Save Food and Save Money Over Christmas

It's nearly always less costly to cook at home than to buy ready-made meals. When planning meals over the Christmas season, consider holiday recipes that use up leftover food. Remember to store food properly to keep it fresher for longer.


Eat from the freezer
Make space in your freezer in for the lead up to Christmas. Start defrosting and thawing stored food and use them for meals a couple of nights a week.

Refresh limp soggy biscuits
Give a second life to biscuits that have gone limp by popping them into the oven - making them crispy and tasty again.

Leftover tea and tea bags
You can use leftover tea to marinade meat before cooking and even add used tea leaves to compost to help your plants grow. Tea can also effectively remove grease and grime on mirrors and floors so use an old bag to make a cold brew, then use it as a cleaning solution.

Remember to recycle your used tea bags either at home or in the compost bin. But before you recycle them try applying the tea bags on closed eyes to soothe and make your skin fresh and smooth!

Cutting food waste at work
Set up two bowls at work with 'EAT ME' written on them. Put one in the office fridge and one on the communal table. Any food that is leftover, like open soup packets, chips, even unwanted food from home are placed into the bowls for anyone to help themselves. One man’s leftovers is another’s tasty treat!.

Cutting waste when eating out - small things count.
When eating out, decline bread and butter if you don't really want them. Once they’ve been laid out on your table, they are likely to be wasted. Same goes for milk when you have coffee or tea. If you don’t take milk or cream with your coffee, request that it be taken away.

Found leftover baguette at the bottom of the bread bin?
Cut the baguette in half then spread a generous amount of garlic butter and parsley over it. Wrap in foil and store in the freezer. You'll have ready to cook garlic bread to go with your pasta and other Italian dishes. Later, cook in the oven on a medium to high temperature for about 30 minutes - delicious!

Using up butternut squash
Mix left-over double cream and butternut squash with onions, cheese and thyme. Mix with pasta to make a yummy pasta dish!

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