Food Waste Competition in Poland Cuts Waste in Over 50% of Schools

In October 2013 we launched the 11th edition of the Tesco for Schools education programme in Poland. This year’s programme has been dedicated to the problem of food waste. Over 6,000 school children from across the country took part, learning about food waste and finding ways to tackle it.

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As part of the project, Tesco worked with the Federation of Polish Food Banks to organise a film competition called "A talent not to waste". After learning about responsible food management the school children were asked to make a two-minute film which encourages others not to waste food.

This was a great way of getting the children to think about this important problem and to present their own solutions in a fun and creative way. 

More than 580 films from schools across the country were entered into the competition. The winning films were chosen by online voting (an incredible 1,687,635 votes were cast) as well as a panel of experts, including representatives from the Federation of Polish Food Banks and the British Council. The winning schools received prizes including multi-media equipment and interactive white boards.

Watch one of the winning films here:

Waste reduction in over half of schools
Following the competition, Tesco Poland carried out research to evaluate the impact of this year’s Tesco for Schools programme. Encouragingly, the research showed that as a result of programme, over 50% of participating schools reported a decrease in the amount of food wasted by children.

One of the most common ways of bringing about this change was simply raising awareness of the issue with school children and their parents – teachers in participating schools, for example, devoted around twice as much class time to the issue of food waste than those elsewhere in the country.

Eating meals together, keeping an eye out for children throwing away food and controlling the range of snacks sold at school shops were other ways that food waste was reduced.  

The Tesco for Schools programme has been supporting Polish education since 2002. The latest edition supports the Think.Eat.Save food waste campaign launched by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in 2013.

We are delighted that so many schools have participated in the video competition and that we have been able to raise the profile of this important global issue with the next generation. 

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