Tesco and UNEP Support Children in South Korea to Understand the Importance of Reducing Food Waste

It has been estimated that around a third of all food grown worldwide may be lost or wasted. At a time when there is growing concern over the cumulative impact of population increase, the impact of climate change, the rise on non-communicable diseases and the need for food security, it is widely recognised that food waste is adding additional pressure by squandering natural resources and needlessly emitting greenhouse gases.

Global retailer Tesco, which supports the UN’s Think.Eat.Save campaign, has vowed to tackle food waste head on with initiatives to partner with suppliers to reduce food waste in the supply chain, cut waste in its own operations and help its customer waste less food in their homes.

As part of Tesco’s work to raise awareness of food waste and better understand how to prevent it, they have just run the 14th eParan Children Environment Painting Contest in South Korea in partnership with UNEP Korea.

A record breaking 57,535 children participated, entering paintings on the subjects of food waste and the environment. On 1 June, Tesco Homeplus and UNEP Korea, held an award ceremony for finalists to coincide with World Environment Day. Around 300 children and their families attended the ceremony where children expressed their promises to reduce food waste to the Minister of Environment.

The award ceremony was attended by the Minister of Environment, the UNEP Korea President, the British Ambassador, the Head of the EU Delegation, and the Chief Editor of Joongang Newspaper.

Tesco’s head of food waste reduction, Mark Little thinks there’s much to be learned from the progress being made in reducing food waste in South Korea. “Although we focus much of our effort on helping our customers find ways to improve the way they store food and use leftovers, it’s important that we encourage children to be aware of food waste and engage them in its prevention. The eParan competition demonstrates that children not only understand the implications of the current levels of food waste, but also have lots of imaginative ideas of what can be done to reduce it.”

For more details in Tesco’s work to reduce global food waste please follow this link. For more details of food waste reduction programmes in South Korea please contact Kelcey Hwang at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

imetescoEparan Children Environment Painting Contest Award Ceremony with (from left to right) UNEP Korea President, Homeplus Chairman SH Lee, Korea Minister of Environment and Homeplus CEO SH Do

Winning Food Waste Paintings

Seoyoung Lim (4thgrade)


Youngkwan Kim (4thgrade)

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