Schoolchildren Vow Not to Waste Food

“Take what you need and use what you take.” Life runs on food and we should not waste it. This is the new lesson schoolchildren of the Pink City are learning when they take a vow not to waste food.

Thanks to an awareness campaign being run by Annakshetra Foundation, more and more schoolchildren are learning about the value of food. Working in the field of zero food management, Annakshetra Foundation aims to reach 60 schools in Jaipur during the current academic session. Students are exposed to presentations and reading material highlighting the facts and figures on food waste, hunger, as well as steps to save food. Children were told to not take more than they can eat, to not overeat and to not throw away food. The Foundation has reached 15 schools so far and the response from students and teachers has been very encouraging.

“Food is not just rice and wheat but also the fruit of labour of hundreds and thousands of those who have toiled under the scorching sun to grow the food. Cooked food also involves a lot of energy, time, transportation and fuel. By wasting food, we are wasting a lot of resources and also causing harm to the environment,” says Dr. Ambika Nag, senior programme manager of the Centre for Development Communications in Jaipur.

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