Satisfeito Joins Think.Eat.Save Campaign

The partnership with the UN campaign aims to fight food wastage and contribute to food security

Satisfeito, a project of the Alana Institute, signed up as a partner of Think.Eat.Save., a global campaign to reduce food waste led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), together with several partners worldwide. The campaign specifically targets food wasted by consumers, retailers and the hospitality industry. It aims to raise awareness and accelerate action on the issue of food waste and its environmental, economic and social impact.


Satisfeito is a global movement that prevents food waste and combats child hunger by providing restaurants and their customers with the chance to help non-profit organizations around the world. Based on the finding that one third of all food production is lost and wasted, Satisfeito invites restaurants to offer customers the option of ordering a meal that is 30 per cent less in volume than the regular dish but at the standard price. The savings in the cost are then used to support food distribution charities.

“It is the first project in Brazil to partner with the Think.Eat.Save Campaign. This initiative reinforces the important contribution of Satisfeito to the fight against food waste”, said Luiza Esteves, the project coordinator.

In addition to Satisfeito, the Think.Eat.Save campaign brings onboard partners from Australia, South Africa, Kenya, United Kingdom, United States, France, Canada and Denmark, where food wastage is also a major issue.

“The partners bring along their expertise and enhance the reach of the campaign, especially at the local and regional levels. This joint work is extremely important for awareness-raising about food waste”, said Denise Hamú, the UNEP Brazil Representative.

The Think.Eat.Save campaign contributes to the UN Secretary General’s Zero Hunger Challenge, the FAO/UNEP Sustainable Food Systems Programme, as well as the 10 Year Framework of Programme on Sustainable Consumption & Production.

This week, the campaign launched the Think.Eat.Save Student Challenge, where students from all around the world are invited to create a project aimed at reducing food waste in their school or university. Information and news about the campaign are shared on


The Satisfeito Program aims to show how simple it can be for people to make a change in the world by being aware of how hungry they are, and choosing an appropriately sized dish at restaurants. In Portuguese, the word “Satisfeito” is a term used to express gratitude for a meal just eaten and to convey appreciation for the food just received. When customers visit the participating restaurants, they have the option of choosing a dish in the Satisfeito version, which is one-third smaller than the original portion, but costs the same price. The savings will then be donated to organizations that work towards child food security. The programme was initiated in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and it now being expanded to other countries around the world.

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