German New Food-Sharing Site Hopes to Cut Wastage

A new Internet platform is helping Germans share food rather than waste it, in an attempt to limit the environmental damage of wasted food - and put bread on the table of those who need it. The portal was initiated by Valentin Thurn, a journalist and documentary film maker (“Taste the Waste”)
Spurred by the alarming statistic that the average German throws away 80 kilos of food every year, the site offers users the chance to advertise unwanted provisions for others to use.

On Christmas day alone, 55 baskets of food were offered to any takers in 25 German cities, and people could find them on the new Internet platform whose operators hope to radically change the way people think about food.

Those struggling to put food on the table gained access to a variety of foodstuffs for free and at the same time, less food was sent to landfill sites, where its decomposition would have produced toxic gases.

The basic concept, according to the website, is simple - People share food. No money is to be exchange because food is considered more than just a commodity. Anything can be offered, and for users there is a search function to locate desired goods. This simple principle is also well received because it is totally free.

The only rule is not to pass anything on to others, which you wouldn't eat yourself.

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