Think.Eat.Save Partner, Selina Juul Set to Attend the SAVE FOOD Congress

The SAVE FOOD Congress 2014 brings together international organizations, industry, research and civil society. Highly distinguished speakers from the FAO, UNEP and from leading private sector companies show how to reduce food loss and waste.


Three years after its establishment at the first SAVE FOOD Congress, the SAVE FOOD Initiative has already grown into a broad-based international alliance with over 110 members. The second SAVE FOOD Congress takes up this idea and provides a network of representatives from the field of politics, the food and packaging industry, business, research and civil society. In a wide-ranging programme with competent and distinguished speakers, diverse aspects of the problem will be highlighted and solution approaches outlined.

The Selina Juul, the founder of Stop Wasting Food movement Denmark and partner of Think.Eat.Save – Reduce your Foodprint is set to attend the SAVE FOOD Congress and has the following to say:

1. Which aspect of the food waste problem is the most relevant?

You have the power! The power of ordinary consumers is extraordinary.  As a consumer, you can create a great impact in preventing food waste by small simple actions. By doing so, you reduce your CO2 emissions and save your money and time: it's a win-win situation. Be a wise consumer and start planning, doing shopping lists, cooking leftovers, sharing food with your neighbours. Buy and order only what you actually need - and use what you have bought.

selinauuuuuuiiii2. And what should be done to improve things in this field?

Food waste is a global tragedy on the face of humanity: FAO estimates that the global food waste can feed every starving child, man, and woman in the world - three times over! We need to fight food losses and food waste - and throughout the entire food value chain: the food industry, the agriculture, the industry, the foodservice, the retailers and ourselves - the consumers. It's time to end pointing fingers at someone else, than rather admitting that we are all a part of the problem – and thus we are a part of the solution. It’s time to be united against food waste. As long as we the people blame the food industry, we take the responsibility off our own shoulders. It’s time to change this mindset - because we are all in this together.

3. Do you know SAVE FOOD initiative already and which role does the Initiative SAVE FOOD play in fighting food losses and food waste in your opinion?

SAVE FOOD initiative is one of the most important and fundamental initiatives in fighting the food losses and waste. I am proud to be a part of the SAVE FOOD initiative. By uniting the entire food value chain, the problem is addressed from all angles. Cutting the food losses and waste means saving money for the businesses - an opportunity like this cannot go wasted, especially in light of the still present economic crisis. With positive examples and best practices throughout the entire food value chain, we can end the global food waste scandal.

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