9200 People Dine on Leftover Food from Wedding Parties in Jaipur

The Annakshetra Foundation, an initiative organized to tackle the issue of food waste collected leftover food from weeding parties that took place on Akshay Tritiya in Jaipur and re-distributed this to underprivileged communities in support of World Environment Day and the Think.Eat.Save. Reduce Your Foodprint! campaign.

The leftover food collected was tested, stored in proper hygienic conditions and later distributed to 9,200 needy workers and labourers at Muhana Mandi campus. Some of the dishes on the menu were:

Dahi-Wada, Ras-Malai, Fruit-Cream, Zeera rice, cream potato, Kesar-Rice, Tinde ki sabji to Ker-Sangr, Corn-Palak, Mixed-Veg, Chole, Chapati, Puri, Paneer.

The Annakshetra Mahabhoj program was a success thanks to the support of all all the caterers, owners of marriage gardens, hoteliers from Jaipur.

This step towards societal benefit helps address hunger on one hand and reduce foodprints by diverting food that would have otherwise been sent to landfills.

Further Resources

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