Out and About This Summer

For those long summer days, homemade food is tasty and can save you money by making the most of your food.

Enjoy good food outdoors with these top tips...

  • A cool box or cool bag with ice packs will help keep food fresh and tasty. Leave food in the fridge until the last possible moment.
  • Leftover potatoes make a tasty salad when tossed with finely sliced red or spring onion and mayonnaise.
  • Cold roast meat is delicious with pickle or chutney.
  • Put frozen, previously cooked, sausages straight into your picnic bag. They’ll have defrosted by the time you reach your picnic spot, but still be nice and chilled.
  • Why not chop up some spare veg from your salad drawer into little crudités for dunking into hummus or your favorite dip?
  • Quiches make perfect picnic food and can help use up eggs, veggies and spare cream. Add File 729 flaked cooked fish or fry that last rasher of bacon and some onion for classic quiche Lorraine.
  • Every day we throw away the equivalent of around 24 million slices of bread. Why not make picnic sandwiches more appealing by using frozen bread that’ll defrost by lunchtime – that way they won’t have gone dry or even soggy! Try chicken, bacon and mayonnaise; mozzarella and sundried tomato; cheese and coleslaw as interesting fillings.
  • Pieces of fruit are great on picnics as they need little preparation. Alternatively, chop them up and take in an airtight box as a fruit salad, or set some chunks into mini jellies.
  • Over-ripe fruit, including bananas, berries, apples and yoghurt, can be blitzed into healthy smoothies or why not try freezing any extra yoghurts from your multipack to take as a delicious frozen dessert?
  • Spare lemons squeezed, combined with sugar and sparkling water make refreshing lemonade. Alternatively, sliced lemons can be frozen on a tray and then bagged up (once frozen) - store in an airtight container in the freezer to use as refreshing fruity ice-cubes in cold drinks.
  • Grated cheese can make a salad more substantial. To store cheese keep it in its wrapping in an airtight container in the fridge or grate and freeze for sprinkling over salads and cold pasta
  • Every year millions of apples are thrown away. Why not enjoy them with salad leaves, a wedge of cheese, slices of ham and a spoonful of pickle – the perfect ploughman’s salad?

Read more recipes from:  http://england.lovefoodhatewaste.com/recipes

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