but delicious cake balls. In a processor or blender, blast the cake down into fine crumbs. Stir in a large dollop of butter cream icing (basically butter/margarine mixed with icing sugar - If you have no icing sugar this is easily made by blending regular sugar). With your hands roll the mixture into several little balls, as many as you can make, place these onto a plate or into a bag and freeze for around 15-20 minutes. Melt some chocolate and use it to cover the cake balls. You can either put sticks into them (I used cut down wooden skewers) or just dip them, sprinkle on some decorations (if you have any) . Place them into the fridge so that the chocolate can set.
Then the cake pops/cake balls are ready to eat. They should keep for another week!

Make a spanish omelette to use up leftovers

stale-eggWhy not make a Spanish omelette? Make sure you have between 4-6 eggs. (4's fine for two servings). It is a easy and very tasty way of using up all those bits lurking in your refrigerator. Onions, cooked potato, peppers, chillies, mushrooms, tomatoes, celery- absolutely anything will work, add that last bit of ham, bacon - whatever you have really. Soften the harder ingredients in a little oil in a large oven/grill proof frying pan, add the softer ingredients. Beat the egg and season with salt, pepper and herbs (again whatever you fancy). Pour this over the other ingredients. Cook on a fairly high heat for a few minutes until the omelette begins to "set" on the top. Remove from the heat and pop under a preheated grill for 5 minutes in order to lightly brown the top.

Why not save money by making your own cook-in sauces!

Why not save money by making your own cook-in sauces! Bolognaise and chilli are cheap and easy to make from scratch. Start by frying an onion and some garlic, once soft add your seasoning (mixed dried or fresh herbs work well in bolognaise and half a teaspoon of cumin, coriander and chilli powder are good in a chilli), next add your meat, veg or meat alternative, cook for a few minutes and then add a tin of tomatoes, stir and then simmer. Adding a stock cube or a teaspoon of Marmite will add extra flavour and depth to the sauce, if you have red wine you could add a glug. A small amount of sugar added with the tomatoes will bring out the flavour.

Credit: Love Food Hate Waste

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